Dream away child

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This is just me trying to explain my deep want to be young again. I don't have an Aunt Bee, that's just a name I used. Please comment and become a fan! Love ya!

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



“Dream away child. Dream to no limit. If it get bad, just wake-up.” My Aunt Bee would whisper in my ear as I fell asleep. My mind then would go places I’ve never been to. Caves, islands, houses made of gold. All was happy. Butterflies came out instead of tears. Rivers had water that glittered when you touched it. Rainbows filled the blue sky, no limits.

That until my mind got filled with other things. School work, vocab.  Slowly and silently the “needed” things took up all the space, and slowly the glittering water and gold houses disappeared. Peer pressure found its way in there, putting limits on my mind. The caves and butterflies are gone, and instead of butterflies, tears of stress and tension flow out silently in the light on my pillow.

There’s no safe place to cry, it’s all held back. My back is sore night after night, my face all red and oily. That’s what growing up is like. No matter how many times I write or create this safe happy place, reality comes in and destroys it. I try to grow stronger, but no matter what reality knocks me down. Dreams are now full of stress and unhappiness. There strange and random.

That’s what has become of me. I wish to go to that place of rainbows and glittering water, I can feel there still inside. It’s somewhere deep down, buried under all the things that pushed it away. If I could go for one day, and find what I left when I was moved out, I would be at peace. I wouldn’t stay up thinking stress thoughts that keep me up all night. I would sleep and wake-up happy and new. Like a ring that gets cleaned. I’d smile, be myself for once. I would let my soul free into the world and not hold back a minute of daylight.

Reality would say, “Come back! We miss you.” And I would say, “Nope, you’re long gone. I’m unstoppable.” If only I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. If only I could be a child for one day. If only I could fly through the air like a bird and write all day and night. If only I could live in that happy place forever while still be in reality. I could be in the middle. But it’s either way. I would rather be a flunker and bum than be smart. Correction, I would rather be happy than live in a mansion.

My soul would be free. Just free. Simple as that.

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