Fried Fish

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Im hot in the frying pan.....

Submitted: May 17, 2007

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Submitted: May 17, 2007



I knew he was married when we first met,
On a bet, I told myself it could possibly last.
She wasnt around, so I enjoyed his company,
He dazzled me so sweet with all his love charm.
I fell for it, line, hook and sinker,
It didnt take him long to make me his catch.
He was happy with me and admired my colors,
But suddenly the big catfish grabbed onto his line.
She wasnt letting go, so he had no choice but to reel her back in.
I was happy for a bit, but now Im back in the sea.
I guess I was in her territory,
She didnt like that at all.
I see him so often, coming around,
But I shouldnt go near or I might be fryed.
I think of him so often,
And I remember his kind eyes.
The way he looked at me that day I was caught,
Im still hooked when I shouldnt be, but hes hard to forget.
Im looking for her for I hope just one day,
He'll throw her back in and come look for me today.
I need to find a school of fish,
For I really have alot to learn.

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