The Soul Of Determination

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this story, I worked hard to become the no. 1 blader in the world. But in the end, I battled against the last competitor. I tried to win in the end. I tried to put some effort. I tried to find hope. I wanted to win the Championships. But... did I win? Find out in the story. ;)


I grinned as I yelled,” Go now, Aquario!” Aquario zoomed and started sending a series of rapid attacks around Jesus’s L-Drago.

“Aquario is hitting L-Drago with powerful hits! Will this be the end for L-Drago and Jesus?! Whoa, this is pumped up!” the DJ said.

“Grr! Now, L-Drago!” Jesus yelled. I laughed and L-Drago tried to attack Aquario but in a flash of a second, Aquario disappeared. “Wha!?” Jesus exclaimed. I smiled and commanded,” Aquario, Defense Mode! Special Move: Aqua Explosion!!!” Aquario reappeared and slammed down L-Drago with a pulsing explosion of waves and water. BAMMM! Jesus screamed as he was forced down, falling down. “AAHHHH!” everyone screamed, except for Hikaru. The move ended and Jesus looked around, searching for L-Drago. I smiled and Aquario was spinning. “L-Drago!?” Jesus said. L-Drago fell from the sky, hitting the ground and was defeated.

“No, no, no,” Jesus whimpered. “Come on. You showed your true power,” I said as I grabbed my Aquario. “Do better next time, lil’ bro.”

“Well, folks! That covers it! Say hello to Hikaru Hasama, our newest champion of the Battle Bladers!” the DJ screamed with infinite happiness.

I raised my hands up in the air and waved my hands. I laughed and smiled. Jesus smiled.

“Now, that Hikaru has won the qualifying tournament, she will be eligible to enter the 2013 Beyblade World Championships!” the DJ yelled. My team, Team Metal Strike, the members yelled and came to me, crying. “You did it! Yes you did!” Kiki exclaimed. “Yup! Yes! We made it! Team Metal Strike, we are moving forward to win that trophy and become no. 1 together!” I said, happily, with our Beys up in the air. We went up on the stage and a man arrived to give us metals and a trophy.

Somewhere else in Japan, another Japan qualifier watched the TV. “So, that American qualifier is going to the Championships, hmm?”  He laughed and with his Bey, his eyes glowed. “I am going to beat her at the championships!” He laughed again, with his laughs echoing outside.

I sighed as I was relaxing on my bed with my members. “Well we did it,” I said, happily. Kiki, Alejandro, Alexander, and Jesus smiled and laughed. “We better practice if you really want to win the championships,” Kiki said, warned. “I know, but no matter how strong the qualifiers are, I can win, as long we’re together, as a team,” I said, smiling. We all smiled. We all went to sleep. On the next day, I woke up, looking at my clock. It was 8:30 a.m. I decided to train early. Then, I looked back to my cousins, who were sleeping groggily.  I chuckled, looking at Alejandro’s mouth, which was open.

I changed into my clothes and grabbed my book bag. I wore it and I headed straight out of the door. I inhaled the fresh air that flowed on the surface of my parching skin. I looked around and noticed that there were bladers practicing and battling. But instead of fighting them, I headed for the BeyPark. I chuckled as a group of beybladers launched their Beys into a large beautiful stadium. I jumped into the air and launched my Bey. The beybladers exclaimed with surprise as my Bey was hitting theirs. “Wha?! What’s this?!” all of the bladers exclaimed. “Now, Aquario!” I yelled as I landed. “Hey!” one blader yelled. Aquario slammed one Bey, sending it up into the air. “No!” another blader yelled. “Come on, my friends!”  I said happily. “Who are you? And why are you here?” a small blader asked. “I’m Hikaru Hasama, the champion of the Battle Bladers tournament!” I did a thumbs up. “I’m here for fun!” All of the bladers gasped as they realized Hikaru. “No way! I’m totally a fan of you!” one blader said, jumping up and down. Another one squealed,” The leader of Team Metal Strike!”

I chuckled and said,” Well, guys, let’s start this battle!”

“YEAH!” everyone said.

A beyblader yelled,

“Go, Pegasus!”

Another one screamed,

“Hit them, Striker!”

And so on.

“Hmph! Now, it’s my turn! Show them what you are made of, Aquario!” I thrusted my fist forward. Aquario went even faster than ever, and sending powerful blows to the Beys. “Awww!” some of the bladers whined. All of the bladers were defeated. “Aww, come on! How come you are so strong?!” I smiled and said,” Like I always say, having a heart that loves Beyblade, makes a Beyblader stronger! You’ve got to train harder each day and never, ever give up! You need to fight and fight until you gain victory! And your Blader’s Spirit is important, not winning!” I laughed and hugged the kids.

Then out of nowhere, a group of boys, probably teens, arrived. “Hey, get outta here, you weasels!” one teen yelled, known as Rocket; the leader of his team, Team Rock Blast. I turned around and growled. “Hey, you have no right to say that!” Rocket stared at me and said softly,” So, isn’t it the champion of the Battle Bladers, Hikaru, leader of Team Metal Strike?” I frowned. “Hmph! Let’s make a deal! If you lose against us, you and those little pussy weasels will have to leave… FOREVER!” Rocket said. I growled and said,” But if you lose, you will have to leave here and never return!” Rocket laughed and exclaimed,” I will never lose!” I smiled and one of the kids, behind me, whimpered and said,” Please win, for us.”

I looked behind, to the bladers and my eyes widened. And they shook with faith. They sparkled with determination.

I grunted and nodded.

Rocket and his team prepared their launchers as I prepared mine. “Hmmm…. Me against their team. 6 Bladers against me.”  I thought.

We began.





We launched our beys and they hit the solid smooth stadium. All of the other six beys charged forward to mine.

“Let’s do this!” one member said aloud.

“Grr! Now, Kerbecs!” another one yelled.

And the other members continued to fight hard and long.

Also the leader fought tough.

“Hahaha! Now, Leone!” Rocket commanded. I wasn’t going to give up. “Ha! You really think I am going to go down quickly? Think again! Aquario, haha, let’s start this!” I smiled and thrusted my fist forward.

Aquario dodged all attacks aimed at it and slammed Leone with a powerful hit that sended it flying into the air. Rocket stared at Leone with widened eyes and yelled,” No! Leone!” Then Leone landed. Rocket growled.

“Members, let’s fight at the same time! That will double our power!” Rocket exclaimed. The team, the whole team, commanded to their beys. Now, Rocket commanded. The beys, including Leone, gathered up like a group of people.

I gulped.

I wasn’t going to give up on my team.

Team Rock Blast ordered their special moves. Then the beys did their special moves at the same time, combining the moves together. The attack was aimed at Aquario. “No! Aquario, dodge!” I yelled. Rocket laughed and said, “Too late for that!”

Then the beys hit Aquario.


A pulsing explosion sent Aquario wobbling.

I fell down, hitting my head. I groaned.

I tried to stand up and widened my eyes.

“No, no, no,” I whimpered.

Rocket decided to finish me off. The team laughed at me. “What a weakling!” Rocket laughed. Then the beys started hitting Aquario and sending explosions after every attack. “No, no! Aquario!” I said, with tears falling down.

Then a flashback occurred.

“Hey! Camila! Let’s battle here!” one of the Street Bladers said. “Ok!” I said, happily. Then the battle started and I defeated them with my Burn Aquario. The Street Bladers groaned. I laughed and said,” Do better!”

Another flashback occurred.

I was battling my grandmother. I would always beat her and she said to me,”You are strong, but not like me.” But then I asked,”What do you mean?” Then my grandmother said, “You have a strong spirit and a heart of a champion.” That made me smile. It gave me determination. I wasn’t going to give up on my grandmother nor my family.

Then I snapped back into reality.

Tears fell down over my cheeks.

Those tears are the tears of happiness and determination.

I wasn’t going to give up.

I frowned and wiped my tears off my cheeks.

“Now, Aquario!” I commanded. Rocket looked up to me, confused.

“Huh?!” I exclaimed. Aquario wasn’t doing anything, just wobbling and about to lose. I gritted my teeth.

“Aquario… Please don’t give up,” I sobbed.

The beys kept hitting Aquario. Rocket chuckled. The kids behind me stood there with terrified faces. I sobbed. And sobbed. I didn’t want the kids to be in danger.

And again, Aquario kept wobbling and wobbling deeply. It was losing. I grunted as I put effort to stand up. “No! Aquario! No! No! No! No!” I screamed. Then something happened. Aquario began to glow. I said, screaming, “We don’t give up! I am going to the Championships with you, Aquario!” Aquario began to glow a little brighter. Then I noticed the glow. “Huh!?” I exclaimed. Rocket and his team stood there with chuckling faces. Rocket and his team ordered special moves.

I growled and said,” Aquario, you and I are unstoppable pairs!” Aquario glowed so brightly. I smiled. But something strange happened. A white beam from Aquario shot to the sky. “Aquario!?” I screamed. Then Kiki, Jesus, Alejandro, and Alexander came running. The beam shot from the sky to Aquario. I screamed and I glowed with my spirit and Aquario’s spirit. “Aquario? Are… you… changing?!” I exclaimed. Aquario changed shape and an explosion occurred. Then it sent a very powerful attack that blasted Team Rock Blast’s beys out of the stadium and in the air. The team ran away forever. I screamed and fell down. Another explosion occurred. As it died down, I stood up, revealing my new Aquario. It was… different.

I grabbed Aquario and I didn’t know what bey was it. But it was heavy. I smiled and looked back to the kids. They started running to me. “Yay!” the kids shouted. I laughed and hugged them.

Then when I left, the kids and other bladers began fighting. One little kid waved to me and yelled,”Good luck in the Beyblade World Championships!” I thanked him. My cousins and my brother peered on my bey, smiling. “I am going to take it to a mechanic,” I said.

As we arrived to the Bey Mechanic, I talked to him. “I had Burn Aquario and during in a battle, it changed, but I don’t know what bey is it now.” The mechanic grabbed my new bey and placed it inside a machine. He typed down a few buttons. Then he stared at the computer. “It’s MF Twisted Aquario AD145 WD. And believe or not, it has a rare power in it. This is so spectacular! This is one of a kind!” the mechanic exclaimed. I smiled, then I asked,” What’s MF? And what type is it?” The mechanic answered, “MF stands for Metal Face or Metal Face Bolt. And it’s Defense type.” I widened my eyes. “Oh yeah, and MF adds more weight to your Aquario, making it a very strong defense type. Also, no matter what move it is aimed at it, since it’s heavy, it won’t affect it, “the mechanic added, smiling. He gave the bey to me and patted on my back. “You need to control Aquario’s power. That is one tough bey I haven’t seen for a long time,” he chuckled.

“Good luck, Hikaru.”

I wondered how he knew my name.

But whatevs.

I waved back to him, thanking him and saying good bye.

I went back to my cousins and my brother.

We talked and talked.

Then we slept for the night. I grabbed my Twisted Aquario and hugged it. I knew I would definitely win with my Aquario. And so, with that, I went to sleep.

In the morning, I woke up and changed. I grabbed my bookbag and went to the Beypark to train. This time my cousins and my brother went with me. We trained and trained and I tried to control Aquario’s power. But every time I launch, it would just send a single hit that would finish off a bey. I grunted and said to Aquario,” We need to fight together, not as individuals! We will fight together and let me feel your spirit!”


Aquario circled around me very fast and it glowed with its spirit. I smiled and yelled,” YAHH! YEAH! Let’s train and train and train hard to reach for our dreams!” Aquario felt my spirit and I felt Aquario’s spirit. Then a beam reached up to the stars and it went down. Everything died down and softly, Aquario landed on my hand. “I controlled Aquario’s power and spirit!”

I battled against Kiki and Aquario followed my orders. It finished Kiki’s bey. I grabbed Aquario and smiled.

Then, months passed and I continued to train harder. Then one day, I laid on my bed, looking at the stars. They twinkled with light. Tomorrow is the Championships, I thought. I must get ready. I closed my eyes, waiting for the day I have been waiting for my whole life.

“Hello, boys and girls! Today is the day you have been waiting for!” the DJ screamed with anxiety. “Whoa! Cool!” some bladers said as they looked at the screen of the huge TV.

“I’m totally going to see Team Metal Strike fight!” one small blader said.

“Hmm… guys, get ready for the end, “I said, confidently. My cousins and brother nodded with agreement.

We arrived on the porch, with Team Metal Strike’s logo behind us. “Hmph.”

The spectators yelled, “Hi-ka-ru! Hi-ka-ru! Hi-ka-ru!”

I laughed and waved my hands in the air.

“Here comes Team Rock Blast!” the American DJ yelled. I stared to Rocket. I could tell that his hands were shaking. He was probably nervous.

“I’ll take it.” Kiki shoved me. “You sure?” I asked him, carefully. He looked at me, behind and smiled. “I can do this. You can count on me.”

I smiled and patted him. Rocket went down to the stadium. Kiki went down towards to the stadium.

“Alright! Here’s the first contestents for this match! It’s Kiki, the awesome blader you all know, of TMS vs Rocket, the unstoppable rocket of TRB!”

“Hpmh. You are weak,” Rocket said, smiling grimly. But Kiki didn’t say anything but he only shrugged.

They started.






“Now, L-Drago!” he commanded. L-Drago slammed Leone out of the stadium. “Grrr!” Rocket exclaimed.

“I’m not going down!” Kiki yelled as L-Drago slammed Leone to its victory. Rocket stared at Leone. “Ugh. Leone…”

Kiki grabbed his L-Drago and the DJ screamed,” Well, that was short! Victory goes to Kiki, member of TMS!” Kiki smiled and did a thumbs up at me.

The second match, Alejandro won.

We fought every team and won to the very end!

“Alright, folks! This will be a very exciting last battle that you will never forget! The last battlers are Ryo, leader of Team Dragon Death vs Hikaru, leader of Team Metal Strike! Remember final battlers, there is only going to be one match. Whoever wins the match will gain victory! Who will gain victory to the end and become no. 1 in the entire world!? Man, this is going to be pumped up!” the DJ screamed.

I stood on the other side of the stadium and smiled at Ryo. He grunted. “I will never lose to the likes of you,” he said. “I will win this thing!” I shouted back to him.

“Let’s do this! The final battle of the Beyblade 2013 Championships is about to begin before your eyes, bladers!” the DJ said, pumped up.

I prepared my launcher and Ryo prepared his.

“3,” Ryo and I shouted and so the bladers followed us.




Aquario and Nemesis had hit the stadium.

“Woo! The battle had just started!” the DJ shouted.

“Now, Aquario!” I screamed.

As when Aquario hit Nemesis, it didn’t budge. Nemesis didn’t even move an inch nor have any damage!

“Huh?!” I said in confusedness. Ryo laughed and said,” Nemesis is a balance type! Any attack won’t affect it! A lot of attacks won’t even work! You are not even a legendary blader!”

I stared at him and thought,” Legendary blader? I will show him the true power of Beyblade!”

I opened my eyes and clenched my fists. “I have spirit! I will win this thing, no matter what!”

Aquario zoomed very fast, towards Nemesis. “Nah, that won’t work,” Ryo said, smiling evilly. “Oh, yeah!? Grraaahh!! Aquario, give out all of your power!” I screamed, glowing red and blue. Aquario slammed Nemesis out of the stadium. Ryo widened his eyes and got surprised.

“Whoa! Unbelievable! Aquario sure have it’s true power!” the DJ screamed with happiness.

Ryo grunted and yelled,” Now, Nemesis!” Nemesis slammed Aquario and pushed it very hard to the edge of the stadium, slowing Aquario down with damage. I growled and yelled, releasing my spirit. Aquario backed up, slamming Nemesis back down. Ryo grunted.

“Now, Aquario! Special move: Aqua Explosion!” I yelled with fiery power. Aquario went up to the sky and and went down, sending a powerful explosion that sended Nemesis wobbling. Ryo screamed and Nemesis regained balance and stability. I growled with determination. Kiki yelled,” You can do it!” I turned around to him and smiled.

Nemesis slammed Aquario and Aquario’s Fusion Wheel chipped off, making it lose easily. “No!” I screamed.

“Oh, oh! Aquario’s Fusion Wheel has been chipped off! Will this be the end for Hikaru! I hope not!” the DJ shouted.

I yelled with Blader’s Spirit and Aquario became unstoppable. Nemesis was forced back. Aquario attacked every angle around Nemesis.

I smiled. Ryo didn’t want to lose so he called out a very strong special move. “Now, Nemesis! Special move: Power of The Earths!”

I gulped, remembering how that special move destroyed 50 beys.

But I am not giving up, not for the sake of my friends and family.

Diablo Nemesis charged at Aquario sending HUGE rocks blasting at Aquario. Aquario wobbled and wobbled. I gulped and my heart started beating so fast. Aquario was losing and losing. I gritted my teeth.

I tried to yell,” Aquario get outta there!” Aquario was unable to free itself. Ryo laughed and said,” I am going to be the no. 1 in the world, not you! You are lousy and a weakling!”

I heard enough.

I couldn’t fight back my tears. But they went flowing down.

I wanted to win for my team. They are counting on me. Everyone is counting on me. Everybody on Earth is counting on me. 7 billion people are counting on me.

I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. Everything was black and dark. Everything I heard was silenced. I did not hear anything, except for the explosion that occurred after every attack Aquario took.

I also heard muffled voices from the past.

“We can win, together!”

“The Blader’s Spirit is what matters now.”

“Good luck, Hikaru.”

“You are strong in your heart.”

“I will never give up!”

Tears flowed down on my sunken cheeks.

I also heard another voice, a voice so soft, a voice I will never forget.

“Hikaru, you have spirit, determination, and courage. You tend to never give up. You stand up when you fall. You gain effort to reach for your dream. You use your spirit to win. You fight until you win. You fight with everything you’ve got. You have the heart of a true blader and you were destined to become no. 1 in the entire world.”

I sobbed and I wondered who that voice was. But it was so touching and it made me find hope. It made find determination. It made me not give up. It gave me a reason to win the Championships.

I opened my eyes and I let my tears flow down. I glowed with Blader’s Spirit and I yelled, “AAAHHHH!”

My members were surprised and they were crying. “We are with you!” The bladers around the world shared their spirits and I combined them, unleashing the unstoppable power of the Blader’s Spirit.

I communicated with Aquario. Aquario regained power and stability and slammed Nemesis back. Ryo gasped and I didn’t give up. “Aquario, let’s do this, together! Show your spirit!”

Ryo growled and yelled,” Let’s finish this! Nemesis!”

Nemesis came charging towards Aquario and Aquario came charging towards Nemesis. As they were about to clash, we screamed with effort. An explosion occurred.


The stadium broke and the post in where the DJ was standing broke down.

“AAAAHHHH!” everyone yelled with fright.

I screamed with the last tear that flowed down and with the last piece of spirit I used.

The debris was all over and some people coughed. I tried to open one eyelid but I was so worn out and exhausted that I fell on my knees. Ryo fell on his knees too. The debris and smoke cleared out and there was…

Nemesis; he was stuck in a wedge of the broken stadium.

But Aquario?

Aquario was spinning.

Nemesis was defeated. Defeated. His fusion wheel was chipped off.

I smiled and whispered,” I did it… I did it.”

Then, I fell straight down, not moving an inch.

Ryo gasped for air and he couldn’t believe it. He lost.

Ryo also fell, fainted.

The DJ couldn’t believe it. He was speechless that nothing can’t describe of what he saw.

But then he started to yell.

“Oh, no, bladers! Hikaru… is THE CHAMPION AND NO. 1 BLADER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!”

The bladers cheered loudly.

Kiki, and my cousins, including my brother smiled and cried. “OMG! Hikaru won!” Kiki exclaimed.

I opened one eye, struggling to move. But there was pain. I noticed that my clothes were tattered. Broken. It was scattered with dirt.

I stood up and grabbed Aquario. I smiled and Aquario’s Clear Wheel sparkled and shined before my eyes. Ryo was crying. I came up to him and held out my hand. He stood up and slowly, shook my hand.

“You are a true blader, my friend,” I said, nicely.

“You too,” Ryo said.

I nodded.

On the stage my team and me held our trophies and medals. I turned to Kiki.

“You guys helped me. But finally, we reached our dreams. We became no. 1 together!”

Kiki smiled and hugged me.

“Say hello to the no. 1 blader in the world, Hikaru Hasama!” the DJ said.

I held up my trophy and my trophy shined by the reflection of the sun.

I smiled and I wondered what had helped me win. I knew it was the Blader’s Spirit. I knew it was luck and my skills. I knew it was my confidence. But I think there’s something more that helped me. It was my soul of determination.


The End.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Hikaru Hasama. All rights reserved.

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