It's only love, it's not real

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The word love.

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



If there is one word that I hate it would be love

That four letter word that everyone has said at one point

I hate that word love

That word people say before they go to sleep at night

Or on there wedding day

On a date, in a restaurant

I heard it said so many times

But not once have I heard it said with truth

Love is a fallacy, a dream

Something people say for a fleeting empty emotion

Love is not real anymore

I once believed that it was out there

Floating in peoples hearts

But day after day they show how cold and empty love is

The moment what people call love does not work out

They break up and walk away

Throw away there rings and all that time

No one fights any more for this word love

So yes I hate that word with every fiber in me

It is a dark and corrupt emotion darkened by people

Thinking it comes easy

That you don’t have to do anything and it just works

Don’t hate my views on love

I just see a word that is thrown around to much

People fall in and out of love to much

I hate people who meet and say they are in love

Two days later they find one flaw and they can’t stand them

So forgive me when I say I hate love

I despise that word

That one word that as a youth seemed so great

People told me it was great to be in love

I began to think I was deserved

They never were in love though

As they joked and laughed about this person they said they loved

It was about the sex they had

Or what they could get

If they can admit such things and turn to each other and lie

Is it no wonder I hate the word

Perhaps I just want a reason to believe

On good reason to say love is real

I don’t think I every will find a good enough one

As long as I see people say the word and not mean it

Four letters I will always hate

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