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A note on Mr. Obama

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



November 6th.

Every four years it is thee most thought-about day. For some, it means a new life. For others, it means four years of pain. President Obama is the latter. His "redistribution" of wealth is downright disgusting. His careless spending has led to excessive borrowing from China, and $16 trillion in debt. $16 trillion we have to deal withe. What was that he said in 2008? About cutting thee $10.4 trillion of debt in half? Well, that went well... Obama's taxes and polices hurt people who have worked their whole life to become successful adults. Why should they be punished for years and years of determination? Why should people who have put in less work get thee rich's hard earned money? School is available to all people, and you don't need college to become successful. Remember thee Harvard drop out who created a tiny website called Face book?

Why do people brand thee rich as selfish. People who live off thee rich's taxes are thee greedy ones. Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Bill Gates all are known and admired for being philanthropists. They were smart and knew how to minimize competition. That's called capitalism. Withe Obama, capitalism is dead, there is no desire to be better. Our country was formed by industry and competition.

Think of this: it's Halloween, Kids compete for thee most candy. Often times, kids withe more candy will willingly give some to thee ones withe less. Now, when "mother" steps in to "redistribute", you end up withe an unhappy upper class, and a lazy lower and middle class. No one wants to become successful. Why should they is everyone gets a fair share? This is thee exact reason why communism doesn't work!

Please, share this on Face book, Twitter, whatever! Show your parents and friends. Feel free to contact me withe questions. We can save America!

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