The Ghost Rider

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Driving alone at night, he is attacked. What can he do...?

Submitted: October 11, 2015

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Submitted: October 11, 2015



The Ghost Rider

"Hey man, don't worry, the cops will catch him!" someone shouted. He was behind the wheel just going past  me. "Motor cyclists are not allowed on this freeway," he continued. "They'll get him!"

" Hope so," I shouted back."Thanks a lot!"

I was very mad though. I had only left my wallet on the front seat for two minutes! I took out the bills I had to give the man at the toll booth and put the wallet there. I had just begun to leave the area when he stretched his arm and took it. His face was covered with something. He looked like the ghosts I had seen in the movies. I grabbed his wrist and fought him as hard as I could. I even twisted his hand to make  him drop it . But it was useless.  I was driving and he was quite  strong. I had to let go.

The traffic was lighter here and I was now driving like mad. I had to catch the bastard before he could  get himself lost in the heavy traffic ahead. Then the line of cars suddenly stopped. I pulled to the side of the road and pushed hard on the brakes. They made a terrible screech  before the car stopped. "It's too late now!" I thought.  "I can't catch the son-of-a-bitch in this mess of a traffic!"

The road was jam-packed now. There were cars as far as my eyes could see. Some people were getting out of their cars and walk to the side of the road.  Some younger ones were jumping over the railing on the side of the road and running down. Older ones were going through  the opening in the railing. Something had broken part of the railing off. " Maybe," I thought," maybe  it is that ghost rider. Yes! That's why he was nowhere to be seen! The cops would have stopped him otherwise!"

I gently opened the car door and stepped out. I wanted to see for myself what had happened to him. Now there were some people running past me. There seemed to be some light down there. Something was apparently on fire. I had worked all day and I was too tired and sleepy  to run. "What's happened?" I asked a man who was going fast past me. He was in too much of a hurry to stop and answer. I shouted at the next one and repeated my question. He shrugged his shoulders and jumped over the railing. I stopped for a second and looked. Yes there had been an accident of some kind . It looked like something was on fire down there . Whatever it was, it had rolled a good thirty or forty feet down. "These railigs on the side of the free- way should not be made of such thin material that even a motorcycle can go through them so easily," I thought.

I walked  to the  part of the railing that had come off and gently walked down. There was now a rather big crowd gathered down there. Some people were trying to extinguish  the fire and some others were striving to turn over a car. The car was upside down with the top badly crushed. Then I heard the siren. It was either a police car or an ambulance. I was really disappointed now.  The accident had definitely  helped the ghost rider to get away with my wallet without any trouble. Who was going to pay attention to him now that there was such a terrible turmoil?

"What happened?" I asked a man standing next to me.

"I saw it with my own eyes," said a woman on my other side. " He was driving like mad with closed eyes. I thought it was a ghost or something, but when he hit the railing…"  She stopped. "That was horrible! I had never seen an accident like that with my own eyes in real life!"

 "He was probably drunk!" said the man next to me.

"Didn't you people see a motorcyclist going through the traffic ahead by any chance?" I asked.

The  woman shook her head but didn't answer. I went closer to the car. About twenty or thirty younger men were pulling and pushing the car trying to turn it over. The siren of a police car was heard from nearby and then two cops appeared. " What happened?" one of them asked a young man who had just helped turn the car over.

" I don't know," said the young man." We just saw him go off the road.  He must've been drunk or high or something."

Two men were now pulling hard at the car door to open it. The driver's face was covered with blood. He was young, about my age. He looked quite calm with no sign of pain on his face. The police man took his wrist." It's too late, " he said after a while. " He's dead!"

" 'Does anyone know this guy," asked the other policeman looking around.

No one answered. "Here," said a young man coming from the other side of the car . " I've got  his wallet, sir," he continued walking towards us. The officer moved forward and took the wallet. The other police officer shone his flash light on it. They took out a bunch of cards from the wallet and looked at them. " Mr. Hamid Goergani," one of them said loudly. " Does anyone know him?"

" Oh, mighty God!" I thought. " He so  quickly got  the punishment he deserved!" I moved shaking my head.

"It's mine, officer," I said stepping forward. " This guy just stole my wallet some thirty miles back. I first thought  he was riding a motorbike."

" Anybody?" repeated the policeman not paying much attention to me.

"I told you, sir," I said more loudly approaching the officer,"The wallet is mine sir! I am Hamid Goergani!"

 The officer looked straight at me and said," Nobody knows him, then?" He  gently turned back.  "Please let the ambulance guys through. They have to take him to the hospital anyway."

I shouted, "But sir, I am here…!" 

The officer apparently didn't hear my voice. He just turned around  and walked  straight through me.


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