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Mercedes and her friend, Mystical bust through the school acting like they are all boss. Someone finally gets tired of it and does something about it. Fights. arguments, and rumors go around. But in the end it all works out.

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008




Narrator: girl who plays Mercedes

Actress who plays Mercedes and Mystical bust through the hallway doors of Rivertown Heights High School. They take a few steps foward and strike a pose of flipping their long, glossy curled, black hair.

Narrator: Mercedes and Mystical alway acted as if they were all boss but it never mattered to them how anyone else felt.

Actors play school mates walk past them giving them gestures and looks of "looking good"

Mercedes and Mystical  give greeting of "what's up" and "see you in math" and "hey gurll"

geeky White kid comes up and says to black group, " What's up guys"

Mercedes laughs bitchy and says, "yo wanabe black, we don't hang wit your kind, got it!"

White group walks pass them and mumurs, "racist"

Mercedes: I don't freakin' care and what you going to do about it

White group shakes their heads in dissapointment

Narrator: for some reason people looked up to Mercedes for many reasons. She always dressed in a classy, but still kind of hood way and she always new when to jump somebody. She never cussed so much where it would get annoying and in disses. But that gave her no reason to act the way she does.

One girl Ashley was of the white persuasion. She obviously also got sick of the way Mercedes acted. She might handled it the wrong way but Mercedes did deserve it

Ashley: (get pen and paper out from locker)(in a mocking way say ) Omg Mercedes You are the best ever can i have your autograph! (scoff, giggle, sigh then walk away).

Narrator: it seemed as if Ashley was trying to mock the other girls who looked up to Mercedes. People asked why she didn't just backhand Ashley. Like any other student Mercedes didn't want to lose all the respect from her fav teacher Reyna, the athletic teams and the extracurricular activities just because of fighting.

Bell rings, Students walk out of classrooms and heads to the Cafeteria.

Mercedes and a group of other black people sit at a lunch table with lunches. Ashley comes to Mercedes with paper and pen and says "Omg Mercedes can i get your autograph!

Mercedes: Ashley you best get out of my face and stop messing with me before i beat you down

Ashley: I don't have to and what do you want me to do go around praising you while you continue to be racist

Mercedes: No, i want you to leave me the hell alone

Ashley: you can't tell me what to do you ain't my mama

Mercedes: (angry possibly yelling) and since i ain't your mama i won't feel guilty when i do this- (slap ashley)

Ashley softly touches cheek where Mercedes slapped her with the "oh no you didn't" expression start giving Mercedes baby slaps

Mercede pushes Ashley on the floor and start punching her in the stomach several times then gives punch on jaw

Everyone starts cheering when blood comes out of ashley's moth

Mercedes jump backwards with hand half way up in the air with the "i didn't do it" expressionquickly walk away while teachers come

next day-- both girls in the office and gets sent to in school suspension.

iss teacher leaves and Ashley came up to Mercedes and says "sorry"

Ashley: Can we be friends

Mercedes: (angrily says) You mean after you were the one who started all this you want to be friends. Yeah sure once the black girl beats up the white girl she comes crawling back to say sorry. You know my answer is Hell No!

Ashley on the verge of crying

Mercedes: Nah, I'm just kiddin we can be friends

They Hug

narrator: The students of Rivertown Heights all realized everyone can get along and be friends no matter what race they are

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