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Have you ever thought that your dream was actually real and your "reality" was the dream? What if the "reality" is just the world you created in your dream? So, if you shoot yourself, you'll wake up right? I hope after reading this, you will get the TRUE meaning of this story.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012





Butterfly's dream



The Boy started talking to his friend about what he dreamt last night, "-and when I noticed, I was flying. And I knew I was a butterfly. I don't know how I knew about it, but I just kind of felt it." The boy was so excited that spits came out from his mouth every second. "And then something weird happened. I saw my friend. I don't really know how I knew that the butterfly was my friend, but like before, I kind of felt it. And as soon as I tried talking to him (it), the dream faded away." 


There was a moment of silence.


The friend asked, "but how do you know that you are not a butterfly dreaming now about you talking to a human? How do you know that your dream was a dream, but not the actual reality?"


The boy could have ignored the friend or even laughed off and took the friend's comment as a joke, but what the boy did was sprinting home. 


As he opened the door of his home, he saw his bed. He was living by himself, so he just placed the bed right in front of the door, since it was convenient. But he never placed a gun on his bed. But it was there. The boy took the gun, checked the bullet, and pulled the trigger. 


As he pulled the trigger, his vision started to go blurry, or maybe the world started to melt. And what he saw last was his friend waving at him smiling. 

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