What War Was Like For Me

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My Review of Iraq 2003-2004

Submitted: April 21, 2011

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Submitted: April 21, 2011



It was a cold snowy day when we left. The sun was shining, but cold and wet.

While bording the plane I saw the last of the grass, the light, the peace of normalcy.

We said 'good bye' to our families as we would any other day of the week before that, no looking back.

Afraid and cold, we arrived to a place, where no one we knew had ventures in years, where no one knew what to expect.

From there a shuddered bus, no bullets, no food, no warmth.

Destination - no where. No maps, no power, no phones. Nothing but the cold dark moon and miles of sand.

Crossing into the hot zone, it was exactly that, hot.

Bombed out buildings, people cheering, people running, people crying, and people wanting to stop us.

Miles of travelled roads with the smell of JP8 in the air, blistering sun, no air conditioning, and a bunch of lost souls ready for what lie atop the next ridge.

Firefights, darkness, tracers in the distance. Explosions, cold nights, no sleep for our weary heads.

Pulling up and moving out, making nothing our home. No destination given, just that to drive on in the heat and the smell of disel fuel.

More fighting, more bodies, more victories, no defeat. We made ground all the way to the top of the nation, leaving nothing but angry citizens in our path.

A full year of holidays missed at home, no Christmas Dinner, no Easter Sunday, nothing but ourselves with the occassional self-entertainment.

Finally, we get to gead back to where we came from, to a place we had forgotten. A place, they had forgotten us as we used to be.

We were changed forever, but never forget how such an aweful place could affect us in the most profound way.

It was an adventure to re-tell for everyone. It was the best and the worst year of my life.

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