The Long Journey Home, Part 3 : A Murder On The Train

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

She goes to meet him on the train. A man has to be killed. Why should they kill him? Do they have a choice?


The Long Journey Home  

  A Murder on the Train



When he opened his eyes, the girl was smiling.

“For a moment I got worried,” she said, “I thought you were sure going to fall. The stupid train… slowed down too quickly!”

“Thanks … for worrying,” said the man with a smile.“It’s hard to find someone to worry about you these days!”

The girl giggled.  “At your service!” she said, now laughing out loud.“I shall worry about you anytime you wish!”

The man laughed too. “My name is Hans,” he said, “I’m Hans Chaplin, but I’m of no relations to the good old Charlie!”

The girl laughed more loudly. “I’m Marline Fisher,” she said, “but I’m of no relations to Marline Monroe nor  to any kind of a fish!”

Hans was now laughing too. He stood up and held out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said while shaking the girl’s hand.

“I hope you will be my fellow traveler for a while,” he said as he shook her hand.“I have a terribly long way to go.”

“How far are you going?” asked the girl. “I’ll probably be with you most of the way.”

 “I’m going to Munich,” said Hans curtly. “ Hundreds of kilometers away!”

“Rest in peace then!” said Mary laughing again. “I’ll be with you all the way!” She shook her head while laughing for a few seconds before she added, “I’m going far past Munich!”

“Oh, really!? How wonderful!” exclaimed Hans. “Where in the world are you heading for?”

“Believe it or not, I’m heading for…Iceland!!” answered Mary nodding .

“Oh, God !”  Hans exclaimed. “Even hearing about it makes my blood freeze!!”

“Your blood wouldn’t freeze so fast if you had lived there all your life!” said Mary with a chuckle.

Hans was now looking at the girl with his eyebrows pulled up far above his eyes. “You mean to say that…you were actually born there…in the midst of all that snow and ice!?”

“Yeah!” retorted Marry beginning to giggle again, “The bed I was born in was not exactly in the midst of snow and ice but almost everything else was!” She stopped to look at him wearing a big smile. “Don’t you think that it’s really… very cool!?”

“It’s cool all right!” said Hans nodding his head, “As a matter of fact it’s so cool that it is beginning to turn my stomach into an icicle!”

They were both laughing loudly now. They only stopped when the train whistled a few times and began to slow down.“It looks like we are approaching a train station or something,” said Hans frowning slightly.

“I don’t think so,” retorted Mary. “I’ve checked the road map. There

won’t be any stations on the way for a good while.”

“O.k.,” said Hans shrugging his shoulders, “As long as you say so!”  He smiled as he moved towards the window of the car to take a glance at what could be seen outside.

“Are you worried that…something fishy might be going on…out there?” asked Mary beginning to take off her blouse.

“No,” answered Hans staring at Mary’s top, “What I’m worried about is…what might be hiding … under that sexy blouse!”

“You don’t need to worry about that!” said Mary laughing, “You won’t get to see any of it! You’ll be looking the other way when something comes out of this,” she added signaling Hans to turn away his head. “I’m going to … take off the rest of my clothes as well …and jump up to my bed…” She paused, nodded a few times and continued, “after I put on my long and thick nightgown, that is! And you won’t see the sight of me the rest of the night!”

“Oh…gush!” exclaimed Hans. “You mean to say that…you’re going to leave me all alone down here …in this lonely no man’s land!! I might die of loneliness!!”

“Well…” said Mary with a giggle as she took out her night gown from her suitcase gesturing to him to turn around. “Not if you are a good boy…and… fetch me a big bottle of good old wine!” She gapped for a second and then added, “after all, we don’t want you to die of loneliness in the middle of nowhere, do we!?”

“Of course not!” said Hans emphatically turning his face as he stood up. “But how can I be sure that… by the time I get back, you won’t be deep asleep…with that crummy, big and impregnable nightgown on!?”

Mary giggled again. “You mean to say that you want to take my night gown hostage to make sure I won’t doze off before you return!?”

“Yeah, something like that!  Why not!?” said Hans staring at her with lustful eyes. “Isn’t that… one of my…human rights! ”

“Human rights my foot!” said Mary grinding her teeth. “For all I can see, you’re just a wild beast waiting for your chance to tear me apart!”

“At your service!” said Hans making a roaring sound and grinding his teeth before he continued. “I shall tear you apart anytime you wish!”

He stepped out of the cabin laughing but he quickly turned around and stuck his head back in through the door. “Didn’t  you sneak in  here,” he asked with a smirk, “ to be with this wild beast… to get torn apart!?”

“Get lost! You filthy monster” said Mary loudly throwing something at him, “before I murder you in cold blood!!”

“Yes madam…!” said Hans grabbing her nightgown which was now all over his head and shoulders “I shall be right back with two magic bottles of delicious wine… to knock us both out…in cold blood!”

He took a glance at her standing next to the bed stark naked as he closed the sleeper door.


“Did you actually…buy your ticket for this coupe…purposely…to be alone  with me ?” asked Hans trying to keep his eyes open.

Mary laughed out-loud. “Nope!” she then said, “but I would’ve, if I had seen you sooner.”  She sat up and turned her legs around to hang them from the bedside. “Do you want to go up to the other bed?” she then asked with a smile tuning her head to look at Hans, “Or… should I?”

“Huh…” said Hans. “How come…you came …so late? We are … almost there…!”

“Almost where….you drunkard?” asked Mary. “We haven’t covered half of the way even!?” 

“Where were you… all this…time?” Hans mumbled.  “Why didn’t chu come …sooner?”

“I was with my friend, Julie,” Mary answered. “She was alone in her coupe. So I stayed with her until…she left.”

“O.k.” said Hans letting his eyelids drop. “Come…sleep…with me…” he added before he began to snore.

“I guess you’re definitely not going up…then!”said Mary laughing. “You handsome double-crossing dupe!” she added poking him in the face with her middle finger.

“Huh…” Hans said in between his snoring.

“Good God!” Mary whispered looking down at Hans’s naked body. “What a waste!” she said softly before she grabbed his arm pulling it up and dropping it three times. The arm fell numbly on the bed each time.

She got off the bed, picked up her panties and her bra from the floor and put them on before putting on her nightgown. She then went swiftly up the side ladder, to the upper bed and grabbed at a sack hidden behind the pillow and the blankets. “God!” she whispered after a few minutes. “It looks like…I was right!” she mumbled to herself nodding her head repeatedly.

She got off the bed rapidly and searched Hans’s pants lying on the floor before she looked at everything he had in his wallet. She then fixed her hair and her makeup in front of the mirror, put on her dress and her slippers and gently stepped out of the coupe.

There was no one in the corridor. She knocked on a door three coupes away five times and waited. There was no sound from the inside. She knocked five more times. The door gently opened. “Hi!” a girl’s voice said.“What happened? You’re back already? It’s the middle of the night?”

“My hunch was right,” Mary said, “It’s the same guy who was watching us at the railroad station. He has been shadowing us all along!”

“Oh really!?” exclaimed the other girl. “What the hell does he want from us so far away from the border!? Are you sure…!?”

“Pretty sure!” said Marry. “He has a gun and…several passports belonging to different countries. He said he was German but his other passports say he is from France, India, Turkey an even Saudi Arabia! Most of his passports don’t have pictures either!”

“O.k.” said the second girl, “wait just a second. I’ll be right out!” She turned around and went in.

A few minutes later the two girls were cautiously moving towards the first coupe. A man was following them on tip toe.

“He won’t get up so soon,” Mary said. “I put two sleeping pills in his wine.”

“It looks like you had a good time together,” the other girl giggled as they entered the coupe.

“I didn’t have a choice!” said Marry “I had to play James Bond or something to get him unconscious. He seems a lot smarter than I.”

“We’ve got to get rid of him quickly,” the man said. “As soon as he wakes up, we’ll be in trouble again.”

“Yeah, John is right,” said the other girl. “We have very little time. We’ll soon get to the Van Lake station and we will have to get off the train to get on the ferry boat. If he’s still alive by then, he can get the Turkish cops to arrest us.”

“Yeah,” mumbled John, “We’ll have to finish him off as soon as we can!”

“It’s a real shame!” said Mary looking at the man’s naked body. “It’s a total waste.”

“If we don’t hurry, it will be us who will be totally wasted,” said John. “We have to call Bob at once! We’ll need all the help we can get!” he added before he opened the door of the sleeper cautiously to step out.

“You…made love…to him, didn’t chu?” said the other girl staring at the man’s half naked body.

“There was no other way!!” said Mary. “I had to get hold of his sack and his papers.  I found both of the tickets of the sleeper in his wallet.” She paused for a second and then continued, “He knew all along that I had gone to his coupe for a purpose!”

The door squeaked open before the other girl had a chance to say anything. Two men stepped in.

“What can we do!?” asked the new man. “We are in the middle of nowhere!”

“We haven’t got a choice, Bob!” John said.  “It’s either him or us. If we don’t take care of him, he will certainly take care of us!”

“I sure miss our crazy driver, Firooz, now,” said the man called Bob. “He certainly knew how to deal with cops, gangsters, and even slave dealers!  He could get rid of this corpse in no time!”

“It shouldn’t be so hard to get rid of a corpse,” said John. “Our problem is that our corpse is not exactly a corpse as yet… unless someone steps in and ...makes it so!”

“Don’t look at me, John,” said Mary. “I may have done a lot of mischievous things in my life, but this sort of a thing has never been one of them.  Thou shall not kill! Remember!?”

“She is right, dad,” said the other girl. “For all I know, the only weakness Monikahas is sex. I even saw her sleep with that silly driver, Firooz, a number of times during the time we were hiding in that guy’s house. But that’s all!  Beyond that… she is a perfect angel!”

“Thank you madam,” said Mary, who was now referred to as Monika, bowing to the other girl. “You are a pure angle yourself!”

“Yes,” said Bob who seemed to be getting frustrated, “her name happens to mean that too! But even if we were all perfect angels, that wouldn’t be worth a bit of shit now! The only guy who could've helped us in this dreadful situation is Firooz, and he is over a thousand kilometers away! We haven’t seen the sight of him since the day he brought us our forged passports!”

“Nope!” said Monika emphatically. “I saw him standing a distance away from us at the train station the day we left. He was smiling to us. I think he didn’t want to be seen with us, but he loved to be seen by us!”

“Whatever he wanted or not wanted…makes no difference to us now!” said John getting agitated too. “Firooz is far away now and we need to find someone…man enough to fuck off this guy before he comes to! Then we’ll think of some way... to get rid of his corpse!”

“Well, that excuses Fereshteh and I!” said Monica. “We may be a lot of things in this stupid world, but this is one thing that we most certainly cannot be: man enough!”

“That only leaves John and you, dad,” said the girl called Fereshteh. “If you two have trouble making up your minds, maybe we should flip a coin or something to decide who should be the bully … to send this gorgeous creature to the eternal world!”

“Coin or no coin, flipping or not flipping,” said Bob roughly, “I’m sure that this is something I can never, ever do - - kill someone in cold blood! Actually…I’d rather have him…kill me!”

“O.k.” said Monika, “in that case, maybe we should do just that! We can wait here until this gentleman wakes up and kills Fereshteh’s dad. Then we can all go home and live happily ever after!”

“That’s enough nonsense!” said John angrily. “Stand back, all of you good for nothings, and let me finish the job!”

 He then looked around him and added, “Just give me a knife, a piece of rope, a long rag … or something with which I can kill this fucking cop!”

“Why don’t you use his gun?” asked Monica. “I told ju that he has a gun!”

“That makes too much noise!” said Fereshteh. “We’ll be caught before we have a chance to get out of here.”

“I have a small cutter,” said Bob, I use it to cut my cigars sometimes. But it’s sharp enough. You can easily cut this fool’s throat and get it over with.”

“There’ll be blood all over the place,” said Monica. “All our clothes will be smeared with blood. The cops can easily catch us!”

“The best thing is,” said Fereshteh, “to hang him from the ceiling. It’ll look like he has committed suicide … and we may get away with it!”

“Yes, but where can we get the rope we need?” said Bob. “There’s nothing in the ceiling to hang him from, either!”

“Why don’t chu,” suggested Monica looking John straight in the eyes, “sit on his face. Your ass is fat enough to cover his nose and mouth. He’ll be dead in no time, and no one will ever know how he died!”

“Yes,” said Bob, “It’ll be an entirely new type of a murder. Not even Sherlock Holms could figure out how the victim has been killed!”

“Poor beautiful victim!” mumbled Monica looking at the man lying before them. “It’s a great shame!”

“If we wait a while longer, ”said John harshly, “We will be the ones in great shame! He’ll wake up, and we’ll be taken away  with our hands tied behind our backs!”

He then grabbed two large socks he had found on the floor, quickly tied them together and put it around the man’s neck, fastened it firmly, and stepped back, held up his hands, and began to pray.

“He’s begging God,” muttered Fereshteh with a smile , “to forgive him for the murder he has not yet committed!”

“I wouldn’t forgive himif I were in God’s shoes!” said Monica.“It is one of His most gorgeous creatures that he is going to bump off with two dirty socks!”

“Thank God,” said someone just before John’s prayer was over. “Firooz had told me that you’re all wonderful people.” continued the voice, “I’m glad I lived long enough to see tha for myself. You can take all the extra passports that he gave me…to bring you….just in case you needed any. There’s a little cash in my wallet too. It was supposed to be my pay for helping you out. Take it. You may need it before you get safely to your homes.”

The voice stopped. Everyone was all ears, staring at the half-naked body on the bed now. “Since you’re all safe and sound,” the speaker suddenly went on, “I’ve done my duty and I don’t owe Firooz anything anymore…So you can go ahead and murder me if you like. I just hope that God can figure out some  way... to bless you all!”




Submitted: August 04, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Herman Azadi. All rights reserved.

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