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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A junior ISRO scientist discovers the existence of a Parallel Universe and his dark self.







Himank “Hiemannk” Garg




Main Characters:


Katherine Michaels: NASA’s representative team leader under the collaborated ISRO-NASA “Teleportal” project.


Dilip Kaushal: ISRO’s representative team leader under the collaborated ISRO-NASA “Teleportal” project.


Raj Swaminathan (U):  A junior scientist of ISRO in the Utopian Dimension.


Raj Swaminathan (D):  The Utopian Raj’s counterpart in the Dystopian Dimension who is also a clever businessman.


Old Man: An old man who lost his family in a bombing in the nearby city during World War 3. Now seeks refuge in Shahraja Nagar.


Anand Harris: The treacherous ISRO scientist from the Dystopian Dimension.



[ Date: September 2nd, 2045. India is a developed nation. Apart from high skyscrapers, improvised standards of living among the common citizens, a Central Government capable enough to gain India its permanent membership in the U.N.  Council and eradicate the rising problems of unemployment in the past two decades; India also leads in major scientific innovations and breakthroughs like the introduction of ‘Hover-Tech’ for vehicles in order to reduce traffic, total and cheap usage of alternative sources of energy and multiple such endeavours. ]

[ The leadership and initiatives of ISRO in such major developmental shifts make it, also, the global leader of manned and unmanned missions to the neighbouring planets of the Solar System. ISRO also becomes the first to initiate the process of colonisation of Mars, an endeavour in collaboration with NASA; the first step of it being the creation of the “Teleportal”, a teleportation bridge to facilitate travel through time and space. For stabilisation of travelling to a destination safely, two of them must be built and inter-connected with one another; one on Earth and the other on Mars. Simply put, a cost effective way of interstellar travel in a short time with minimum fluctuations. ]

[ Teleportal at Earth’s end is built successfully on 2nd September, 2045 at the Teleportal Test Facility, Shahraja Nagar. ]


 Katherine Michaels: Congratulations, Mr. Dilip!

Dilip Kaushal:  Congratulations to you as well, Ms. Michaels! Let this mark a new day in the history of human triumphs.

Katherine Michaels: Indeed. A splendid day for everything to be alright!

[ Teleportal  is activated for the first time, a fort-night after its completion in the presence of the experts and the joint ISRO-NASA team. It is a trial run.]

Scientist #1: All vital signs normal.

Scientist #2: Portal stable.

[The room is filled by the triumphantly cheering scientists.]

Raj Swaminathan(U): [to himself]: I wonder if I could see my future! After all, it is an isolated and independent teleportation machine.

Katherine Michaels: Well done, people! Let us shut it down and wait for the Inaugural Day.

[Raj hears her instruction amidst his desires to enter the Teleportal. Eager to find out, he runs toward the portal.]

Dilip Kaushal: [on seeing Raj]: Stand down, Raj!

[Dilip runs towards him but is too late as Raj has already entered the Teleportal. Due to a technical malfunction, one of the regulators of Teleportal fuses, resulting in the automatic shut down of the portal.]

Katherine Michaels:[anxiously]: To what time and date did Raj enter into?

Scientist#3: September 16th, 2045. At 11:37 a.m.



[The portal opens up into another dimension: a dystopian world as if it was recently war-torn. There is fire and smoke everywhere, with buildings reduced to rubble. No one seems to be in sight except for few dead bodies. There is no beauty left in the world and a darkness glooms over it.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [comes out of the portal and it collapses]: Where am I? This is not how I envisioned my future to be. I must recon the surroundings to find out what happened here.

[He walks for a certain distance, filled with curiosity about the mass destruction he beholds with his eyes. Suddenly, he comes an old man in ragged clothes, sobbing uncontrollably while looking in every direction.]

Old Man: Why the wrath of the Almighty had to be unleashed on a helpless, old man?

Raj Swaminathan (U): [approaching the old man]: Sir, what is the matter? What caused this devastation? Where am I?

Old Man: [still sobbing]: A War, my son! A War! World War 3! A wrath of God unleashed upon us common folks by His power-hungry servants! Alas, these are supposed to be the last days for all of humanity. To suffer and die!

Raj Swaminathan (U): [astonished]: World War 3?! When did “they” become such warmongers?  Can you please elaborate?

Old Man: The religious, social and political tensions among everyone was at a rise for 15 years-or so, my son. The leaders did not care about anything but personal gains and defence expenditure over general welfare. Social feuds over trivial matters were no longer uncommon. Mass genocides and advanced warfare technology added by the incompetency of our elected representatives became the order of the day. Common and innocent folk, like me, suffered.  All we know, is that the global nuclear stockpile was emptied by the nations on one-another, about last month.

Raj Swaminathan (U): [surprised to hear the old man’s explanation]: I understand, sir, what you may be going through. Could you please tell where am I?

Old Man: Shahraja Nagar, my child.

Raj Swaminathan(U): And the date?

Old Man: Time hangs heavy on me, son. But two days back, I asked somebody about the date. So, according to it, it might be 16th September, 2045.

[Raj could not believe his ears.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): Impossible! It-er-Thank you, uh, sir. Is there anything I can do for you?

Old Man: Just leave me here to die, son. And be wary of the local terrorists. They seem to control everything now.

Raj Swaminathan (U): I will sir, take care.

[Saying this, Raj takes his leave of the old man.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [to himself]: I can’t believe I discovered a parallel universe! The world would be so proud of me when I return home. I must try to take some evidence of this dimension, though-something more than just words.

[He looks around here and there to find something useful. He suddenly finds a destroyed battle droid and decides to videotape his situation in front of it.]

[Raj videotapes his situation, covering the background and the surroundings. When done filming, he walks further into the city for a certain distance. Soon, he comes across a billboard, almost half-broken with some holes on it. But still, it is clear for him to see a picture of himself in an entrepreneurial attire-and bald- along with a company name stating New Genesis Corp.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [to himself]: So, this is who I am in this dimension! I wonder-[chuckles hesitatingly]-I wonder “if” I survived.

[Soon, a gas-powered jeep with armed men aboard, stops in front of Raj. The terrorists get off the jeep and try to intimidate him.]

Terrorist #1:  On your knees now or we’ll blow your brains out!

[All terrorists aim their guns at Raj. Scared for his life, he gets on his knees.]

[One of the terrorists gets a closer look at his face.]

Terrorists #2: Guns down, everyone! Bag him and take him to the headquarters. He is an interesting thing for our master, surely.

[Raj is hit hard on the head from behind and is unconscious. The terrorists restrain him, put a small canvas bag on his head and take him to their headquarters.]


[The jeep stops outside a half-broken cottage. The terrorists drag Raj along with them, who is still unconscious, down a stairway in the cottage.]

[Raj is sitting on a chair, slowly regaining is consciousness.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [in a slow and straining voice]: Where am I now?

[A man in an entrepreneurial attire enters the room.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): Welcome to ‘New Genesis Corp.’, my friend! Or-[chuckles]-at least, in one of its underground bunker.

Raj Swaminathan (U): [surprised]: You’re alive! Just like looking in a mirror. Except, I forgot how I quite looked like in my school farewell party.

Raj Swaminathan (D): [laughs]: You have a clever sense of humour! Anyway, let me cut to the chase. I’m not surprised-much, to see you here. You being a scientist is a great asset to me. Look alike or no, I have certain uses for you.

Raj Swaminathan (U): And why are you not surprised to see me, may I ask?

Raj Swaminathan(D): Well of course, my men told me about you! I suppose you have met them by now.

[The antagonist points out and introduces them to the Utopian Raj.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [astonished]: You harbour terrorists? What kind of businessman are you? [Grunts and screams in agony and confusion] Why is this even a future of World War 3!?

Raj Swaminathan (D): [irritated tone]: Keep calm, you! My associates are a necessary force to tackle obstacles. As for your knowledge about World War 3, I suppose you know the crux of it.

[The antagonist plays the video recording made by the protagonist earlier on his now-possessed cell phone. He then throws the phone across the room to a wall, when the video stops, breaking it to pieces.]

[The Dystopian Raj calms himself down.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): [clearing his throat]: Anyway, let me complete your picture. Before the War broke out, our “warmonger” elected representatives did unite once, to overcome the large terrorist organisations who had overthrown the governments of small nations and seized control over their resources. Once the head of the snake was cut off, the remnant mercenaries and terrorists were imprisoned by the powerful nations under the orders of the United Nations. Now, it was a question to fill in the power vacuum left behind by the terrorist organisations. Herein, lies the rub. Due to the stubborn nature of all representatives of the U.N. Council, India being one of them, to take over the vacant governments for themselves to expand their political agenda; the United Nations became inefficient and was disbanded by all the nations on June 15, 2039. No more U.N.! And then, it resulted in the undoing of all its efforts in the last century, with radical ideologies and power-mania running rampant in the hearts of our leaders. Hence, World War 3.  It ended on 16th August,2045 with the use of global nuclear stockpile, as you know it.

Raj Swaminathan (U): Who runs the world now?

Raj Swaminathan (D): [laughs maniacally]: That is the beauty of it! Nobody runs anything, anymore! Those cowards receded from existence last month.  So people like me-or more specifically “myself”- have now a world to call my own!

Raj Swaminathan (U): Oh yeah? How do you plan to do it? Good luck finding the money to rebuild the world!

Raj Swaminathan (D): Who said anything about rebuilding this godforsaken planet? As for the money, I plan to use my “Carriers”.

Raj Swaminathan (U): [confused]: Carriers?

Raj Swaminathan (D): You see, my enterprise was a cutting edge private corporation for the Government of India before the War. We were the nation’s leading manufacturers of highly-advanced weaponry and the second largest producers in line of bio-weaponry after the United States of America. All of this was achieved till 2035 and we reaped insane amount of profits. But we didn’t stop here. Our ultimate plan was to build the “Carriers”: all terrain battle droids that can additionally extract the resources of any target area and convert it into a liquid state through biological processes. They are even fuelled by the resources they extract, as in a small part of the resources. We further improvised them by adding the Retro-Reflective Panels and a Transformation Tech that can transform the Carriers into any vehicular form, thanks to a scientist at ISRO who leaked their blueprints and manufacturing plans to us. Hence, when the War broke out, we covertly sent the Carriers, armed and piloted by my men to secure the global resources. Now, all I need is to do is sell them to the highest bidder. In short; I monopolise the global resources at my disposal.

[The protagonist is horrified to behold the monster he is in the Dystopian future and is left speechless.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [clearing his throat]: You’re psychotic! You all are!

Raj Swaminathan (D): Ha! Welcome to my world! Now this world will truly move somewhere in one direction as there is no question of any diplomacy!

Raj Swaminathan (U): You will never understand its value.

Raj Swaminathan (D): I know, I know! It is a balm to heal the pains of the world. A bandage, maybe. If you listened to me carefully, you must know then that “diplomacy” is what got us here in the first place! Ha! A century of this mockery of equal power yet war remained the basic nature of men. I will now show this world how it was made to be ruled, in the eyes of God.

Raj Swaminathan (U): And where do I fit in your plans?

Raj Swaminathan (D): By telling me how you make that “Teleportal” of  yours!

 Raj Swaminathan (U): I will never do your bidding! Do you understand? Never!

[The Dystopian Raj nods to a terrorist and he shoots the Utopian Raj on his left leg.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): Want me to persuade you further?

Raj Swaminathan (U): [stuttering in pain]: You exist-uh-because of me! You cannot-and will never kill me. If I die, you die.

Raj Swaminathan (D): [awestruck and in a solemn voice]: Valid point, Raj! [To his terrorists]: Take my other self for healing! Then bring me my scientists! We will soon strike a proposition.


[At the Teleportal Test Facility in the Utopian Future, the whole team is trying to deduce the problem and fix it.]

Dilip Kaushal: [in a loud voice]: What exactly is the problem?

Scientist #4: [from a distance]: The regulators are fused, sir! Both of them!

[Katherine asks a scientist about the reason for the error.]

Katherine Michaels: How is it possible that the Teleportal collapsed? You were the one who said that the portal is stable, so answer me!

Scientist #2: It must be a slight miscalculation ma’am! The portal “was” stable but when Raj entered into it, the change of mass in the portal must have fused one regulator resulting in the overload of the other.

Katherine Michaels: What kind of scientists are you if you can’t even control an anomaly! Miscalculations are done by scientists and it is safe to conclude that you lack even a proper judgement!

Scientist #2: With all due respect ma’am, this could’ve happened even during an authorised trial on the Inaugural Day. It is a possibility of an eventuality.

[Katherine, angry at such a failure, slaps hard the scientist.]

Katherine Michaels: [angrily]: A man is stranded God knows where! Tell that to his family if he doesn’t return! Now you fix this problem now or else your career has reached an end!

[Turning to everybody]: All of you get to work, now!

Dilip Kaushal: Ms. Michaels! Please calm yourself a bit and meet me in my office to discuss our next move.

Katherine Michaels: [calming herself]: Alright. I’ll be there in a while.

[Katherine meets Dilip in his office after a few minutes.]

Dilip Kaushal: Ms. Michaels, the experts have run the numbers and they say it will take about 2 months to rebuild the regulators from scratch.

Katherine Michaels: Two months!? What are we supposed to do till then? Nothing?

Dilip Kaushal:  It is “that” damaged ma’am.  We can only tell our scientists to do this task with haste, without further anomalies-which they are now. But our focus should not only be on fixing Teleportal but bringing Raj back home safely.

Katherine Michaels: How will we do that?

Dilip Kaushal: We both must be ready to enter the Teleportal once it is fixed and get him back, ourselves. It is the only way. We cannot risk the lives of more of our scientists.

[Katherine is doubtful for a minute but then agrees to take the risk.]


[In the Dystopian Dimension, Raj is healed and stable after three days. The antagonist Raj now tortures his Utopian counterpart into telling the ways of making the Teleportal-which he finally reveals, reluctantly.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): Thank you, Raj! You will be rewarded for your co-operation: by you being the incharge of my scientists to make the regulators for your Teleportal. My resources will be at your disposal. Now come with me, we must find a test area of your choosing.

[The protagonist Raj accompanied by his Dystopian counterpart and some of his terrorists, ride in a jeep to find a suitable ground to build their Teleportal.]

[They finally choose a part-broken arch resembling the structure of the actual Teleportal in the Utopian Dimension.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): [in a reluctant tone]: This will do.

Raj Swaminathan (D): Good! My men will repair this place. Meanwhile, you get to work on building the regulators. You have two months to complete the job.

[They, then, leave the area for once.]



Scientist #5: On behalf of my superior, I am truly sorry for your mistreatment, sir.

Raj Swaminathan (U): You need not call me “sir”. I’d like to think there is some great difference between me and your boss. By the way, you are-?

Scientist #5: Harris. I am Anand Harris.

Raj Swaminathan (U): Right! I’ll call you Mr. Harris.

Mr. Harris: [smiling briefly and then in a serious, regretful tone]: My superior wants to seize the resources of your world, Mr. Raj; just like he did in his own. His ultimate motive is to merge the stock of the resources of your world with his currently available one and then sell them to the highest bidder. I overheard him.  My team and I-us-we were too  weak to stop his ambitions because of his connections with the terrorists once the War broke out. We had no choice but to heed his commands.

Raj Swaminathan (U): Do not worry, Mr. Harris. We will stop him.

Mr. Harris: But how? With al due respect, I believe you are making the same mistake as ours! You must harm us somehow and run away!

Raj Swaminathan (U): And where will I run exactly, eh? They will find me from anywhere. As for harming you and the other scientists, you will not be of any use to me if I am to stop my Dystopian self! I will need you-all of you- to help me stop him.

Mr. Harris: I understand, sir. We are with you. All of us.

[Raj acknowledges with a smile and they get back to work.]


[About two months have passed. The regulators in both the Dimensions are ready. In the Dystopian Dimension, the arch for the Teleportal has been prepared simultaneously.]

[The scientists accompanied with the UtopianRaj and the Dystopian Raj accompanied with his terrorists piloting the Carriers meet at the launch site.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): Setup complete. Initiating activation procedure.

[The Teleportal in the Dystopian Dimension becomes operational. On the other hand, in the Utopian Dimension, just before their Teleportal is activated, a scientist tells Katherine and Dilip about a strange phenomena.]

Scientist #6: [in a loud voice]: Sir! Ma’am! There seems to be a strange connection with our Teleportal. The source is unknown but it seems like another Teleportal signal.

[Katherine and Dilip are astonished and happy.]

Katherine Michaels: It means he survives! He found a way to contact us! Connect our Teleportal to the source and activate it! Now!

[The scientist does that. The Utopian Teleportal is activated.]

[In the Dystopian Dimension.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): Activate it now, Raj! A better future for ‘us’ is finally going to become a reality.

[The Utopian Raj activates the Teleportal. In the Utopian Dimension, Katherine and Dilip wait a bit for their Teleportal to be stable but in the Dystopian Dimension, the antagonist enters into the Teleportal with his mighty force of Carriers and terrorists, without a second thought.]

[While they are entering into the Teleportal, the Utopian Raj sees a strange connection between his Teleportal and the Utopian Teleportal on his screen and when the entire force is inside the Teleportal, the Utopian Raj finalises the connection between the two Teleportals; thus, trapping the Dystopian Raj and his entire force into an elongated and shadowy Gray Dimension between the two Teleportals.]

Raj Swaminathan (D): Why can I not move forward?! So close-to my destination-and yet I’m being trapped in this thing-aaahhhhh!!!

[The Utopian Raj convinced that there is no way of returning for the Dystopian Raj and his battalion, fries the regulators at his end via an EMP device inbuilt in both of them and because of its connection with Utopian Teleportal, the regulators of the latter are also disabled again. Consequently, both the Teleportals shut down and collapse.]

Katherine Michaels: What just happened? Why is this thing off again?!

Scientist #6: It seems like we received a strong EMP charge from the source.

Katherine Michaels and Dilip Kaushal: [in a unison]: Oh Raj! What have you done?

[Now, the Dystopian Raj and his force can see the happenings of both the locations of the disabled Teleportals but can travel nowhere.]

Mr. Harris: What just happened? Did he make it through?

Raj Swaminathan (U): No. He might be stuck in some kind of  Gray Dimension: a zone in between my world and yours. I theorize that this must be a boundary zone activated through inter-dimensional travel by connection of two Teleportals, such as what was indicated on our screen.

[The Utopian Raj and Mr. Harris take a sigh of relief.]

Mr. Harris: [in a relieved tone]: So glad that my monsters are finally trapped in a cage where they should be!

Raj Swaminathan (U): [just realising what he heard]: What!? Why didn’t  you tell me that before?

Mr. Harris: That, is a story for another time, my friend.

Raj Swaminathan (U): [doubtfully]: Okay.

[Raj turns to the other scientists to strike his proposition.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): My friends, now that you are free men once again, you have two choices: either you leave and live your lives the way you wish from now on or help me find the global resources your boss took away unjustly from the world. And to clarify this right now, I am not anybody’s boss. Instead I am a team-mate as I need to learn much about this Dimension.

[The scientists deliberate among themselves for a while and ultimately most of them agree with Raj’s second alternative with the others leaving.]

Raj Swaminathan (U): Splendid! So, Mr. Harris, where are the resources stored exactly?

Mr. Harris: In an underground facility in Port Blair.

Raj Swaminathan (U): [in a loud voice]: Then that is exactly we are going now, gentlemen! Let us rebuild the world!


Submitted: July 20, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Hiemannk. All rights reserved.

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