The Ghosts : Part 5 : The Bomb

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Here we go again!? There is a storm. The plane and the passengers are in great danger. Is there a bomb too?

Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Submitted: January 21, 2016




 Part 5 :  The Bomb


The plane shook suddenly once more but this time so badly that half of the passengers screamed.  A few people were now standing up and a child was crying.

I got up from my seat and took a look around. I felt a little warm now but my headache was gone and my feeling of nausea was partly relieved. I didn't feel worried at all. I turned to the man sitting next to me.

"Did you have… anything to do with this?" I asked calmly.

He nodded gently, "It's possible!"

-But how!?

"It's hard to explain," he said shaking his head.

I was quite relieved now. The sound of the engine and the movements of the plane were no longer bothering me."You did not tell me what the noise was," I said. 

"Sorry," he retorted taking a look at the woman who was sitting next to him. She seemed to be sound asleep.

"This is what happens every time," he said. "She always sleeps through our flights no matter what happens around her!"

"She is very lucky," I said," this way she does not have to worry about the trembling of the plane, getting sea sick, having headaches and things like that."

"Yes, that's true," he said frowning while staring out the window,"Lucky Sara!"

"So what happened in the end?" I asked again now longing to know the rest of the story he had been telling me.

  "Oh, yes," he said as if he had just remembered something. "The sound I told you about was very chilling but it wasn't caused by ghosts or anything like that.  It was made by Master Chester."

  "What…?" I asked taken by surprise. "Who in the world was …'Master Chester'?"

He looked out the window and shook his head. "He was the one who began the whole story," he answered. "Everyone was taken aback by those strange sounds he was making, even the tall young man who had come to clarify things to us. He was his nephew."

"Who?" I asked absentmindedly, "who was whose nephew?"

He gazed at the window again."The storm is getting worse," he said softly, "we may be in trouble soon!"

"I don't really get it," I said somewhat annoyed. "Are we discussing ghosts, the plane, the weather, or what?"

There was no answer.

The plane was trembling all over now. Many of the passengers were talking out-loud.

I leaned back and looked at the window on my side "So what happened at the end of the story?" I asked trying to take my mind off the storm.

"O.k.," he said, "I'll make the long story very short. The sound we had heard from outside the house was not made by ghosts. It was made by the guy that my housemates had taken for a burglar. He was trying to be funny in his own way."

 He stared at my face for a second and then continued, "He had come to get the tall guy, the man I told you about while I was treating your headache." He looked into my eyes and added, "You don't have it anymore, do you?"

I unconsciously touched my head, "Oh no! I don't," I said,"Thank you!"

"Yes," he continued, "Chester, had come to get his nephew who was called Emil.  Emil was his best student and personal aide."

He stopped again. We had both heard an unusual sound. He was listening carefully. He then moved his right hand up and held it in the air. His eyes were now closed and he looked like he was in a deep sleep.

"I think…there's something wrong in the cockpit," he said softly after a while."The trouble may be… because of that."

"What trouble?" I asked curiously. "You mean …it's not the storm?"

"We will soon find out," he said very softly.

I was beginning to get worried..  "So, what did …this Mr. Chester… do then?" I asked trying to overcome my growing fear.

"Emil was the man who had answered Chester's cell-phone when I was trying to find him," he said looking in the direction of the cockpit. "He had had some kind of a psychic problem and a long history of friction with the law. When we saw him, however, he was a sort of a… medical magician."

"What do you mean!?" I asked puzzled. "What in the world is a 'medical magician'?"

"Well," he said, "You don't seem to have nausea nor a headache anymore do you?"

"Well, no…" I said cautiously.

"O.k.! How do you think that happened?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know," I said, "You played some kind of a trick or something…!"

  "Yes, exactly! That's what I mean by 'medical magic'," he said, "That is, if you don't know anything about our Pranic healing."

  "Yeah, you mentioned that when you were telling me your story," I said, "But you  didn't really clarify  what it is."

"Well," he said, "I would tell you in details if we had time. But unfortunately we don't seem to have it! My mind is occupied by what may be going on in the cockpit. So I'll make the long story very very short! O.k.?"

"Fine, all the better," I said. "Go on, please!"

"Well," he began, "the old man who was making that funny sound that night was professor Chester Cane. He was a full professor at one of the famous American universities teaching atomic physics. He came across a young Indian once who could do various strange things with his hands. It was all new to professor Cane and quite unacceptable to him scientifically. So he refused to believe it for a while, and then got profoundly interested in it. Soon he took a short leave of absence from the university and travelled to India to resolve the mystery. He stayed in India for so long that the university terminated his contract. When he returned, he had to run around for a  time to get teaching job again. A while later, however, he was fascinated by something else and left for India once more. This time he stayed there for some years and became a master in Pranic Healing. When he came back, he was 'Master Chester' but he had lost his university job again. The company where he got a job later  also fired him after a while because he was now more interested in going about helping underprivileged people than doing his own work."

He stopped to catch his breath and then continued, "All his family members left him gradually. He was penniless and he was kicked out of his living place a while later and became homeless. Sometime after that, he discovered our backyard and began sleeping there occasionally, and that was why he was in front of our house the day I carried out my experiment!"

He stopped to look at his watch. He was again raising his hand and holding it above his head."Sorry I had to rush. The situation in the cockpit may be getting out of control," he said, "There's definitely something wrong there!"

"How do you know?" I asked still confused.

"Medical magic!" he said with a grin. "Dr. Cane taught me a few tricks!"

"You mean…you are a kind of a magician too!?" I asked skeptically.

"I guess, a sort of," he mumbled his mind obviously occupied by something else."He taught me some of the things," he continued, "Then we went to…India… a couple of times… together…and I learned some more things…"

"You said you saw some ghosts when you were a child," I said trying to put things together in my own mind, "Do you still believe in them?"

"Yes," he said frowning now, "We all live inside ghosts… only …we don't seem to notice it…."

"But," I said …," there were really no ghosts …in that house…were there?"

"No," he said gently, "I told you that long story to keep your mind off…your  pain."

"Is that how you cured my headache and my nausea?" I asked with curiosity.

He frowned and shook his head."Never mind that now," he said, "We have to concentrate …on the cockpit."

It wasn't long before someone came out of the cockpit. He had a small bag in his hand."Your attention please," he said loudly. "Attention please," he repeated.

We were watching him very carefully now. He did not seem to be part of the crew. He was wearing ordinary civilian clothes. He took a quick look around. "We have taken over this airplane," he said in very good English."There's no reason for you to worry. If you don't cause problems for us, you will not get hurt." He stopped and began  looking around. "We have changed the destination of this plane. If  keep quiet, and …if you cooperate with us, we will let you off as soon as we land."

He then took some metallic object out of the bag and moved it about for everyone to get a glance at it. "This is a little bomb," he said, "it's big enough to destroy this plane and all of us with it. So be calm and cooperate, and no one will get hurt!"

 He smiled and lowered his bomb."There's nothing for you to worry about!" he repeated. He walked back towards the cockpit but he suddenly stopped and turned around, "By the way," he said," there are several of our brothers and sisters sitting among you. So please don't get any funny ideas and do stupid things! They'll immediately stop you but that may cause an irreparable damage to the plane!"He turned around again and walked slowly to the cockpit. The hostesses were standing at the end of the isle pale-faced and dumbfounded.


Everyone was dead quiet for a while but then they all began talking all of a sudden.

"What can we do?" I asked the magician sitting next to me.

"We have to wait and see," he mumbled. He then slowly got up."I've got to go to the bathroom."

"What a time to take a shit!"I told myself disappointedly. "He acts like he has seen a ghost!"

 I stood up and began watching him as he gently walked down the cabin aisle. He was holding both his hands up to his sides and moving them as if he were leading an orchestra. I watched him until he got out of my sight. Then I sat down and began thinking about all the possible places that the hijackers might be taking us. I began wishing that I was actually having a dream and would soon wake up finding myself in my own bed. Then I heard someone shout, "Hey, what chu doin man, you shithead!!?"

"Nothing sir," a familiar voice said."I just thought you were a bit nervous, I was praying for you."

"I don't need no prayin, you fuck!" the other voice said."Go back to your seat ad pray for your mama, you motherfucker!"

"Sorry sir," the familiar voice said, "I hope you can sit down…and relax now…will you? You don't have to worry about any…thing! "

There was no other sound. The whole place was quiet and then I heard someone's footsteps approaching. He stopped next to my seat. "I think," he said, "It's time for us to test our magic!"

 It was the man who was sitting next to me. He beckoned one of the hostesses who had been watching his movements as he sat. "Please go to the cockpit and tell the pilot that the hijacker has no collaborators in the cabin. Tell them to disarm the man in the cockpit if they can."

"You sir," said the hostess," are you sure about this?"

"Please hurry," the man said," we may not have enough time. We will disarm this one."

Both hostesses ran to the cockpit and got in. He then turned to me. "Do you want to play a hero?"

I quickly got up. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked tensely.

"Come!" he said as he began walking back in the cabin isle pulling out his belt. There was a young man with very short beard sitting on a seat in the middle of the cabin.  He was leaning back, snoring. We quickly tied his hands and feet with our belts. He then stuck a bunch of tissues in the man's mouth. We couldn’t find anything in his pockets. A group of people were standing around watching us with excitement.

"Please be very quiet," the man whispered. We have to wait and see what will happen in the cockpit!"

We waited for a few years until the cockpit door finally opened. It was not the hostess. It was a tall man in uniform carrying something on his shoulder. He was smiling.

"It was not a bomb or anything like that!" said the man in uniform, "The guy was just bluffing!" He then cleared his dry throat and added, "He was dozing off when the ladies came in. It was not hard to capture him at all!"



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