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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem written early one morning, on one of many sleepless nights

Submitted: August 13, 2018

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Submitted: August 13, 2018







My Soul its tired from all these lies,


Bruised up knees and tired eyes


My voice is hoarse from all my cries


My heart it's wounded and aching


My Soul, it weeps life,  like the stars loose light at dusk


This is pain, this is sadness


This is love , this is madness


 This is pain, this is truth


This is an old Soul in youth


These are the tears i have shed


This is fate, as I see my years ahead


The sadness, the sickness in my veins


Seems somedays all that remains


I taste my tears, as they flood, not down my face


But, within, from my soul, another place


My face tells a story, with all it lines


A story you can not understand, its from many years, and many times


Its a Road-map , of sucess and failure, all these tiny lines


Only another scared soul would know from where they wind


A twisted road of brambles and thorns...What will you find?


My eyes tell you a tale, one of Heaven, one of Hell


These lines tell a story, but without sound, 


Of times Lost and of times Found, In secrecy these desperate eyes, 


They will speak of better times, times of love and youth


Times of much Happiness , and total Truth


The terrors that raged our lives , are yet just glanced upon


Thrown into a cycle of strife,  sieze it back, to keep your life


The demons they erupt within sight, just another day, just another night


To die with a will of steel, no regrets left to feel


Shadows dance between its eyes, 


Never to give in , or submit, but, to rather fight and die


With you I share my light, burning behind my eyes ...


The story of each Line of my Face , reveals a Road map of Life, 


Of Each and Every Place


















© Copyright 2020 HidingWolf. All rights reserved.

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