Lifestyle of the Rich

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A man robs another to get rich

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Edgar Haselback walked through the snowy streets of Chicago. He was returning home from his job as a factory worker. He had been abused by his foreman and boss, Richard Hewlet. Edgar was a little person with a big idea, he just had no money to accomplish it.


Angry, Edgar wished he could be rich. He dreamed of sport cars, girls, mansions, even hot tubs. But all he had was a small, dirty apartment. Edgar wished he could add some meaning to his meek life.


On his way home, Edgar hatched a plan. He would enter the richer Guilded Community on his way home, and “earn” some money. He planed to commit murder.


He arrived at the gates, polished gold. He walked through the streets. Holding a bit of iron he had found earlier. He noticed a man walking into an antique shop.


When I entered the shop, I immediately began looking for him. He was walking around the aisles, looking at the objects.


I crept to the end of one a dusty pile of lamps, and waited. When the man walked by me, I covered hs mouth with my left, and slashed his throat and eyes with my iron bit.


The man fell in a clump. I took his wallet. 3 credit cards, $400 cash, and his address and car keys.


I left the store and began waling to his house. It was on the far side of the city, and the snow was falling pretty heavily.


His house was huge, with a Mercedes parked out front. I walked to the backdoor, and unlocked the door.


I instantly heard a woman speaking upstairs, sound like she’s on the phone. I walked up the oak steps into the hallway. I stopped outside her room. When the time came, I threw open the door.


The woman dropped the phone and screamed. She pleaded for me not to rape her. I wasn’t interested in that. I told her to give me her money, every single penny she owned. She complied, and wrote me a check to $20 million, as well as al her cash, $358.47.


The next few days I spent spending, forgetting instantly about my big idea. I bought a nice DeLorean to keep my stolen Mercedes company, and a $3 million house. I was living large.


However, within a few days, the police where on to me. No one goes from being a down n his luck factory worker, to living like a king. The cops issued a raid on my mansion, and I knew, due to my 2 way radio.


The night of the raid, I had made a barricade in the atrium in my house, up on a small landing. When the S.W.A.T team busted through my door, I opened fire with an MG42.


Taken by surprise, the SWAT scrambled to find cover, most where chipped to pulp from the bullets, but a few where hiding outside the door. I whipped out a grenade launcher, fired, and hit right between them.


Although I thought they where all dead, one was only critically injured. He grabbed a hand gun from a fallen comrade, and fired a few shots back at me. One clipped my leg, and broke the bone.


The next day, the police arrived to haul me away. I guess that’s what the life is like of the rich

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