Then It Happened

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Miranda was Just 17 years old when she found her best Friend Sheldon Murdered. She goes Completely Crazy and depressed and her life is turning upside down. What will she do? Wait and read the story

Submitted: June 27, 2013

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Submitted: June 27, 2013



It was the First Day of Junior year For Miranda & it was a brand new Start. Now not anything could be fine when her best friend Seldena gets Murder the day before she goes home From A Party. Nothing will stop Miranda from trying to talk to the Dead. Nobody knows the real her. The one she use to smile , laugh & have a great time. Now all she could do is cry. Her grades are falling & it's just the first week. The murder case has Miranda Teared to the ground & knowing her parents care about her makes her want to disappear just for a while , just so she stands there & just cry.

Chapter 1: The Day Before School Started.

Miranda & Seldan was walking through the park. He couldn't be any more perfect of a best friend then anyone could wish for. He had dirty blonde hair & blue Eyes. Every girl was all over him & him & Miranda were the bestest friends. They told each other everything, and when things got rough... Well they always had each others back. The park was pretty Quiet and Miranda heard noises. Sheldon then said \" Are you okay? Then Miranda Replied ; I think Someone is here behind those bushes. Miranda had a feeling that something terrifying was about to hand. She grabbed Sheldon's Hand & they ran as fast as possible. Possibly nothing could stop them. They were Best friends after all. They had the greatest times & now Miranda was scared out of her god dam mind. Running with Sheldon was Definitely a struggle because Sheldon was kinda slow. But she grabbed him and they ran as fast as possible. Then came gunshots out of nowhere & Sheldon was gone. Without stopping She cried for days. Then she stopped & looked at him.

\"NOOOOOO\" \" NoooooooOoo\" she laid next to him & put her head on his chest. Why? Why? Why? God please help me.!!! She Just Sat there looking at him. Looking at all the blood on his back & his head. There Just gone. It was the day after her best friend Sheldon had died and all Miranda wanted to do was die and try to commit suicide. Her both started shaking and she was trying to save herself. She kept thinking how she would react and act tomorrow in front of everyones . Everyone knew Sheldon, he was the perfect best friend , the perfect friend , anyone could wish for. If someone ever broke his best friend's heart, he would've talked to them about it. About the fact that they were suppose to make that other person happy. But he's gone now , and everything is ruined to pieces. Her life is completely falling apart. Her chemistry Teacher Mr. Vassaled called her parents because she was failing miserably. That day , she came home an her mother stared at her with anger. \"Miranda? What were you thinking? Do you do all your assignments that your chemistry teacher gives you? \" Do you even care about graduating and heading off to college? \" What's going on?

Miranda then replied\" Haven't you heard?

Her mother \" Heard what sweetie?

Miranda \" My best friend was murdered yesterday.

Her Mother : Oh my God , sweetie , I am So sorry. Did you Call the police?

Miranda: I thought you did?

Her Mother: I didn't know. , Well call the police now....

Her mother ran and called the police as quickly as possible.

The Special Victims came. It was unbelievable. What Happened Miss?

Later that Day , the school found out about Sheldon's death and the effect it had on Miranda.

Miranda was still Struggling in school , but still the school completely understood what Miranda was going through. Miranda started cutting herself in the bathroom and at home. The school hadn't known until two days before school was over ; then came summer break.Cameras were everywhere , suddenly Miranda wouldn't take it anymore, jumping on top of the cameraman and saying\" If you don't stop , I promise I will make your days the most miserable days , you'll enter.

Going through a panic , Miranda just couldn't go to school anymore

Miranda stood there in disappointment knowing the police would Just come and question her. Her eyes were watery and her hands were shaking as she stood by the lockers taking her chemistry textbook. She knew she had to catch up in her school. Then She realized she forgot something. That moment she saw Sheldon. Wasn't he Dead? Was she able to see Ghosts. She started panicking and acting weirdly. The strange part was she actually saw him standing there , dead , blood , depressed and disappointed that she didn't save him that day that guy had murdered him. \"WHAT? You couldn't save your best friend you ignorant bitch. You couldn't save your own god dam best friend. Was it to Hard? To actually Jump him. She imagined him saying that in front of her angrily. She started breaking down. Nobody was there. She had to get to Chemistry & stop crying deep & deeper she started realizing she was missing her own best friend badly. What was her fault? Was she in a state of depression. She needed to get over & just accept the fact that God has him. That moment she realized she had been missing 10 Minutes of Chemistry. She was physically unstable. She Started Running faster and faster. She couldn't even catch her own breath knowing she was going to receive a demerit. What?\" What\" what?\" What's happening to me? To the fact that I'm so insecure. I was perfectly fine knowing I'm happy when Sheldon was here right besides me. We were gunna graduate this year with a diploma and finally be happy. But no... That son of a bitch just had to shoot him & murder him. What the hell was he thinking? Was he drunk? Had he been smoking Some Shit. I should definitely find that son of a bitch & make his life a living hell. That's exactly what I'm going to do & knowing that he ruined my best friend's life , I'll ruin his. Payback is coming for you. Watch. Your going to be destroyed. I'll take Boxing lessons , do crunches , whatever it takes. Just to teach that bitch a lesson he deserves. As she walked into chemistry , she apologized for her lateness. Everyone was starring at her knowing where she was. What was she knowing.

\"Miranda\" where were you? Mrs Vaswaldo I was at my lockers being depressed. I believe you should be organizing a funeral & not teacher this stupid class and stupid subject that everyone doesn't really understand & me by the way? I'm completely clueless. I'm dying of sadness and nobody seems to care, I should of been the one to get murdered instead of Sheldon.

The Bell Started Ringing. Class Dismissed. Miranda sat there , putting her head on her desk. Then a girl named Samantha walked by. \"Are you okay?\" NO IM NOT OKAY. \" HOW ABOUT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE.\" Samantha knew she had suffered server depressed from the Murder. That party the day before you went too? Were you there?\" Samantha asked Miranda. Then Miranda Began her story.

Miranda's Story.

--------------------------------------------- So, right me and Sheldon was the greatest best friends in the world. We did everything together. Walked to WAWA. Walked to the Supermarket and always laughed about the most stupidest things in the world. Everything went so perfect. The greatest things always went in the right direction. The right Path & the best part was he always made me feel special , no other girl had to complete.

Just then she Stopped and saw police walking. Through the hallways. Samantha grabbed her hand & told her everything would be fine. Girl , you wanna come over my house. My moms at work & my dad's in a meeting. We should eat popcorn & maybe watch a movie.

Just then the police entered the room. Are you the girls who called us? The policemen asked the girls.

The girls were unaware of what was going on. No no we're not. But my friend Miranda has a BestFriend & he was murdered.

The police was surprised. Can you describe the guy that shot your best friend? Well Miranda began answering the police officer, he was black , around 40 & he was hiding in the bush that day , so I couldn't really see what exactly he looked like.

The police accepted Miranda's apology and walked out. The girls had left the building.

It was Tuesday Morning when Miranda woke her from the best dream ever. That life she had was extraordinary , but now it has all changed. That morning she woke up and someone was there. She could hear their presence and their footsteps. She was going crazy , knowing she was going to go completely insane and call her parents. But she was alone. Alone in the room, alone in her own room. Nobody was distracting her. Nobody was caring enough to ask her what's going on. To ask her what was happening. No no nobody cared. She could just feel ghostly footsteps next to her desk. She sat down & took her homework out. School started around 9:56 Am & it was exactly 7:56. She has exactly 1 and a half hour. She wasn't really excited , nor happy. She was depressed. Badly depressed. But she had to move on. She took her chemistry homework & started starring at it. Then she started talking to herself. She was crying , crying & nobody , but crying. She was cutting herself. Then heard a sound coming from the kitchen. She started opening her bedroom door and walking toward the stairs , then towards the kitchen was two doors to the left. Then you turn & have a wonderful , beautiful kitchen. Then she just sat there. \" Hello, she quickly replied & sat quietly just starring at her own reflection in the mirror. It was 8:05 already , then she just ran into her room & finished her own homework. Nothing could stop her , but turning herself happy. But no that didn't happen, her room was completely dirty. All underwear were on the floor. She really could care less weather boys came or not. Nobody never came.

That didn't matter. All that matter was that she had to catch up on her school work. She heard the noises and the talking in her head. She finally began to get ready. She had clothes all over her bed. It was such a hassle. Nothing & nobody could really tell her what to do.

She got ready & finally took a picture and posted it on Instagram. Oh how I love Instagram. It's like my love, my heart, my soul <3.. Then she left her house and started texting her best friend Samantha. They had spent so much time together. Their conversation went;

Samantha : What's up girl? Miranda: I'm getting this weird feeling Sheldon was in my house today , this morning. I'm going completely insane. I think I should definitely see psychologist. Then Samantha tells her she needs help.

As she was walking to school , she noticed a black car following her. She was trying to calm herself down, but she just couldn't She couldn't & just started panicking and started running fast and faster and couldn't stop breathing.

It started to Rain. Oh Just Great. Just great. What could possibly be worse.

Then finally she found a scooter. OMG , thank The Lord. She had finally reached rescue. Then she went as fast as possible to loose the car.

Then she saw Sheldon. NO NO NO NO. No it's just his spirit. All these spirits.

That Day , my mom got up and started walking toward my bedroom. She hadn't known About my craziness and how Insane of a girl I really was. Nonetheless she looked at my Wrists. \"Miranda, sweetie , what is this?\" Have you been cutting yourself? What was going on? Are you okay? But Miranda just stood there looking at her mother and walked away. It was April. And Miranda was going to school. Her spring break started next week. And all she could say was nothing. She couldn't tell her mother that she's still depressed. She was excited for school. To see her best friend , but the most frightening part was , she might see the spirit of Sheldon ( her former best friend) she couldn't just stop. She was complicated. She was exhausted and she knew she was struggling badly. Spring break was next week & she couldn't wait to finally get herself together and try and help herself. She was tired of seeing all the people everywhere and honestly she could care less. She could care less about people who really couldn't care about her. She was a loner. She didn't really have friends. Samantha wasn't really her friend. She was just a girl who tried to help her.

She walked down the hallways slowly & looked down. Not noticing anyone she told herself she was going to be pretty quite today. But caring about others, she walked to her locker and opened her locker with the combination that the main office gave her back in September. She took her purse and slammed her locker. Her purse had everything including textbooks and lip-glosses. She really needed a prom date for May , but everyone was unavailable. She started walking to the left and then couple of guys looked at her. One of them came up to her and said -Hey Miranda, what's up? Miranda then replied \" Ph nothing , really just walking to chemistry because I have it First Period. You know how difficult that stupid class is? I'm failing. Then he introduced himself. Hey , I'm Shamus. And I've had that feeling before. And do you mind if I walk with you to Chemistry? I have chemistry with you.

The rest of the day went pretty well. I guess her depression was going away slowly day by day. Demeti was really changing her days. Finally they entered Chemistry & sat down. She was tired. But decided she wasn't going to put her head down because she might of get a stupid demerit for the most stupidest reason ever. She slowly calmed herself down & saw the teacher walk in. She got her notebook and pencil. Ok, I'm definitely ready to take picture. Lets just get this class over with , then I can finally go to History. Their teacher then spoke. \"Hello Class, please open your textbooks to Page 23. We will be examining Cells and elements. For example , Na= Sodium which is in Pretzels and such. They're in our foods and also in our bodies. But we will be reviewing different elements today because you my students will be having a test on Friday.

Miranda was shocked and looked at Demetri. He was smiling at her. It was so cute. Then something happened: she kept seeing spirits and ghosts. \"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO\" Miranda started screaming. She was having a Paz attack and started falling to the ground. Samantha ran to her and told the teacher to call the nurse ASAP. It was such a coincidence. She was hoping she could help Miranda & then came Demetri and his boys. The nurse gave Miranda a shot while everyone just stood there far far away. She was surprised and knew she was scared again. She needed to see a doctor.

When class ended , Miranda hoped she didn't scare Demetri. And walked out. There was too many things on her mind and all she could do was cry and cry and cry.

She went to the bathroom and started to cry. She was sad. Her tears were coming down slow and slowly.

She looked at the mirror and saw veins showing below her eyes. What if Demetri and Samantha asked what happened? She got a napkin and wet it with cold water. Then she held it to her face and put it on her eyes. Yes yes yes it's finally working. It's gone. Miranda had been secretly scaring herself, but then she realized she had someone who actually cared about her. Nothing could stop her , but hatred. She Just stood there for a few minutes and found shirts next to the sink.

She left the bathroom fake smiling and saw Demetri standing there waiting for her. \"Hey beautiful \" he said.

That day , Miranda walked to chemistry , at the end of the day and excused herself , she was awefully depressed and couldn't stop crying. Mr Vassalad Gave her a napkin and started thinking. It was about 3:00 in the evening when she came to him. It started raining and everyone had left the building , but them two. Then Mrs Vasselski called and decided to join them. Miranda's mother was sick and worried and called her daughter's phone. That night she went to Miranda's room and found an important diary, just hoping to reveal her daughter's secrets. But she already knew that Sheldon was getting murdered and she closed it. Her daughter came home just then and kissed her sweet, beautiful mother on the cheeks , their soft lips. Then she went into the kitchen to get a salad and chocolate. It was amazingly delicious. It was the most enjoyable meal ever.

Honey? Are you alright? Miranda; yes mother? Why do you ask? Her mother ; \" I thought you were depressed still\" Miranda\" Mom , relax , I'll be okay eventually sooner or later. Neatly she folded her clothes and put the on the couch. Mom, I have to meet someone today , can I go? Or you have chores for me to accomplish. I mean it's your decision.

Miranda was finally surprised to meet this new boy who she couldn't stop thinking about. His name was Alex. He was the definition of perfection. He was the most popular guy at school who really didn't recognize her until she showed him her beautiful face. He was the sweetest boy on earth. His parents were very polite and she was hoping for a happily ever after. No he was stunning when she saw him standing tree with his boys , but then his boys left and he was standing alone not looking at any other girl , just focusing himself on her.

Their conversation went

Alex ;\" hello Miranda , it's currently a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm Alex\". Miranda \" Hey , I'm Miranda! I've heard so much about you and I'm so happy I get to finally meet you Alex\" Same , I heard your the most sweetest girl in the world. Do you mind getting coca cola with me? Miranda\" Yes Deffinitely. Then she saw another ghost. Alex didn't know about her ex best friend Sheldon and his murder case and he shouldn't.

Alex: Miranda , what's the matter? Miranda: oh it's nothing , lets go back to getting our drinks , I'm getting a little scared and self paranoid. But that wasn't her only problem. She had her best friend killed and murdered and all she could do was break down. She started running , quick and quicker when she left Alex all by himself. She saw a house at the end of the street. She saw a women with her two daughters standing there glancing at her , not knowing what to do or how to react. Instead they just stood there with no complete emotion and Miranda had no self respect for them what's so ever.

It was starting to rain , when all of the sudden Miranda saw a ma'am in the Bushes. She had a black veil on and all black. She hadn't recognized her , but she knew that the women had a connection to her best friend's Murder solution case. So she got up and followed her. That was the worst decision she has ever made.

The women found Miranda and dragged her across the wet ground , then stopped for a second and asked \" What do you want from me? Miranda \" I need your help miss \" Do you have some sort of connection to my best friend's murder? \"

Come with me?\" Replied The Women. You have to promise me , to never mention the murderer to anyone , but myself. Is that understood?

Miranda knew what her consequences would be and kept her mouth shut. I understand miss and now please explain to me\" Asked Miranda.

The women just stood there like she was preparing for her saying. Then stood next to Miranda in a dark woody place and glanced at her. You might as well sit your ass down.

Miranda sat and listened.

The day started that morning as the women started talking about the murderer and his plan all along. He had this idea that he could suck Sheldon's Blood and then shoot him. The day was going by so slow and all she could do was struggle to build her Self. The women kept telling her all the stories and watching as she listened to them very carefully. She started asking questions and then thanked the women for her help. Then she left. She walked back to her house and called Alex. It was time to finally explain herself for her leaving her. She was in such a horrible form that her veils of her eyes were showing , very noticeable. Miranda dialed the phone number and it started ringing. Not being able to breathe. Fuck , what have I Done? Nobody was answering the phone , so she decides to step out and go to his house for a visit. Boy was that wrong? He was dead , lying on the ground on the Stairs. His stomach was all bloody and then she couldn't take it anymore, but to cry. \" BUT I JUST SAW HIM\" she screamed in terror. It was getting dark and two of her best friends were dead. She had to find someone immediately.

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