Colorless -Real Dream-

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A dream is the opposite of the reality. But what if one day, you can't recognize what is the reality and what is the dream. This boy gets trapped inside the dream and keeps trying to wake up. Can you find which one is the real reality? Write comments.

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013




"-Chapter 27 explains the difficulty that the Americans had during the Great Di-," the voice of a male professor echoed through the classroom and eventually got to my ears, as my head was dug into my arms. "The Great Depression is a period of time when-," I can not believe I am listening to this stupid teacher talking about The Great Migration or Awakening or whatever. I mean it's ages ago. What year are we in now? 2013, man. Why the hell are we learning about something in the past? It's not like things repeat. My eyes were closing slowly but surely. And before I even noticed, I was sleeping.

"Yo. What the fuck are you doing! Focus, you son of a bitch," I was screaming at a boy crying while holding our dead black cat. Blood was dripping from the cat. Right. I am in a mission. I looked at my sword on my right hand and thought. A mission or more like a survival. Only two can survive. Only two. Me and this boy. As I tried to let go the cat from the boy, a sudden SWISH sound came. I looked at my chest. I can feel it burning. As I looked down, I saw a sword penetrating my body. The last thing I heard was the boy's scream..

"-and the Great Migration led to lots of-," the voice of a female professor snuck into my ears. Starting to gain my consciousness, I slowly glanced at the teacher. She was writing things down the board and reading at the same time. Why the hell are we learning about The Great Migration now? I thought we were learning about The Great Depression. I tried to recall from my past, but I gave up. I honestly didn't care if we were learning about The Great Depression or The Great Migration. They are all history anyways. I thought, as I closed my eyes again. 

SMACK. SWISH. SMACK. I was trying to hit the guy, but the guy was fast. He dodged all my attacks. I charged at him with my long sword holding with both hand. The guy ducked down, as he held his shield with his left hand, trying to protect from any damages. CLASH. My long sword hit his shield. I couldn't move for a second. The guy took out his dagger and threw it right at my heart. I couldn't move. The dagger penetrated my heart. As I bled to death, I heard a roaring sound and the guy standing up, as he held his shield in the air.

“APPLEFISH! Look, brother. I saw the applefish!” the sound of a little boy came rushing in my ears, as the vision of a blue clear sky was pictured on my mind. But when I actually opened my eyes, it was a red sky. A starless moonless bloody sky. I felt like in this world, only me and this little boy were living. It was probably true though. “Applefish,” I replied to my brother, “doesn’t exist. I already told you. I was lying about it.” “But brother! I swear I saw one! It was swimming across the ocean.” I sighed and whispered into his ears, “then go get it.” The little boy nodded. Before I noticed, my vision was fading away. The last thing I saw was the little boy diving into the ocean.


Darkness came rushing in, as it was making a creepy noise. Where am I, I thought, as I opened the squeaky door. There stood the little boy swimming with a fish. An applefish to be more specific. I started swimming with them. Without any reason. Just starting swimming. Swimming. And swimming…


“COME BACK!” I screamed at the ocean. “FORGET ABOUT THE APPLEFISH!” I looked up the sky as my voice was getting cracked. The sky was clear blue. The round moon kind of looked like the little boy’s face.


“WAKE UP! IT’S SEVEN ALREADY!” The voice of my mom echoed across the hallway. I was so tired. I tried to recall what I dreamt about, but I couldn’t. I felt my throat kind of itchy, but ignored it, as I opened the drawer to get my clothes. There weren’t any clothes. There was the applefish. A bloody red fish as big as your fist with a big eyes looking right at you. Next to the applefish was a gun. I took the gun and shot at the wall. BAM. I put the gun’s mouth against my brain. This has to be a dream, I thought. I remembered everything. The applefish, the little brother that I had. I have to wake up and save my brother! The last thing I remembered was myself laying on the ground, looking at the bed standing on its feet.




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