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Zak tells his frog friend Burp that the Olympic Games are only for people, so the animals in the garden decide to have their own Olympics in the park. Grey Mouse. Green Caterpillar, Rhino Beetle and all the other insects and animals from round about enthusiastically join in. What a day! With jumping events, flying races, fast races and slow races, it was the best Olympics ever . . .

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012





by Hess Leek


“Look out, Burp!” shouted Brown Snail.

Burp jumped back into the muddy water just in time.

“Out of the way, out of the way!” shouted Zak.

The creatures in the garden scooted out of Zak’s way.

Zak ran faster and faster, round and round the garden. Suddenly he stopped and flopped on the grass. “That was very fast training!” he puffed.

“What are you doing?” asked Burp.

“I’m training for the Olympics.”

“What’s the Olympics?” croaked Burp.

“The whole world’s coming to the Olympic Games. Everyone has to run as fast as they can. And jump as high as they can. And swim as fast as they can. Things like that. Whatever they do, they must be the best. I’m going to be in the Olympics if I can run as fast as Usain Bolt.”

“Who is Usain Bolt?” asked Burp.

“He’s the fastest runner in the world,” replied Zak.

“No one can go slower than I can,” boasted Brown Snail.

“And no one can eat leaves faster than I can,” said Green Caterpillar.

“What about me?” cried Rhino Beetle. “I’m the strongest beetle ever.”

“I’ll win,” declared Burp. “Frogs can really jump.”

“Sorry! Only people can be in the Olympic Games,” said Zak.

The little creatures watched Zak, then they all wanted to join in the race. But Brown Snail was very slow, and Grey Mouse was much faster than Zak and won every time. Burp could only hop or jump, and White Butterfly could only fly.

“I have an idea,” croaked Burp. “Why don’t we have our own Olympic Games? Then everyone can take part. But first we have to decide what sort of races to have. Anybody here wants to swim?”

“We can ask the fish. They’re good at swimming,” suggested Ladybird.

“Good idea!” agreed Burp.

“Frogs and grasshoppers can do the long jump,” Rhino Beetle said. “Though I think grasshoppers can jump the furthest.”

“Who wants to take part in a flying race?” asked Burp.

“I do!” shouted White Butterfly.

“And me!” shouted Ladybird.”

“And me!” shouted Red Robin.

“Excellent!” said Rhino Beetle. “We could have a race for wrens and blue tits and robins. Then another for butterflies. And one for beetles.”

“Let’s have a slow race!”

Everyone looked at Green Caterpillar.

“Did you say a slow race?” asked Burp.

“Yes, I did. For snails and caterpillars. Can we have a slow race?” insisted Green Caterpillar.

“Of course you can,” promised Burp.

“And what about the bees? They hum very loud when they go fast.” Then Bumblebee flew as fast as he could round the garden, making a very loud hum.

Everyone cheered. “Yippee! It’s going to be the greatest Olympics!”

“Just a minute! Just a minute, everyone!” cried Burp. “Tell all your friends about it. Our Olympic Games will start tomorrow.”

Next day the garden was filled with creatures. There was no space left. Definitely not enough space for the Olympics.

“What shall we do?” asked Brown Snail. “No one can move with everyone here.”

“That’s easy!” Burp replied. “Let’s go to the park.”

And what an Olympic day it was! The ducks gathered at the edge of the big pond, then one by one they landed in huge sprays of water and glided up to the starting line. Everyone cheered. It was the very first race and the start of the Olympics in the park.

After the duck race, the fish had their race.

The grey squirrels who lived in the park raced up chestnut trees.

Centipedes and worms had a wriggling race.

Shield bugs and ladybirds had hide-and-seek games among the leaves.

Soon it was time for the long jump. Everyone waited at the edge of the grass. No one made a noise and no one moved.

Then “One. Two. Three. Go!” shouted Grey Mouse, and the grasshoppers and frogs began their hops and leaps.

“Oops!” cried Grey Mouse when two grasshoppers fell over at the starting line.

The centipedes and caterpillars drew lines along the ground to show where each frog and grasshopper landed.

“Now it’s Burp’s turn to jump,” whispered Rhino Beetle.

“That was a good one!” shouted Green Caterpillar and drew a line where Burp had landed. “It’s Chorthippus Grasshopper’s turn next.”

Chorthippus had six legs and very strong leg muscles. He jumped. And what a leap!

“Chorthippus Grasshopper has won,” declared Green Caterpillar.

“Well done, Chorthippus,” cheered Burp. “That was the longest jump ever! You’ve won the Olympic long  jump.”


© Hess Leek 2012


© Copyright 2018 Hess Leek. All rights reserved.

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