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A poem addressed to Love.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



Dear Love,

Where are you?

I’ve looked and looked,

But you’re playing a game of hide and seek.

How could you?

You show yourself to others,

You let them take advantage of you.

But not me.

Others have found you in me,

But how could you leave me out.

You’re making it hard.

Why can’t you just do one thing for me?

Help me on my way.

Why can’t you just tell me one word to carry me along?

But then again,

You’re very cruel.

You make us believe something,

You make us feel wanted,

Then you leave us with a broken heart.

It must be a cold life,

People leaving you.

Well nobody has ever left me.

By protecting me you’re hurting me.

By sheltering me,

I’ll never find you.

I’ll die a little old lady,

Rocking in a chair,

And my only companion will be an old cat.


I beg of you.


A girl who hasn’t a broken heart.


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