Red -The Applefish-

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Creativeness. Originality. If you want those two, come and read this.

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012





The old drunk man always told the same story to every men and women, boys and girls, dogs and cats, the same old story. 

"Ya know, there's a strang fish down 'ere. Nobody has seen befor. Only I have. I name it Applefish. Ya wanna know why, kid? 'cause that fish eats apple! Only apple, kid! Hey, ya wanna check it out? Dive in, kid!" 


One day, a girl around 7 or 8 came to the beach. The old drunk man told her to stop and told the story. After the old drunk man told the story, he turned around to get some more bear. But, the girl suddenly shouted, "I saw the Applefish!" The old drunk man flunk back, but obviously nothing was there. He didn't really believe her, because he made the story up long time ago. But he made the story so long time ago and he told the story billion times, he started to believe in Applefish. But, he was a man after all. He just ignored the girl and went back to get some more bear. 

10 years went by, the old drunk man was still there talking to the people. And then, the girl came. The first person who actually listened the whole story and talked back to him. But, the old drunk man forgot about it. He told the same story and the girl replied, "I saw the Applefish!" And this time, the old drunk man looked at the ocean and something on the ocean. Maybe it wasn't Applefish. Maybe it was just some garbage. But the old drunk man believed in Applefish now. He sprinted back home. On the way back home, he remembered about the girl from 10 years ago. The girl didn't age. The old drunk man opened the door aggressively and grabbed a gun that he had in his desk. He then shot himself, checking if this world was real or not. 

Well, I don't know if the world was real or not, but one thing I'm sure of. The old drunk man never came back. 


Deep down the ocean, the Applefish and the girl was swimming together. Searching for the next target together. 

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