The Golden Diamond

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There was a king who simply ruled over his kingdom. He was very greedy and wanted more. He wanted the Golden Diamong, for he believes that will make him rich and popular. A old man teaches him a lesson in the very end.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012




In a far away land, there lived the richest kings and queens. They all had everything they needed but they all wanted a rare item, The Golden Diamond. Nobody could find it. People there were greedy.

But there lived a poor man. He had the heart of a non-greedy man. He has heard of the Diamond but he knew that the Diamond wasn’t important and it won’t give anything good to the world.

Every day he would go out in the streets, begging for money. He even payed a visit to the king and queen. “I know you want the Diamond, but it won’t give you anything, sire,” the poor man pleaded.

The King thought for a second. Finally he spoke in a harsh voice. “The Diamond is the rarest jewelry in the land of Earth.  Soon, I’ll be the force of nature and be very popular!”

“Ok, fine, I agree,” the poor man said as he left the royalty castle. But he didn’t mean it. He knew that the King was making the wrong choice and it will destroy his life.

And so, with that, the poor man kept pleading him every day about the Golden Diamond. The King never listened. Then, one day, a group of people found the Golden Diamond. They gave it to the King and he was so pleased.

He was popular for a while but years went by and the Golden Diamond was nothing but a useless item. The King became depressed and very sad. He wanted more but nothing was there for him to have.

Then, he realized, the poor man was right. He went to him and apologized. The poor man simply said, “Now you have learned a simple lesson. Be happy with what you have. A rare item won’t do anything for your life.”

The King understood and from that moment on, he was happy with his stuff and his life. He buried The Golden Diamond underground forever and no one dared to go near it.


The End

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