Mommys world 1 year later

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

With 4 1/2 year old Arielle, coming homne after surgery, and 3 year old Jada and 1/12 year old twins Jack, and Ava things can get pretty hectic for Rachel and John Jenkins!

Table of Contents

Mommys world 1 year later

With 4 1/2 year old Arielle, coming homne after surgery, and 3 year old Jada and 1/12 year old twins Jack, and Ava things can get pretty hectic fo0r Rachel and John Jenkins! Read Chapter

Arielle comes home

Arielle is coming home after 6 months in the hospital. Read Chapter

The party

Rachel happily carried her daughter inside the littly gym. "SURPRISE!" Her family all ran to her Her uncle Eric was the first to scoop he... Read Chapter

The new baby

John unloaded the van, and Rachel drove to Scruby's, she was going to reveal a surprise later, she was 6 months preagnat, and they had th... Read Chapter

3 months later

"C'mon, let's go see Chya, and Mommy." John carried Arielle, Jada walked  and rolled the stroller inside. "Hi baby." He gave Rachel ... Read Chapter

Dinner and baths

"Arielle, can you set the table please?" John asked, as Arielle set the table, and filled the sippy cups with chocolate milk. "Guys, dinn... Read Chapter

Jack and Ava's birthday

Jack and Ava woke up happily, today was their birthday. Jack ran downsaits, greeted by two mini pancakes. "Happy birthday buddies!" A now... Read Chapter

Chya comes home

Today Chya is coming home. "C'mon guys, get in the van we're ready to pick up Chya." Rachel drove to the hospital, and the 5 of them got ... Read Chapter

First day of school

"Good morning Arielle, time for school." Rachel dressed Arielle into a tank top, and black shorts. "Go make yourself a pop-tart, while I ... Read Chapter

Ava gets washed

"Okay guys, Arielle I want you to start your homework, while I start the washing machine." Rachel said.  Jada turned her v-tech on. ... Read Chapter

Back @ home

John passed out kid cuisines, and fed Chya. "I don't wanna eat." Jada said. still mad. "Jada, go upstairs, you're not getting ice cream."... Read Chapter

@ the hospital

"Good morning guys, Ari get your backpack because we're gonna see Ava this morning." Rachel sciooped Chya up and dressed her, and theu ... Read Chapter

Beach day

Rachel takes the kids for a day at the beach Read Chapter

Jada turns 4

3 days after Chya turns 1, Jada is 4, the day is spent by swimming lessons, seeing Ava, going to a bakery to make cupcakes, and going to Scruby's for dinner, and having brownie cake for dessert. Read Chapter

Outdoor day

  "Have fun guys." Rachel said, waking up Chya, "Hi Chya, everyone  is outside I'll get you in your bathing suit, so you can jo... Read Chapter

Jaxk and Ava's birthday

"Happy birthday Jack and Ava!" Arielle said, as Jada, Chya, John, and Arielle woke up Jack and Ava. John gave them cinnamon rolls, and Ch... Read Chapter

Arielle's day

"We're here Ari!" Rachel parked, and took her enthusiased 6 year old out of the van. She took their bags on a luggage cart, and went upst... Read Chapter

Cardilologist appointment

Today the kids have a cardiologist appointment, and Chya and Ava need anothe4r surgery. Read Chapter

Jacks big tantrum

Jack throws a tantrum after going in his roomn for going outside in tbhe rain. Read Chapter

Arielle gets sick

Arielle gets the flu, while John takes the girls, and Jack to Aunt Debbie's for the day, while Rachel takes care of her sick 6 year old. Read Chapter

Chya's surgery

Rachel drove into the hospital, as John took Chya out. They entered the hospital. "Mommy, I'm hungry." Arielle said. "I'll take them for ... Read Chapter

Last day of school

"Good morning girls!" Rachel said, waking up the 3 girls. "Here Ari, you wanna wear this today?" Rahcel took out a brown spaghetti strapp... Read Chapter

1st day of summer

"Good morning girlies, we slept until 8:30 today!" Rachel was holding Jack. "Wow."  The girls were astonished.  "Okay prince an... Read Chapter

First day of school

"Good morning girls!" Rachel said, happily. She let Ava, and Chya go play in the playroom. "What color shirt do you wanna wear Arielle?" ... Read Chapter

Daddy's girl

"I'm home!" John called. "Daddy!" Ava ran over to him. John scooped her up. "Hi baby." He took her into the kitchen. "Daddy, can we go ge... Read Chapter

Jada's homework

"Okay, everyone to the homework table please." Rachel said, giving Jack, Ava, and Chya homework. "I wanna go on the trampoline." Jada sai... Read Chapter

Arielle's dentist appointment

"C'mon Ari." John put her in the car. After taking her medicine before the dentist, Arielle was ready to go. John carried her, and the ... Read Chapter

Family day

"Good morning Jack, let's go get your sissy's up." John scooped Jack up, and walked into the girls room. "Hi babies!" He said, as the 4... Read Chapter

Girls physical

"Good morning girls." John woke the girl's up, and took their clothes out. "I want a muffin." Chya said. "What do you say?" Rache; lifted... Read Chapter