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Her father walks out on her but returns years later. His return is one like none other.

Submitted: June 05, 2014

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Submitted: June 05, 2014



My father’s always wanted a perfect child. Last time I saw him was the first few seconds of my life. Screaming in that hospital room with an overwhelming eggshell white as I took my first breath of air, I finally would be held by him. Or at least that’s what I thought. He took a glance over at me, noticed my missing leg and yelled

“Dern Trottin’ ah’m sick n’ tahd of this!”

hurried out the room, down the hallway and out the hospital doors. That was the last of him. Ever since then, it’s been difficult for me to truly trust men. Just a glance at a man, and I reminisce on the old memories of walking out of school ceremonies during father-daughter dances. It’s hard. Hard for me to witness the connection between other fathers and their daughters when mine hadn’t even given me a chance.

I guess what mom says is true. Only cowards walk out when things get too tough for them to handle. The only man I’ll always be comfortable with is Mr. Robert. He lives in a senior home across from my dormitory. I usually see him taking his afternoon walk along the west side forest behind his senior community home while I’m rushing to my dorm. Usually we make small talk and part our separate ways but this time, I seen something in his eyes. Something different. I’ve described him to my mother a couple times. She says he sounds familiar but all in all, he’s a sweetheart. As I’m walking home, there’s a note left on the rail of a nearby bridge.

It reads “Marilyn sweetie, I’m going to need some help shelving some of my old books from when I was just a young lil rugrat. Mr. Robert’s turnin’ into an ol’ chump and ya know his back gets him madder than a wet hen on its good days! Wouldya be willing to help around 11 pm tonight? Love Rob.”

The note did sound sweet and he is SUCH a gentlemen, but something seemed a little bit odd. I mean, why would he ask ME for help? I just put all my thoughts aside, got home and relaxed for a little while.

Before I knew it, 11 pm was just around the corner. I grabbed my keys and ran out the door to help Mr. Rob with shelving some of his books. Who knows, maybe I could get a nice read or two out of his pile. I walk in and he tells me to make myself comfortable so I lightly place my bag and keys on his rocking chair by the window. “Oh Marilyn, yous a sweet youngin’” he tells me as he hands me the heavy box of what seemed like three thousand books. I lightly dust them off and begin to adjust them into the creaky, old, worn out shelf. I grab my walkman and put the earphones into my air and play a little Jaymes Young to get me in the mood. As I place each book into the shelf, I hear sounds of what sound like loud thumps. I was startled by the sudden sound of a loud thumb that I quickly turn my head around to see Mr. Robert attempting to place my bag and keys onto his dining table. He grins and tells me that he would like my valuables to be kept safe but something didn’t seem too right from the way he spoke. I continue to shelve the books when I hear another loud thump only to find Mr. Robert’s kitchen knife on the ground. He picks it back up and wipes the meat he was cutting in the kitchen off with a table cloth and yells

“Dern Trottin’ ah’m sick n’ tahd of this!”

He looks over at me and notices that I realize where that was from. But, my body is too weak to move. He takes a few steps closer to me with his kitchen knife placed in his right hand and I just stand there.


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