I Live this way

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I Just wrote this because im sad. i got dumped. enjoy my misery :)

Submitted: November 28, 2012

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Submitted: November 28, 2012




All I saw was blood. Everywhere. It was splattered over everything, the ground beneath me was a deathbed for everyone I loved. People running at each other with knives and spears, All Humanity had been drained out of them. Everyone craved the death of another. But all at one moment they all stopped and stared at One Person. Jake. He was tall and lean, considered a perfect of their clan. Jake and I… We were at fault of this. At least that’s what the rest of them thought. We are from different Clans, but we were deeply in love, and much like the famous Romeo and Juliet, that was strictly prohibited. The People of the forest clans have no humanity or respect. It’s beaten and scarred out of them when they’re young.  I was being held back by one of the strongest members of the opposite clan and Jake was being tied down by a member of ours. I was screaming and fighting to get away, but my efforts are useless. I can see him, even through my tears, his fists were tight and his veins and muscles in his arms and neck were bulging out, Blood pouring down half of his face. He had been beaten already no doubt. I screamed out his name and he stared back at me with silencing eyes.  I was crying and screaming, I couldn’t stand seeing him like this. His was forced onto his knees and his arms were chained firmly to the bottoms of trees, leaving about 3 feet of excess chain, though it was tightly pulled, disabling him to move. One of my clan members smacked his head down and I could hear him trying to not show that it hurt. Then I was pulled in front of him.

“NO!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!” I screamed in anguish. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!”

I suspected they were going to chain me down as well and kill us both. But everyone in our two clans just circled around us. I wanted to run. I could run. But I would get killed. There was no space for me to run and all eyes of 2 clans that were disgusted with us were on me and Jake. What do they want me to do? They’re just staring and laughing.

“SACRIFICE HIM” I heard from the crowd.

Now I recognize this. Jake has to die, and I need to be punished. I Looked at him with Tearful and scared eyes as I realized what I had to do. Someone threw a dagger next to me. I Threw myself at him and leaned on his bleeding body.

“I can’t do this…” I couldn’t kill anybody. Let alone somebody that I loved so dearly as him.

“You Have to. You have to or you’ll die too. I Can’t let that happen.”

I looked at the dagger, and picked it up slowly. I Can’t do it. I couldn’t even hurt anybody, not even people of other clans. If I didn’t do this they would kill both of us. They would kill him first. In front of my eyes. 

“DO IT NOW GIRL. SACRIFICE HIM! SACRIFICE HIM!” soon they had all joined in. all of them screaming. Sacrifice him. I looked at him again. I didn’t know what to do. He nodded at me slowly, never breaking eye contact. Tears were streaming down my face, more than I thought was possible. Everyone was yelling and chanting. I had to do it. It was that or we both die slowly and our clans slowly die off as well after they continue fighting. I Pointed the Dagger at his throat, and I took his life away.

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