The Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

While he is being interrogated he is thinking of escape.It is now or never....

The Escape

" What is your full name?" he asked after he sat down at the other side of the table.

"My name is George W. Bush," I said.

He raised his head from the sheet of paper he wanted to write on and smiled.

"The father or the son? " he asked with a grin.

"Both!" I answered .

He stared at me for a little while, moved his tongue under  his lower lip and then smiled again. "You have a sense of humor, huh?" he said before he got up from his seat. He gently walked towards me and moved his hand quickly up and down. I heard a sound near my ear and then a burning feeling in my left cheek. He went back to his seat and sat down. "I repeat my question," he said in a very serious tone of voice, "What is your name?'

"My name is George W. Bush, the father and the son!" I said in an equally serious air.

He stared at me for some seconds. He seemed to be trying not to  smile.

" You don't want to cooperate, I see," he said softly after a while.

" Yes!" I said gently.

" You don't want to cooperate, or you do?" he asked a bit confused.

" Yes," I said.

He stared at me for a few seconds. "O.k. then, what  is… " he stopped and looked at me very seriously. "I have here all the information we need about you," he said pointing to a little notebook. "I know that your name is John Fielding. I know that you are a contractor who used to work for a foreign company abroad. I know that you live alone. I have your full address and…" He put  the  notebook aside and looked up. " Should I go on?" he asked gently.

"Yes , please," I said curtly.

"O.k.," he said." I know that you have had  a dangerous behavior in the past, and maltreated a number of people .I know that you may be involved in certain  activities which are harmful to our people's security," he stopped and looked up. "Should I continue?"

"Yes!" I said again.

"No!" he said loudly getting up again. "It's your turn!" he added walking towards me, "What is your real name?" he asked in a intimidating voice.

"My name is George W. Bush, the father…" I could not continue because I  heard a loud noise near  my left ear again and a terrible heat  on my cheek. My head was now bent on my right shoulder. He went back towards the chair and picked up  the bunch of paper  he had put there, and sat down. " You know," he started, "I could kill you right here and make your body disappear if I wanted to," he coughed and hen continued in a very cool voice. " and no one would ever know about  it… and you sometimes make me so madthat I  feel like doing  just that!" He stood  up and took the bunch of paper. "You're not  the first person to die at my hands, you know. You won't be  the last one either!"

I cleared my throat. " Thank you!" I said as loudly as I could.

He stared at me again. " What for? For thinking of  killing  you?"

" Yes, sir!" I said with stress.

- So you want to die, huh?"

- No, sir.

He got up. I could see his clenched fists. "He is going to punch me in the nose this time," I said to myself looking around. "Luckily, he has not brought  his chain to hang me from the ceiling," I told myself.

 He moved forward  but before he reached me  the door opened and another man came in. He was very neatly dressed and well groomed. " Hey man," he said to the angry guy. " You're getting out of line! You'd  better go and drink a glass of  water or something and cool off." He turned to me  and smiled . "I'll take over from here."

The first man shrugged his shoulders and walked slowly out of the room shaking his head. "They must be watching me or at least listening to me from the next room," I told myself. But there was no  sign of a wide mirror or a video camera or even  a microphone anywhere around. The room looked bare and had nothing in it but  a small table, two chairs and a bed with a dirty mattress , a blanket, and two pillows. Everything looked strangely  familiar.

"He is a fool!" the new man suddenly said. "He is always like that, a nervous wreck!" he continued. He was standing right in front of me with a glass of water I don't know where he got from in his hand. I took a sip of the water and returned it to him.

"He is an uneducated guy who doesn’t know how to treat people, especially respectable ones like you. I really apologize for him," he said with a phony smile on his lips. "He killed a few people unnecessarily  when he was on an assignment and could never forget it. That has made him very unstable. The department is dissatisfied with his work and is thinking of  transferring him to another  place," he added. " He won't  forget what you did to him that time either. We must remember  that too," he said nodding  his head philosophically as he sat down. He then looked at me with a friendly smile. "You know, what we are doing here is just a formality. The department has all the information it needs about you. We have questioned  some of your friends and they have supplied us with plenty of information!"  He stopped and looked around a bit as if he were bored to death. "So I suggest that you sit down and write your story. Write whatever you like  and convince everyone that you had really meant what you said. I don't really like to see that wild guy back in here. I'll come  again later and take your writing, if you wish." He then got up and  stared at me. "O.k.  Mr. George W. Bush?" he chuckled. He then gave me the bunch  of paper and a pen, waved to me goodbye before opening he door." Let me know  when you are finished," he said as he left.

"Ha ha!" I told myself when he left. "I have to find the microphone the bastards have hidden someplace in here!"  They think they are experienced interrogators! They keep sending "the bad guys" and " the good guys" to break me thinking that I don't know anything about their fucking  interrogation system; and then they make such a goofy  mistake  themselves, 'Mr. George W. Bush!' "

I gently got up and began looking around very carefully. There wasn't much to examine though. I took a glance at the bottom sides of  the mattress and the table. There was nothing. When I was checking  the bottom side of the chairs I heard a sound. Someone was coming in. I jumped up quickly  and sat down.

" Hi Mr. Bush," a young woman said as she entered. She had a bunch of things on her arm. " Would you like me to change your sheets, Mr. Bush," she asked with a wide smile as she approached the bed. I did not have to answer her because she was going to do it anyway. "They must have seen me from somewhere," I thought." They noticed that I was looking for their microphone and other stuff." I searched the bottom-side of the chair I was sitting on  while she was changing the sheets, but I couldn't find anything. "It may be under the other one," I thought. "Would you like to take a bath," the woman suddenly  asked.

" Nope!" I said emphatically feeling my body beginning to tremble remembering the last time they gave me " a bath".

"Are you sure?" she asked looking at me with the dirty sheets on her arms.

"Yap!" I said.

"Suit yourself man," she said as she began to leave.

I took a quick look at her as she left. She was thin and young. "She is probably playing the role of  'a good one', " I thought. "She talked  so normally that  you would get tempted to believe  her."  I felt a pain in my lungs. It was the sort of feeling I had after they gave me a bath last. "It's a Turkish bath!" the guy had said. "The second time I almost died!" I thought.  I  took a long breath and then a few more. "I have to get out of this  graveyard  as soon as I can," I told myself. "It can  be done one of the times this woman comes  in. She did not lock the door!"

I examined the ceiling and the walls again. Then I gently walked  around the room  a few times and sat down. I  pretended to be writing. "They must  be watching me from somewhere. This will give me more time to think," I said to myself.

"Hey man," someone said from the middle of the half-open door.  It was a colored face with  curly hair. He looked like one of my good old friends who had been  killed a while back. He was in a jeep with some other friends of mine. The bomb had been  planted on the side of the road. It was a real big explosion. Their jeep went high up in the air ."Come in please," I said craving  to see his whole face .

He walked in moving his body up and down. He had a mopping machine  with him. "He must be a real janitor," I thought. " Do you know where the toilet is," I asked him softly when he began mopping the floor.He looked up. He really did look like my friend.

"Don't you know man!?" he said looking surprised. "It's right outside your room!"

" Can I go there …," I mumbled.

He did not answer immediately. "I don't know, man," he said after a while. "You've got to ask the nurse."

We were both silent for a little while. Then he turned off his mopping machine.  "They say you are a pretty dangerous fello," he said staring at me,"but you look pretty normal to me, man." He stared at me for a few seconds and then added, "Are you really…?" He stopped when he heard a knock on the door. He quickly put his stuff together and began moving towards the door.

A middle-aged man in white clothes came in. " How are we today," he asked.

"O.k.," I said shrugging my shoulders.

" Are they treating you well?" he asked looking in my eyes.

"Yah," I said after a little while.

" Let me know if they don't!" he said looking at the outside door. " Did you write your story," he asked indifferently after a few seconds.

I shrugged my shoulders. " I haven't got much to write!"

He took a long look at me. "But they said you wanted to write!"

" My name is George W. Bush," I said emphatically.

He smiled. " I know that!" he said with a smile," but you haven't told us the rest of the story! Are you going to do it?"

"Yes," I said. "I'll write it…after I go to the toilet."

He laughed a little and then began nodding. " Yes, of course!" he said. "I 'll call the nurse."

" Why the nurse?" I asked ," Can't I go alone?"

He looked at me with suspicion and then  shrugged his shoulders." Yes, of-course you can!" he said. "They think…" he shrugged his shoulders again. " I'll tell them," he added before he left the room.

"I hope," I thought," I hope I wont need  to kill anyone while making a run for it!"  I had now decided to try and escape at any cost. "It's now or never," I told myself. "They'll kill me for sure in one of those Turkish "bath chambers!" That was the name I had given to what  they called "bath treatment" place. They would hold your head in something like a bath-tub filled with water until you either told them what they wanted to know or you died! In most cases of-course people had to take this bath several times before they reached their  conclusion.

"Hi," said a fat woman who had half entered the room. " You wanted to go to the toilet?" Her voice  sounded just like a man's.

"Yes!" I said nodding.

She opened the door wide. Two men were standing outside  waiting for me. They looked strong, and wore military uniforms. Obviously they wanted to make sure  that I could not escape. The three followed me to the toilet which was a little further down  across the hallway.

" They won't  expect me to come out quickly," I told myself while opening the door slightly a few seconds after I had entered. The two guardsmen were now gently walking away from the toilet. There was no sign of the fat woman. I took off my shoes and quickly slipped out. I tried the first door on my left , it was locked. The second door, however, was open. "It's one of the offices," I told myself. I gently pushed the handle down.  It  made a click and opened "Who is it?" someone said as I entered. I was silent for a few seconds.

"Hey man, " I said then  trying to sound like the man I had seen an hour earlier. "It's the cleaning man!"

"O.k.," the voice said.

I entered  inaudibly. The room looked somewhat like the other one.  It, however, had a side door which looked familiar. They had probably brought  me there another  time before. I pushed it and entered. As I had guessed, it was a bathroom with a shower, a toilet seat, a basin, and a small closet. I quickly took out a suit from the closet and put it on. It was a bit too small  for me  but it would do. I put on a cap and looked at myself in the mirror. I really looked like someone else!

I tried to be very quiet as I came out. But I immediately came face to face with a man a bit shorter  than myself staring at me. "You don't look like the cleaning man," he said.

"Nope!"  I said moving towards him holding the pen they had given me to write with  like a weapon.

"What are you doing in my clothes?" he said, now frowning and walking forward.

 It was the time. Now or never!  I moved forward and hit him in the chest with the metallic pen. He made a sort of screaming sound and moved towards me with his head bent over. I hit him on the head with the shaving  machine  I had found in the bathroom. He bent down and fell into my arms. For a second I thought  of strangling  him to death, but he looked too harmless for that. I moved him into the bathroom and lay him down. I tied his hands and feet with a bunch of  neckties I found in the closet..

I quickly searched the room for a gun. He had a small cabinet with a number of drawers,  but there was no sign of a  weapon anywhere. The nearest  thing I could find to a weapon was a screwdriver. I stuck  that  into  my breast pocket and quietly opened the door.

The two guardsmen were now standing by the toilet door talking to each other. One was leaning to the wall and saying something  but the other one was looking at his watch. I wanted to go the other way but then I notices their alert. I had been in the toilet too long! I took a few steps in the opposite direction to give them time to go into the toilet, then I quickly turned around and ran as fast as I could towards the door at the end of the hallway. I somehow knew that this door opened to a garden which had a large gate opening  to the outside world. With my neat civilian clothes I was sure that others would take me for one of the prison personnel. "Even my face might  look like one of them," I thought."Who knows!"The corridor was empty but various noises could be heard from the rooms on both sides.

The outside door was not locked, but was guarded by two big men in uniform.
"Hi," I said as I passed them. "Hello Mr. Green, one of them said loudly. "Now I know my name!" I laughed to myself. I could now hear some noise from inside the building. I tried to walk fast without attracting the two guardsmen's attention. Someone shouted," Did anyone come out of here Ben!?"

"No," one of the guardsmen at the door said. "Just Mr. Green," added the second  man. Then I heard the sound of their foot steps running back. "I am out of danger now," I thought. "All I have to do is to go through that big gate, and then I'll be  free! I can easily find  my way to the embassy." I took a quick look around. There were just a few people sitting on  a number of benches with guardsmen surrounding  them. "They have brought them out of their cells for some 'fresh air'," I told myself.  "I will soon get myself all the "fresh air" I ever need!"

I was now near the outside gate. "I am Mr. Green, I'm Mr. Green," I kept repeating to myself.  "I work here. My job is interrogation, and I am afraid of no one!"  Now I was at the gate. Some people began to shout from behind. I walked faster. "Hello Mr. Green," one of the two guardsmen at the gate said."Are you goin'o go out?"

"Ah…ah," I said with confidence

" How come," said the other guardsman, "How come you are going on foot, sir? Something wrong with your car?"

"Ya…ah," I said with confidence.

"Are you sure it is Dr. Green?" said the other man to his friend.

"Stop him!" someone suddenly shouted from a distance away. "Don't let him out!!"

One of the guardsmen came towards me. "Just a second, Mister!" he said suspiciously.

I moved towards him quickly. The screwdriver was in the man's belly a second later. The second man embraced him to hold him up, and I began to run. Now I could hear some other people shouting and running. I was more thantwo hundred feet away when someone suddenly grabbed me. "Where to, sir," he said  harshly holding me tightly. I shook myself hard, but I could not get out of his grab. Now other people were coming closer. "Thanks officer," one of them said. "This guy is totally nuts!" he said. " We have to put shackles on him now!"

I was sure  that they were really going to do that. They had kept me in chains for quite some time  until  I agreed to tell them  my  story. I wished I had killed myself while I had the chance! I could hear the sound of the siren of an ambulance now. "Maybe… maybe they are going to transfer me to another jail," I thought. "Only the other inmates in here are going to appreciate what I did today!" I thought. "They may even admire me for that! I'll be their hero!"It was  true that I had  not succeeded to escape, but at least I had given  it a nice try, and I had almost made it!"I was free  as a bird for a few  minutes," I told myself.

We were now in a big office. The place was packed with people. Four guardsmen were surrounding me and two others were attaching chains to my hands and feet. "I should have killed some of them while I had the chance," I thought.

"What is his name," I heard someone say." And why is he kept here?"

I took a glance at him. He was  wearing a policeman's uniform. "The stupid cop is causing them trouble now," I thought. "All secret military prisons function under another guise. That's how things are  everywhere  in the world! He is threatening  their secret identity."

"He is John Fielding," another voice said ." He has been here for six months."

" Should I make a report," the policeman asked.

" No, I don't think that will be  necessary. We will inform the proper authorities ourselves, if needed,"  the other guy said.

"No, don’t let them keep me here!" I tried to shout but not much of a sound came out of my mouth.  Everyone was turning to  me now. I was sitting on a chair with chains on my hands  and feet surrounded by more than ten people . The police officer was staring at me. "What the hell was he saying," he  asked a man in white clothes who looked awfully familiar to me.

"You shouldn't pay much attention to what he tells you, officer," the man said.  "He is totally insane. This is not the first time he has tried to escape from here!"

"O.k." the officer said  shrugging his shoulders looking at the man with suspicion.  "I have to make a report, anyway," he said." It's protocol."

"Fine, do as you wish," the man in white clothes said crossly, " only if you have  to make a report, please write that the guy has been insane for over a year! He  was in Iraq and other places working as an interrogator and became terribly cruel, causing some people's deaths at one point. He was transferred to another department and was given an  office job  but acted  very  abnormally there too.  He was eventually dismissed and sent back. He never behaved properly  after that either. He was detained after he attacked some Chicano's, calling them names in Arabic. The judge sent him to a mental hospital eight months back and he was  transferred to our hospital  about six months ago. He seemed to be imagining that everyone around wanted to beat  and  kill him and was always on the defense. He was put in solitary confinement  a couple of times after  he actually attacked and hurt some of our personnel. He was acting rather  normally in recent weeks, of-course. A few days back, he asked us for some paper and a pen to write a story. We gave it to him eagerly  hoping that  that  was a sign of his recuperation. Unfortunately  we were totally wrong. He seems to have  gotten  much worse!"

I took a quick look at the chains they had put  around  my hands and  feet hopelessly ."Youlying  son-of -a bitch," I mumbled with exhaustion looking at the man in white. " The fucking crap he  just  put together," I thought, "is good enough to fool anybody! The bastard made it  up  to dupe that naïve, empty-headed cop in order to keep  me here a while longer, to take me back to their torture chamber and squeeze  some  more information out of me!" I took a very careful look at all of the people around. "Someday though," I told myself with determination, "Someday, which I hope  will  not be very long from now, I'll somehow get  my ass out of this hole , and, with a bit of luck, once again make my way  up to the Whitehouse!"






Submitted: November 09, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Herman Azadi. All rights reserved.

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Well,you really made a nice twist in the end! I was nearly sure that the fellow shall escape in the end! Good work.A Like for the story!

Sat, January 9th, 2016 2:05pm

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