The unseen spirit

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a poem aout ghost, or the ddead.they are not to be hunted, they are awesome!! comment rate become a fan! oh and i wrote this on the spot! never knew i could do that :DDDD go me!!! hahaha

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



They walk all around us,

unseen by the human eye.

Their tragedies haunt us,

making us fearful.

They know more than we know about ourselves,

they see us in our deepest moments.

They haven't left,

earth is too interesting.

They are spirits,

dead who wanted to stay.

They are friends,

or just a person who passes you by.

We hunt for them,

not knowing how it affects them.

They are here not to be hunted,

they are here because they have a connection.

They scare us,

they calm us.

They can pop up all of a sudden,

and then slide away like a snake.

We hear them,

they talk to us more than you think.

Everywhere you look,

a spirit sits,




They are hidden,

and appear only when they want to.

Don't ask how they died,

they're not here to be interviewed.

They want to be here,

so lets not make them leave.

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