The Daily Struggle

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This story or group of stories, is about the tales that we know about, but don't think about enough to really care. I hope that this can be considered an eye-opener for many people, because not many people evaluate a situation with someone.

Submitted: November 28, 2013

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Submitted: November 28, 2013



The Daily Struggle - Nick McFarlane

We all wake up to either go to work, go to school, work at home or just do nothing with our lives. There are people 
that are put through a day-to-day struggle to get out of bed, knowing that outside their window is a world ready to
throw everything it's got, once again. The tales I tell are more than true, they are happening around you, as you read
this. They are all the struggles that I've encountered and inferred to make stories out of, to prove to people that your
iPhone screen cracking is nothing but a joke. These people wake up to conquer the world, and these are their stories being
told to you. Not first hand, but told in a way that will move you, change your perspective on your life and realize that
your life may not be as tough as going to school or your phone running out of battery while on the phone to your best

Natasha, 24
She sat on the bus, taking up 3 seats with her baby in a pram, a 3 year old crying in the seat beside her and another 2
year old being looked after by the older lady sitting next to her. Natasha looks up to the old lady and begins to engage
in a conversation, trying to divert the attention away from the little girl. 
"So how often do you travel by bus?" Her pale face gleaming in the reflection of the sun in the opposite window.
"It certainly beats the car, that's for sure!" The little girl began to laugh and sat up next to the old lady. The little
girl's laugh began to put a smile on the faces of everyone on the bus. It was something so magical, so mystical yet so
understandable. It was just wonderful to be in the vicinity of this little girl. 
Natasha smiled and took the response on board. She sat back on the chair and looked through the bags of groceries bunched
up in the bottom of the pram. Then she went for her bag and went into a panic. She frantically started searching through
her bag, dropping everything from her purse to tablets on the bus floor. She began to cry, her little girl running over
to her and asking "Mummy, what's wrong?" 
She tried to pull herself for her daughter and simply said "You are ruining my life." The elder woman became furious and 
began to shout at the young mum, while she was trying to summon the strength to collect her things off the ground.
"You know, it's a real shame how you treat these kids! You should be incredibly ashamed of yourself!" The scolding went on
and on until she could take no more, and fought back. She stood up and quickly paced over to the older woman, her daughter
running over to her baby brother in the pram. She ran behind it to take cover from the screaming and shouting that was
about to rise. Finally, Natasha pulled herself together for that moment so she could vent herself.
"You don't realize what I've gone through, what I'm going through right now and YOU HAVE NO REASON TO JUDGE ME! I HAVE BEEN
IS MORE OF THIS. SO FUCK YOU!" As soon as she'd finished, the bus came to a stop and the driver asked Natasha politely to
get off. She gave up on everything and just walked off, leaving her belongings and the children on the bus.


Tamikah, 16
She ran into her room that night, screaming and shouting the same words over and over again, 'Why me?!' and 'I can't take
this anymore. She walks back in fourth in her room, her dog sitting on her bed watching her every move. She then sits down
on her bed, crawls up into a little ball and begins to cry deeply. She thinks about her life, how fractured it is, how
screwed up it is, how it should just all end right here right now. No-one would care, her family hate her, she has no real
friends, she is a loner. She comes home to her computer to gaze upon her Facebook, to just get swamped with threats and 
insults. She takes every single word to heart, believing she's a tramp, a slut, a bitch, someone who should just end it 
all right there, right now. Then she wondered, why should she keep living? Why waste people's time with her existence? So
she go out into the kitchen and grabs a knife. She wanders back into her room down the hallway, walking past her dad, who
is drunk as usual, shouting at the TV because his football team is down again. She picks up her pace and slams the door 
behind her. She takes a deep breath, picks up her dog and puts him out. She walks over to her desk, her hands shaking like
crazy, and she puts the knife on the desk. Then Tamikah seats herself down at her desk and pulls out a book, a pen, some
rope and some CDs. She puts in her Bring Me The Horizon CD and begins to admire the strong vocals and the pure anger in 
his voice. She loses herself in the lyrics and guitar and begins to write a note. She puts pen to paper and simply writes
"I'm sorry." She signs it and picks up the knife she grabbed. Tamikah got caught up in choosing where to cut. There were
scars all over her body. All up her legs, her wrists all the way up to her shoulders, her stomach and on the palms of her
hands. She decides to draw blood from her wrists and begins to position the blade. The only thing that can go through her
mind is her mother. That one day she walked away from everyone and everything, only to be found dead two days later. This
happened one year ago, and this memory has been locked in her mind ever since she found out. So now she lives with her
abusive, disgusting father. He does nothing for her, just shouts at her and brags about the sex he gets from prositutes
he pays off the night before. She began to hack into her arm, screaming and shouting once again, the blood dripping on
the paper, right where she wanted it to be. She was done and she wanted out, tears now mixing with the blood and making
a very runny liquid going through the paper. The only choice she had was to keep going, so she cut down and then back up
to the surface, crying and screaming the whole time. She grabbed a bandage and wrapped up her arm, and began to find a 
place for the noose, until her Facebook went off. She was tossing up whether to check it or not. She then tossed up the
screen of her laptop to find another hateful message. She didn't bother reading the whole thing, just the first few words,
"Why are you even here on earth still? lol". She had finally had enough of it. She threw the computer threw the window,
smashing the window right open, leaving sharp edges of leftover glass. She screamed and began to hear the heavy footsteps
of her drunk father. He slams his heavy fists on the door screaming unintelligible words. she ignored the screaming and
shouting and decided to pick up the knife again. She had two choices; use it on herself or her father. She did the
honourable thing and collapsed to the ground with a heavy thud.

Aaron, 25
Stories of drug abuse are tossed around a lot, and Aaron's is no different. Every morning, he would wake up for his fix,
work for the money to get his fix and meet up with friends to get another fix. Whether it be marijuana, cocaine, LSD,
mushrooms, he was all over it. A horrible addiction had swept over him. A particular evening changed his life forever 
though. It was September 23rd, 2004. He had arrived at a house party of around forty people, all of them having a great 
time and enjoying themselves. Aaron walked in, thick jacket and baggy pants with pale skins and baggy eyes. He hadn't 
slept for two days, as he had just been fired from his job at Safeway, stacking shelves. It was enough for him to get 
a bag of mushrooms and some weed and have a little change for a bus home. Everyone stared at him as he slowly walked 
down the hallway to the kitchen. He poured himself a drink and slowly drunk it, scanning the room for the monsters that
attack him constantly. As soon as he was in the clear, a woman, drunker than anyone else around clumsily walked into the
kitchen looking for a drink. Aaron keeps to himself, holding his cup closer to his face and looking down at the ground.
He then hears some teens shouting and screaming "get the man a straw!". Aaron had heard those words before. Sweet, Cuban,
fine cut cocaine. He rushed there and threw his drink on the drunk girl, collapsing down and becoming unconscious. Aaron 
runs up to where the noise is and he can see it; 5 boys crowded around a table while a guy sniffs cocaine. Aaron needed 
to be apart of this. So he kicks the user in the face and begins to go face first into the cocaine. He is suddenly happy,
energetic and ready to party, until police stormed the house and begin to shout orders. Aaron didn't understand one word
and ran straight for them. He ran at the nearest police officer and headbutted him, leaving him unconscious on the floor.
He then spots his gun and picks it up, not knowing what to do with it and aims it at the officers. "I'll shoot! Stay back!
This is MY MOON SUGAR!" Aaron kept flicking the gun back and fourth to look more dangerous. "It's OK son. Just slide the
gun across to me and we can go home in peace.." The officer spoke really slowly, as he could tell that Aaron was under the
influence of cocaine. "No, I don't want to go home! So walk away and leave me BE I WANT MY MOON SUGAR!" Aaron was getting
unsettled, really aggravated. His finger has close to pulling the trigger, so the police officers decided to back off. 
"OK, we're leaving, just don't shoot son... OK?" The officers walked away, back out the door, walked back to the police van
and grabbed some shotguns and SMGs. He wasn't going to co-operate, so they had to immobilize him. Aaron went to go and sit
down on a couch, when he looked around the room to see everyone crawled up in a little ball and crying. Girls were crying
together, while guys were just panicking and praying for safety. The police went back in, this time, just shooting him in the
legs to make sure he doesn't do anything. Aaron heard them coming, and was ready to shoot. His 6-shot .357 revolver was
at the ready, the police turned the corner and Aaron began to shoot. "I SAID STAY AWAY!" He shot at the police, getting
all of them but one. "Just let me go! Please" The officer was crying. He was in a deep, traumatic state, so Aaron shot him.
Everyone else ran out the door, screaming and crying, hoping they'll make it without getting shot. Aaron just sat there,
smiling at himself, thinking "this was well worth it." 


The Didgrad Family
"It's OK, we'll survive." It's what the mother says all the time, turning down offers of money and support, because she's 
a strong woman, with a strong and stable family. These people are survivors or a domestic attack. Their house was fire-
bombed in their sleep, leaving them homeless and flat broke. Their memories laid burning in the wreckage of their family
home. One boy inperticular, Jason, has been through must more. Being attacked verbally and physically, leaving him broken.
His friends being there for him at all times, yet somehow, this isn't enough for him. His girlfriend cheated on him, and
two other guys at the same time. With his heart broken, his home laying in a pile of ashes and his friends fewer than 
ever, he is left with nothing. Every day, he stays home, to get away from the monster that is society. People threatening
to kill him and put him out of the misery he lives in. But he stays strong, keeping himself together whenever possible.
Jason has always been strong, even though he doesn't look it. His short fuse lets him rip into anyone that messes with him.
But this kid isn't just an aggravated boy. He's a caring and understanding young gentleman. Offering help where it's needed
most. Reaching out to friends that have been hurt and offering help to whoever needs it, yet he's the one that needs the
help the most because he's the one with the sickness. Jason's sister, Caitlin, has been bullied and tormented as well. 
She has always been a strong and beautiful girl, as the Dickson family have always been known for their raw strength
and courage. I have high hopes for their futures, as these people need nothing more than good, honest luck. As the
rest, they already have.


Next time you feel as if your life is over because your boyfriend dumped you, read over these stories, look around 
your room. Just look at a goddamn wall and be proud that you have somewhere to live, someone like your mum or dad
to love and friends to drop all your worries onto. Because there are plenty of stories to be told, just like these.
Some worse than others. These people don't know how to summon the strength to tell people, so there will be people
there to tell them, to transfer the pain and struggle into your hands. So you can feel what they feel but nothing
like what they've been through. As every story is unique, they all have a common denominator:
These are all true.

~By Nick McFarlane~

Final Notes:
Thank you so much for reading through this, whoever you are. You have no idea how awesome it feels to hear that 
people enjoy the content I produce, so I will keep on making stories, not only for myself to make an outlet for
my creativity, but for you guys, the audience, who loves to read my stuff. Because it's a lot of fun for me to 
just sit down and write some heavy literature out. So once again, thank you so so so so so much for reading 
through, and if you have means of communicating me about what your thoughts on this are, then please do so.
Because I'm always looking for ways to improve and make better content. Perhaps next time, I'll do a story 
about myself, if that's what you want, or I'll make something about you, if you want. I'll take ideas and
use them to the best of my abilities. So have a great day! And be happy with what you have! :D <3

© Copyright 2018 HeyyItsNick. All rights reserved.

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