The Rape

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She has been attacked. Who was the assailant? What did actually happen?

what did actuallly happen?

Submitted: February 19, 2016

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Submitted: February 19, 2016



The Rape

"I'll kill the son-of-a-bitch as soon as I catch him!" shouted Al holding up his clenched fist!

"Cool off , man," said the inspector, " let me do my investigation!" He moved his body a bit to make himself comfortable in his seat before he continued. "Who is first?" he said looking at the people sitting around the room.

There were several people sitting there now and someone was standing holding a tray filled with cups and a pitcher of coffee.

"Where should I put your cup?" the young man asked looking at the inspector.

"I'll take it," the inspector said looking at the young man holding the tray."Would you sit down please," the inspector added, "I think I'll start with you."

"O.k.," said the other man putting down the tray on a round table in the middle of the room."You people help yourselves, then" he said looking around at the three women and five men who were sitting on the sofas and the armchairs. "Go on, please," he added sitting on a stool.

"Tell me exactly what you saw," said the inspector clearing out his throat. "I know that you said you did not see much. That's why I started with you."

"Yes, that's right sir, I did not really see a great deal." He paused for a few seconds and then said, "You see, my head was not quite clear last night.  I had had a few glasses more than my capacity…"

"O.k.," said the inspector, "let's forget about the sidelines, Jim. Just tell us what you did see!"

"Well sir," said Jim, "as I was passing by the lawn of that vacant house, I heard someone talking behind the fence and the greenery surrounding it. It was a woman's voice saying things in between long gasps. It sounded like she was making love or something. I stopped for a few seconds out of curiosity but then I decided to leave her alone and walk away; and that's what I did."

"So you did not see or hear anything indicating that an act of rape was taking place?"

-No, sir! 

- O.k. muttered the inspector," Nothing else to add?"

-No, sir.

"O.k.," said the inspector more loudly, "Now I'd like to talk to those who did see something. You, Frank and Julie! You two saw something I believe?"

"Yes sir, we sure did," said the man called Frank. "Julie and I were returning from a birthday party. Since the weather was nice and the air so fresh, we decided to walk back. So we strolled up the hill. As we approached the vacant house, we heard some people talking and panting behind the fence. When we came closer, someone jumped over the railing on the opposite side and ran away. Then a girl screamed. So we rushed in…"

"Her clothes were scattered all over the lawn, sir," added Julie, "She was lying face down, half naked, crying; and her forehead was bleeding!"

"Did you see anyone else?" asked the inspector.

"No sir," said Julie, "If there had been other people, they must have escaped before we got there. All we saw was Ann with most of her clothes off, lying down on the grass, weeping."

"Yes, that's all we saw, sir," said Frank, "We helped Ann get up, we put her clothes together and brought her home. She was so badly shocked that she could not talk for some time."

"What about you, Mrs. Wilson," asked the inspector, looking at an elder woman "What do you know about the event?"

"Nothing much, officer," the elder woman answered, "All I heard was some noise, like someone running away from something.  I was so busy walking my dog Fluffy around for his regular night that I didn't notice anything. I just saw Julie and Frank carrying poor Ann home. Fluffy barked too much so I couldn't follow them." She stopped and then began suddenly, "Oh yes, I forgot! I did hear someone running away. It was evident. He was running away from something. I think he jumped over the fence, and then… ran like hell!"

"So you are sure that it was a man, and not a woman?" asked the inspector.

"Yes, officer," said the woman, "you know, he was running like mad. How could a woman run like that? Yes, it was definitely a man!"

"What about you two," turned the inspector to the two young men sitting side by side on a sofa? "What did you see Mark?"

"Well," said the young man who had been called Mark," we were just walking down the store to get some booze. It was late and we were walking fast to get there before the shop closed. Then we heard some people breathing hard; like they were fucking or something! Fred bent his giraffe-like neck over the fence and the tall bushes…"

"It was just a couple, sir, having hot sex," said the man called Fred. "There was no fighting or anything like that! They were having a good time. I just saw the girl's ass! So we left them alone and walked away!"

"May I ask you a few questions now, Anna?" said the inspector looking at the girl covering her face with her hands. "Do you feel you can answer some questions at this time? It's important to know exactly what happened!"

"Yes, sir," said the girl sobbing gently. "It's…hard…but…o.k."

"I'm really sorry to have to oblige you to think back about something you have such horrible feelings about. But when the guy is caught, you'll have to testify against him in the court. So you might as well get ready for it."

"Yes,sir! O.k. sir," said Anna.

  "Please tell us in detail what happened, and what you saw of the man offending you, without leaving out any small detail …"

"O.k., sir," said Anna trying to control her sobbing. "I was walking back from the party… I had had a few glasses of Champaign and my head was hot …so I decided to cool it off … by walking home." She stopped.

-O.k. Anna, what happened then?

- Well, as I approached that…deserted house…I heard some noise…it was like some people giggling and panting. You know what I guessed. So I decided to walk past the place quickly…but…"

- All right!  You are doing quite well. Tell us exactly what you saw.

- O.k. Before I passed their tall bushes I heard a noise….someone was talking right behind me. He was calling someone names. I took a quick look back. It was a tall guy approaching the lawn swearing. He shouted something like 'What the hell are you bastards doing here again,' or something like that."

- All right. You are doing great. Go on please!

- Yes, then I heard some people running around or something. I was near the gate by then. I saw some things moving and some noise… I got curious…as I told you, my head was heavy. I don't know what I thought…..

- All right, very nice! Go on!

- I stopped for a second to look. Some people were climbing over the back fence or something. I guess they were scared and were trying to get away. Then…

- Aha, then….What happened?

- Then I felt someone grabbing me from behind. A sharp knife or something was put on my neck.  I first thought he wanted my purse! So I let it go. But then…

"You'd better stop that nonsense right now!" shouted Al. "I don't want to hear a word of it!"  He was standing up. His face was red with rage.

"Please, Al," said Jim rising from his seat moving towards him. "I know it's hard for you to hear this. So please let's get out of here and let the hearing continue."

He put his arm around Al and led him gently towards the door. The room was dead silent  until they left. Then everybody turned to Anna.

"He pushed me into the lawn area He was grabbing my right arm so hard that I thought my arm bone  would soon break. Then…"

She stopped for a few seconds. There was no sound whatever in the room. Everyone was watching her with widened eyes. It looked like they were watching a sexy film.

Ann took a long breath and then continued, "He pushed me into the lawn behind the bushes. He then forced me down to the grass and sat on my legs…"  She stopped for a second and then began to sob while producing words. "He took off my skirt, my panty, my bra and…threw them away. Then he lay on me…"

The room grew dead quiet again and stayed like that for a  while. Finally the inspector interfered, "Please tell us all the details…it may be …helpful …for the record. Then you don't have to say it… in the court."

"He grabbed … my breasts hard… very hard….it was painful. He sucked my neck and…" 

She stopped.

"And then!?" said the inspector with excitement. "Tell us!"

  "Come on Paul," said an older man. "I told you that I've examined her thoroughly!  She was…definitely raped! Every mark on her body shows that she was raped from both sides. Why do you want to make her suffer describing it !?"

"Doctor Harding is right, officer," said Mrs. Wilson, "There's no point in continuing with the story. If there is anything else you want to know, o.k., otherwise, we'd better skip this part of the story."

"Yes, she is right," said Fred and Mack together.

"If the bastard has hurt her badly," said Frank, "the court ought to know. It has an effect on the extent of punishment."

"I testify that he hurt her very badly," said Dr. Harding. "I have fully examined her. I could see black marks and scratches all over her breasts and lower parts of her body. There's no need for further questioning!"

"The question is now," said Julie, "how we can find the offender!"

"That's up to our inspector, here." said Frank. "He should do something about it."

"He's not an inspector, though," said Dr. Harding. "Our friend here is a court guardsman. His area of expertise is taking prisoners from jail to court and then back to prison. He may know a few things about court proceedings, but he is definitely not a police inspector. If we want to find the guy ourselves, we have to hire a private detective or something."

"I think we should call in Al and Jim, and ask them," said Ms. Wilson, "after all, Albert and Anna are going to be married in a few  days, and for all we know, Jim is going to be Al's best man."

"But we haven't completed our hearing here," said Paul ('theinspector'), "Al and Jim can't help us either because Al was at home at the time of the crime and Jim only saw the first couple who were making love on the lawn. They know nothing about the crime!"

"It's true," said Frank, "but Fred, Mark and Ms. Wilson haven't seen anything either. They all saw the love-making couple and not Anna and the rapist."

"That's right," said 'the inspector', "so we should continue our investigation with Anna, Julie and you who are the only true witnesses."

Everyone seemed to be consenting.

"O.k., then," said 'the inspector', "Please tell us, how long was that guy on top of you and…what he did."

"Objections, inspector," said Fred, "She was in such a terrible state of mind! How can she tell you about the length of time and…!?"

"Yes, he is right," said Ms. Wilson, "On occasions such as this, no one can keep time, not even when you are making love, not to speak of being raped!" She smiled and looked at Julie, "Isn't that right?"

Julie nodded a few times."I don't think we should go into that …and make such a big deal out of it!" she said.

"I think you people should behave yourselves too," said Mrs. Wilson staring at Fred and Mark who seemed to be giggling.

The room was quiet for a while and then 'the inspector' said, "for all you can remember, Anna, how big was the man, and what was the color of his skin? Of-course we appreciate it if you remember and tell us anything else that may help us find him."

"He was big…," said Anna, "it was thick… and... black… he had a…Spanish accent too."

"A Nigger Chikano, huh!?" said Mark with despise. "I should've known!"

"You racist son-of–a bitch!" said Fred. "How could she know all this? She was being raped from behind!"

"Yes," said Mrs. Wilson, "remember that the whole place was pitch black. So she couldn't have seen the color of his skin. They didn't have much time to carry out a conversation for her to recognize the accent either! The size, of-course,… is another matter!"

"Yes, she is right," said the 'inspector', "How could you tell about his accent? Did he ask you any questions about your…things!?"

Before she had a chance to say anything, the door opened and Al and Jim gently walked in.

"Aren't you through yet!?" asked Al. "Are you interrogating her or  something!!"

"We are almost through," said Mrs. Wilson. "All we have to do is to ask Julie and Franck a couple of questions and… 'finitto' !"

"The rapist was a black Spanish son-of-a-bitch!" announced Mark loudly.

"Common Mark!" said Fred in protest. "Let them do their work!"

"I think Anna is right. The guy was black," said Julie, "I saw him when he was jumping over the fence. A ray of light shone on his face from next door."

"Yeah, I guess so," said Frank."I think Julie is right. The rapist was black."

"O.k., then," said Paul, "now that we have solved the mystery, all we have to do is either to inform the police, or to hire a private detective and catch the guy."

"Look," said Mrs. Wilson staring at Al, "I know you are very angry at that guy, but remember that you are going to get married in a couple of days …. and Anna is going to be your legally wedded wife! Do you really think it is a good idea for of the guests at your wedding to know that someone molested your bride sexually right before your wedding!?"

Al stared at her for a few seconds and suddenly shouted, "God damned bastard shit!" and kicked an empty chair hard.

The room grew quiet for a while and then Julie broke the silence, " I don't really think it's such a good idea…as you all probably know…I was raped myself…twice…when I was younger," looking straight at Mark.

"Yes we know about that," said Fred. "The good thing is that most girls don't make too much fuss about this sort of a thing."

"I agree," said Mrs. Wilson, "I must admit that it happened to me too, once or twice by people that some of you might know. It gave me a very bad feeling at the time but…I eventually got over it!"

 Everyone was looking at her smiling. Al was walking back and forth in the room nodding.

"It seems to me," said Paul ('the inspector') eventually, "that the problem is resolved by understanding. Whoever that black young guy was, he was lucky enough to do his raping at a time when no one is prepared to prosecute him for it. I just hope that this will not encourage him to keep repeating his crime many many times in the future!"

He then smiled, nodded as if he had been a supreme court judge announcing the culmination of a very important legal case, before opening  the  door and leaving.

Then everyone got up, except for Anna who was sitting in her place in deep grief.

"I'm very sorry," said Julie when she wanted to say good-bye," but as I said, you should not take this too seriously. It happened to me  too…by some of the guys who were present in this very room. But… time always resolves things."

"Take it easy girl!" said Mark as he was leaving with Fred. "A month from now you won't even remember what happened yesterday.  In a couple of days, you're going to have a rich husband who cherishes you with all his heart! What else do you want in this world!?"

Anna smiled sadly and nodded looking at her husband-to-be who was standing outside the house saying goodbye to everyone.

"Good bye sweetheart," said Mrs. Wilson, looking straight into Anna's eyes. She took a look around and whispered, "If I were you, I would think nothing of what happened! Men are all rotten to the bone, and that includes your future husband!" She looked around once more and quickly added, "You see me sitting in my apartment everyday apparently doing nothing but to take care of my dog Fluffy! But that's not the truth of the matter girl! I am having sexual affairs regularly with all the guys in this apartment building, including your husband! So don't make much of this very little thing!" She turned around quickly and walked away.

"Good-bye darling," said Dr. Harding smiling at her affectionately," I am going to go but …I hope I'll see you again soon." He took a rapid look around and quickly added, "I couldn't find a single mark any place on your beautiful body! What in the world did you do, you little devil!" He turned around and quickly walked away.

Finally came Jim his eyes filled with feeling of remorse.  He was trying hard to put a smile on his lips. "I'm deeply sorry about what happened," he said, "I guess it was because of the liquor I had consumed. I was half drunk when you saw me, and I had no control over myself -- otherwise that could never have happened!"

He stopped and began again after a short pause, "I hope your fiancé will never find out about this. I really can't understand how I could possibly allow myself to do such a terrible thing to him… to my best friend!? I should really thank God for sending Julie and Frank there  to make  the shameful process a bit shorter!"

He was silent for a few seconds and then added. "I've been aware of the hot crush you have had on me for quite some time. That's why I tried to avoid you on so many occasions - like last night. But I'd always believed myself to be so very very  strong, and  I could hardly  even imagine that you  would some night  catch me by surprise, lead me into a secluded place,force me down to the ground...and I would so easily give in and let myself be raped by you!





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