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Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017



She is the light of her own life, her biggest critic, the one that illuminates the room as soon as she takes that step with her fierce heels. An interesting creature that has a different oddity for every situation that arises, as if every atrocious event has been overcome and she has the manual. Like a virgin mary that can create life and nurture all who come before them. Don't mistake their good nature for weakness, as this is their biggest strength- sorry not sorry. They can take their nurture and use it as a sword in this battlefield of high spirits- sorry not sorry. Sometimes a protector from monsters under the bed, and always the superhero most kids wish and grow up to be. Every little boy's true love and every little girl's aspiration, don't ever degrade them- sorry not sorry. 

When leaving sparkles everywhere they go but having a firm presence, unforgettable, mind-blowing, breath-taking. One of the many powerful influences in my life that came to mind while typing this is my delicate mother. Her sweet presence is always known, her kisses are candy-coated, like cocoa butter, her personality so honeyed yet so well-founded. Her sacrifices have led me to have such an immense love for someone who made the decision to give me life. She is like my Virgin Mary, and I worship her every day. She was not only my aspiration but my true love, the one person who no matter how many times I have made mourned, continues to seek different approaches to sustain my happiness. 

Angelic mother, how I wish you could live as long as me so we can rest in peace together and never have to leave each other's side. You have lightened my life when there was no light nearby to grasp. You do so much and yet receive so little, I want nothing but to give you the world at your feet because you deserve nothing less. Every celebration I experience revolves around you, as you are the main focus of my existence. 

I love you. 

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