The Bridge

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He is going over the bridge.What is he going to do? What are they going to do to him!? what will the sharks do?

Submitted: October 17, 2015

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Submitted: October 17, 2015



The Bridge

He parked his car near the entrance of the bridge and looked around . Not even a bird was in sight. "No, he won't be here in time to give me a ticket."  He grinned and then nodded smiling . "The bastard gave me that  ticket just a little further up the bridge that time! But this time he will be here for a big surprise!" He felt a deep joy he had not sensed in a long time. "Soon there will be no more suspicion, no more fears, no more anger, no more disgust, and no more frustration…"

He was on the bridge now. There were no cars in sight. He decided to take a short walk so that he would be a bit  away from his  car. "Let the bastard give me a ticket!" He laughed to himself. " Let him give  me two tickets for all I care, or even three, or ten!" He chuckled. He then stretched out his arms and took a long breath. He had  to finish it before someone came by.

He had walked enough now. It was time. He got hold of an iron bar and tried to pull himself up. He was big and heavy and had not exercised for a long  time. He tried again. "Hey, " he suddenly heard someone say." You need help!?"

It was  a rather  old man sitting somwhere across the bridge. The bridge lamp was pretty far away from him so he just looked like a shadow. "It'll cost you though…!" the man  added  in a drowsy tone of voice.

"What!?" the first man asked. "What  will cost me!?"

  • Helping you up! Donchu wano go up there and jump!?

There was a long pause before the man started again," No need to worry. I've seen it happen before. You're not the first one you know…"

He stopped, and the place grew quiet. Only the wind could be heard. " How much?" the first man said eventually.

"Ten bucks!"  the second man said after a pause.

"O.K.," the first man said sticking his hand into his pocket to pull out his wallet. The second man was now striving  to get up. He finally pushed himself up with the help of a bottle he had in his hand, and began  a slow , zig-zag  walk across the bridge. "Hey you," he said as he approached the first man, "Why donchu give me your wallet," he added, "you won't be needin it down there."  He paused and added with a giggle, "the sharks won't either"

" What sharks!?" the first man said stretching out his arm to give him a couple of bills.

"Gimmee the wallet too," the other man insisted. "What's it  to you? You look like a very  rich guy!"

"What sharks!?" the first man repeated irritably.

The second man shrugged his shoulders. "The sharks…which will be eating your corpse," he said. " Down there I mean, after you're good and dead!"

Now the two men were standing face to face. The first man was about four inches taller and ten years younger than the other one. The second man's clothes stank as if he hadn't taken a bath for years. The first man had to cover his own nose to deter the stench. Heavy silence filled the space between them.

" You got a couple of bucks on you?" a shreiking voice said, coming from somewhere in the dark. "The son-of-a-bitch didn't pay me!" a limping woman said bouncing out of the darkness. "The bastard broke the heel of my shoe when he threw me out of his car," she added.

" Here," the older man said offering her one of the bills "You can have this," he added, "This guy has plenty of them. He is going to give me his wallet.  He won't be needing it…"

"What the hell is the matter with him," the woman asked putting the bill in her purse. "Why don't he be needin it," she said casually. "What the hell is wrong with him?"

"His wife and children just got killed or something," the second man said. "He's got nobody  in this world," he continued. "All he has in this world is lots of money!"

" Is that a fact?" asked the woman looking at the first man,  searching  for something in her purse at the same time .

"No! " said the first man emphatically.

"Why then?" asked the woman lighting a cigarette." Why the fuck do you wanno murder yourself !?"

"Two of his ships sank last night," said the older man.

" You silly old fool," said the first man angrily." All you can think of is money! What in the hell is the use of money!"

There was a long pause. The woman and the second man were now staring at him.

"What the fuck is the matter with you then?" said the woman finally. " You got money and everythin, why…" she took a long puff at her cigarette before she continued, " you've gone crazy or somethin!?"

" No, I 'm not crazy… I'm perfectly sane … I'm just sick and tired!"

The second man burped. He had taken the last sip out of the liquid in his bottle. He threw it high over the bridge railings.

"Sick and tired … of what !?" grumbled the woman.

" Everything!" moaned the first man." All my life…I've had everything …everything I ever wanted…food ,drink, toys, money, house, boats, horses, cars…"

"Yah…!?" said the woman staring at something over the bridge railing.

" So, what in the world…what in the hell is the point of this pointless, tiresome,  miserable life!!?" asked the first man in a frustrated tone of voice.

" You mean…," asked the woman with interest , " you mean you've got so much dough you don't know what to do with it?"

" Of-course he knows!" said the older man." He is going to give it to me to buy me a ship-full of steaks and whisky!"

" You ain't got a girl?" asked the woman with more interest.  "I can fix you… you know! " she added brushing her hair with both hands.

The first man was now gazing at the darkness beyond the bridge railings.

" Will you give me your wallet now?" asked the second man after a while, holding out his right hand. "It's gettin late and the poor sharks are famished!"

The first man suddenly turned around and looked back." Oh my God," he said in an anxious voice, " That stupid cop may be towing away my car  right now!"  He pushed the second man out of his way and began to run.

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