My One And Only Love

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note too daniel, thought i'd post it, cuase i quite like it :)

Submitted: February 09, 2009

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Submitted: February 09, 2009



You, you yourself are addicting enough to stabilize and fulfil my every basic need in life. I can't think about any bad points about you? Thinking.... the fact that you are too damn irresistible, well to me you are and maybe you’re just so PATHETIC... for going out with a guy ha-ha – funny funny - . And I try my very best to let you know that and tell you that when you say you are ugly or fat, which believe me your far from it, even your big nose (which isn’t that big anymore, or maybe its the same I just got used to it when kissing you) is beautiful, everything about you is just perfect, except that I feel that you are too skinny, and I can feel your ribs when lying close to you, or lying on them.

Just holding on to you, just being near you or kissing those perfect lips just makes me feel whole, because you’re just totally incredible.

Your brown shabby hair, your demon sharp blue eyes, make me fall in love with you even more and when you kiss me it still send sensations through my body like it did the first time we kissed and the second and the next. I don't think I will ever get tired of kissing you. Or being with you, holding you or telling you my dorky little facts.
You are so adorable with your laugh and when you have the sniffles and you’re constantly sniffing it’s so cute. The way you stood up for me, well that’s heroic because we all know she’s a big man, all words but no action, but thanks and I LOVE YOU J

I love our long talks and you talk about your mental dream and I listen and am like, yea...yea... – laugh- cause I never really get them, but am telling you know, since you stole my brain and its your fault I failed physics but when we just sit down on the grass if its me lying on you or the other way about, and we look up at the stars everything is perfect until its time to go home and that just wrecks it and they moments like that make me wish we were older so we didn’t have to go home or break free from each other. Moment like those that make me wish that when we are older we will still be together and I hope we are, and as I said on msn tonight, “gosh I hope we get married” ok maybe it wasn’t married but it was live together and I do all the work and earn money you stay home and “clean”  you clean J that will be the day. Maid more like, whilst you do your ballet.

I hate when there’s something wrong with me, or am mentally not well, if you want to put it that way and I cut myself and then I don't talk to you, and I am sorry. I hate myself for not talking, I wonder on my bed at nights, just staying awake to try and think of an apology but nothing seems good enough for you. And then the next days I do the same routine don't talk to you but hopefully that won't happen again. 

But back to you, you’re funny, if I do say so myself your smart ok believe me, your smart in your own way, you’re just to special to be smart like everyone else. Your my special little guy And you’re unbelievable good looking, with your perfectly aligned jaw line. You’re nice ass. Which is mine ¬_¬ like mines is yours... but let’s not get on to that... you’re just perfect how does that sound, in my eyes your just McCoy’s all year round (did you like my metaphor).

Now let’s remember good times:
 Like... That time, it was raining so heavily and we were running along the canal through it. And it was hilarious. Cause I had to be home soon. And I had to catch a bus also. And you were like kiss me while running. I remember that. And when I got in back home I couldn’t stop laughing and my dad and mum were just like look at you. You’re soaking. And I couldn’t speak. I was that happy. I just kept laughing. Then went for a bath. I thought that was... A really good day.
And we also that day, went along the huge tree. Like it was broken or something. And I was scared to go along it. Then we saw a deer. That time.
When I fell and skidded in the mud. That was also hilarious that day in Calendar Park. It was just my arm what got muddy though, none of my clothes it was like amazing< I just realised I have a boyfriend who likes rolling in mud :)
Also. That day. When we got soaking again in Falkirk. And we sat on your wee mattress thing, and watched x-factor. And I kept trying to guess who was next up. And you were too, but you got them right. And I didn’t. And it wasn’t till I realised that the TV presenter was telling who was up next. So that’s how you knew who was up next.
I remember when we were at nature trails. And you were telling me this story about bugs, and plants. And how on the plants. They’re could possibly be tiny little cities

I remember that time, at Pamela’s, and you were drinking... and you kept saying how sorry you were, for... Having Insert Blank-with me? Because I look really innocent... and it wasn’t fair? And you kept drifting to sleep. And murmmering stuff... I was like -slaps forehead- shut up Steven.

“I need to pee badly!” < Another one of my favourite quotes from you.

But we have our good times and our bad times and I love you no matter what J so I hope you like your little message that I am going to publically post J and its 1.34 am on 2nd February and I never stayed up all night so I hope your happy Night xx

So I love you Daniel xx


Did I tell you that Paris Hilton has advised everyone to shop at topshop because they have cute clothes and it’s cheap, did I tell you that?

What else...

Did you know that most of the presidents of the United States of America were left handed?

Did you know that Obama had to take the oath again because they judge flunked it.

Did you know, that you’re a bible basher  - funny funny –

 Did you know Doctor who, when it was popular, had an audience of 110 million people?

Did you know Belle from the Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" makes a cameo appearance in Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame?"

Yeah so that’s the facts out xx

Love you

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