Mischief Murder Sequence

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Savantes friends each mystically disapear in a murder on by one everyone dies and no one knows who the killer is, until...

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



The detective stared at me menacingly.

“So why did you kill him Savante.” He asked.

“I did it to save the school.” I replied.

“So you blew it up?”

I just stared at him and smile, an innocent, but deadly smile. But he didn’t bat an eye.

“I’ll start from the beginning and you’ll figure the rest out yourself.”

It all started on December 19, 2012, I had opened my front door to get the mail. But not with a pleasant smile my mail man always gave me a hard time, and I wasn’t in the type of mood that morning.

“Here you go Martin Luther King Jr. the second.” He grunted tossing the mail at me.

“I have a name, and it’s Savante,” I corrected him. “Go to hell!”

The day was cold and a cold breeze flew across me, I shivered and hurried back into the house. I grabbed my hot chocolate and the mail and turned the TV to TV one. My favorite show Martin was on while I skipped through the mail. I tossed aside some mail until I reached Mr. Redrums mail. It was stuck to a piece of mine and I was skeptical about opening it at first. But curiosity got the best of me.

I looked at the front cover and it red; URGENT in blocky letters written in… blood. Creepy!  I thought sarcastically. I ripped it open, and the inside read;

 You’ve failed to keep that

brat under control and out of site.

You are in 2,000,000 dollar fine with the M.M.S

(Mischief Murder Sequence) Unless you can get that kid under

The ground, you might be six feet under with the kid too.

  •  Mischief Murder Sequence

Just as I finished reading the phone rang but I ignored it and continued watching Martin.

“You have one new message from 856-051-9821,” there was a beep and a deep, raspy, gruff voice came on. “December 19, 2012. Screams and cries were the dead man lies.”

I stared at the answering machine skeptical, about what had just popped on the machine.

“Yeah whatever, that’s some poetry.” I laughed.

 I watched some more Martin for another hour and thirty minutes and remembered that this girl named Maddie Sher owed me some money so I got up dressed, then jumped onto my mini dirt bike and took off. It took about thirty minutes to get there, so I was exhausted from all the riding. I knocked on the door and her mom answered the door.

“Could I talk to Maddie please?”

“Sure, I’ll go get her.” Then she turned and bounded up the stairs. The music blared ear piercing loud. And I turned and looked around; a kid popped out of the back yard and ran down the street. That’s awkward. I thought.  Then from up the stairs the door opened and Mrs. Sher went into a full out opera singing scream, louder then the music shook out through the house. In three seconds flat I was up the stairs and in the room. Maddie was still twitching gasping for air as a knife stuck out of her chest, then she went still.

“HOLY, COW CRUD!” I managed to spit out.

Maddie lay on the bed lifeless, limp pale, and lifeless. Her red hair clamped over her stony face, her eyes showed no sign of life in them, and they had a new glaze of frozen terror and death. She must have been stabbed as soon as I had come to the house. But the only thing in my mind was the money she owed me and the voice, “December 19, 2012”

Mrs. Sher had me leave as she called the police. I went home but I kept thinking of the guy who ran from behind the house, and the message, it was too much to take in. I had to talk to someone, so I figured it best be Katie.

Part 2

On the other end Katie sounded more annoyed then shocked.

“So…. Maddies dead and you can only think about 25 bucks?”

I guess it did sound ignorant when she put in that tone but that was twenty five dollars closer to my hand gun.

“I never did like Maddie in the first place. I got to go so ttyl!” and so then I jumped into the shower.

The next morning I heard the phone ring and then the message box popped on.

What black and blue, lying dead next to you.” The voice was harsh and sounded as if from a distance, “December 2nd 12:00.”

Riddles were never my thing but I knew that nothing good would come out of this. That afternoon I was playing basketball with my friends Pat, Brighton, and Matt two on two. When the ball went out of balance and Brighton screamed he’d get it. As he jogged into the street the air grew thick. I looked at my watch; 12:00pm.

“BRIGHTON!” I screamed realizing what was about to happen to him.

I charged forward and a red dodge truck was rumbling down the street 80 mph. The car hit Brighton with so much force he flew about sixty feet in the air and landed on his skull full force. I slid next to him and looked down as he crumpled and headed for death. I grabbed him and was instantly soaked with crimson blood. As Pat and Matt rushed forward and stopped as we watched Brighton limp in my arms.  “What’s black and blue lying dead next to you?”

Part 3

It’s been two weeks since Brighton and Maddies death, and Christmas was nearing even closer. Me and my friend Dianna were walking back  from a street football game, but it ended early because things got ugly between me and Tatum. We always had a little rivalry.

“Yeah, he was just mad because I broke his tackle!” I laughed.

“Yeah but you never would’ve if I didn’t throw you that perfect lob!” she giggled pushing me to the side, “So what do you want for Christmas?”

I took a while to think about it then I looked up for a second.

“Maybe I just want my hand gun.” I smiled.


We were laughing and then my phone started ringing and a text message popped up on my icon and I stared at it. Then I tapped the icon and a picture of an abandoned construction site popped up and a tag under it; why cry when staring a dead man in the eye. Dianna must’ve noticed the fear in my eyes because at that point she asked what was wrong, and I didn’t reply. She started backing up and I grabbed her wrist. Before I knew it I had a Sketchers sneaker in my shin, and Dianna twisted free and ran through the construction site. It was the some one from the message, and I knew what was coming. She cut through an old building and I was hot on her tail, trying to warn her trying to save a friend who was in serious danger. A glass flew out of the window and came down hard on her and shattered. A figure gave thumbs up to the building and it exploded and both the figure and its companion were gone with the wind. Another one, now that’s to many. 

Part 4

Christmas was about four days away now and I had my friends with me at my house sitting on my couch and throwing out an idea on how to catch Redrum in the act of murder. But we had all agreed on breaking and entering, aka Katie’s Plan A. We’d get our spy equipment and set up cameras all over Redrums house to spy on what plan he’s developing and how he knows so much.

“It’s bout time we do something and take action. We go as soon as he leaves!” I ordered. “I’ve had enough of all this muredrin business.”

Around 12 in the morning Redrum pulled out of his house for work, and we headed in with our equipment. Katie kicked in the door and we search for anything. Pat had kicked over his T.V and busted it open revealing documents, one main one read; $3000, 000,000  in dept, pay with your life or pay with your wife.

“OOOOOhhhh, so that’s were his wife went!” Cole yelped giggling.

We gave him this look the Matt slapped his head, Cole got mad and shoved Matt into the wall. He broke through it and fell into a whole other room. Filled with Vodka, money and…. Dead bodies! My phone rang and I looked at the message; It’s not okay to stay and snoop so for that you’ll die as a group. I read this aloud and everyone just look around. Then without warning a body jumped up and put Cole into a choke hold. Matt tossed it and the rest popped up with him. One had Cole’s heart, another was eating Matt’s flesh, and three took down Pat. Katie was going down but not without a fight. I got of there as fast as I could with the rest of those creatures on my tail. I ran through the kitchen grabbing matches and a bottle of gasoline and vodka, and headed up the stairs into Redrums room, where I grabbed a light bulb and unscrewed the bottom. Then filling in the bulb with vodka and gasoline I stuffed tissues in the end and lit the bottom on fire. An arm shot through the wall and as soon as it pulled back I threw in the bulb bomb, and dove out the window landing on the middle roof. The house shook as it erupted, and shook all over. Climbing onto a tree I shimmied down the trunk and ran towards my house. When I reached my home, all the force of what just happened hit me so hard I went unconscious on the couch. I just lost the rest of my friends, not even friends but family. The next four days went by in a blur and Christmas was here before you knew it. I woke up and headed for my closet and as I opened it a box fell out and pictures of all my friends spilled all over the floor. Rage boiled within me and I knew someone was going to pay severely for this. But it had a note on it; if its vengeance you seek, meet me at the schools highest peak. Oh but I wanted more then just vengeance. I put on my clothes cleaned myself got a knife from the kitchen and headed for MMS. Someone was going to pay.  I got there in 5 minutes tops and was ready to knock someone’s block off. I kicked open the A entrance door and charged in through the stairway to the roof and there I met my culprit.

The detective stared at me with a blank expression. I stared back. He should know I'm telling the truth, but I continued anyways.

Rob stared at me with a smile, his cold smile. He met business and so did I!

“Rob here’s what’s gonna happen. I'm going to kick your butt and throw you into a wood chipper.” I said.

Then before he could reply I lunged onto him, he pushed me off but only to be cut by my knife.

“I did it for YOU! They weren’t real friends!” he cried.

“Oh, and you are?”

Rob roared and jabbed at me I tried to block it but the knife went right through my hand, and the blade stuck out the other side. I didn’t even flinch. Rob talked me through the door and we stumbled, and rolled down the stairs. When we hit the bottom I tossed the knife in my hand away and that’s when Rob kicked me square in the face and ran.  When I was up and found him he was in the old blue house office typing into a laptop.

“Don’t step closer Savante or I swear to god I will blow this mother UP!”

I realized there was a bomb in the shape of a Christmas present on the table “Ones strapped in every boiler room and entrance door way. This is the final gift to YOU!” and with that he blew up the building.

The detective stared at me without batting an eye or blinking.

“Are you mentally insane Savante?” he asked.

I shook my head, but I knew what I was in for. A guard came into the room and had his cuffs ready. Before they could react I pulled out my shank and stuck it into the detective neck. The guard grabbed me and pulled me towards a stray jacket.

“I DIDN’T KILL THEM! But I can’t say the same for you” I said with a grin.

They threw me into a little room, with soft padding’s and told me not to hurt myself. They said I killed all my friends. They say I killed everyone in school. But I know I didn’t. They even gave me a new jacket. Except I can’t even move my arms in it, but I don’t care, I have the rest of my life in my little soft padded room to figure out what really happened. Where I can’t hurt anyone and no one can hurt me. I feel safe, not only from myself but from the calls that haunt me. And the ghost that sleeps in the corner of the room, waiting. Just waiting, waiting for someone to come in. I didn’t kill them, they said I did though. The guard came into the ready.

“It’s time, time for your execution Savante.” He told me.

“I’m not going. You can’t kill me. YOU CANT KILL ME!” I hollered.

He just grabbed me and dragged me out of the room. He pulled off my new jacket and told me to have a seat. I was reluctant, than without a second thought I ripped out his gun and fired a bullet straight through my head. The heat was un bearable and I could barely breath. But a red man with horns stared at me and told me.

“Welcome to hell Savante. We’ve been expecting.” The demon said and with a swipe of his hand I vanished.

To eternal pain, knife after knife, stab after stab, blood drop after drop, and the worst part was, I could never die. But it felt good to have a surge of pain every now and then, call me crazy. But it felt good.


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