1000 years later

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl is living in the year 3000, where the sky is always grey and trees are unheard of. Don't judge me because it is horrible. It was a piece of writing I did in a year 6 competition, that I just wanted to show to you.


Perth must've once been beautiful. There could have been blue skies different types of plants or even trees. I think mums lying about this sort of stuff because everyone knows that the sky is grey, the only type of plant is fungi and I don’t even know what a tree is. But, mum’s a scientist and she’s 42 so he must know a lot more than me being only 7 and still in primary school. Still it is very hard to believe that even 1000 years ago (the year 2000) All that stuff was still around.

Today I am moving house because of mum’s research. I’m not sure that I want to go and I don’t really know what her research is about, but I love the feeling that we’re moving location. I love packing my bags and putting them through the teleportation door to the house delivery company. I love looking at what the ‘for sale’ sign that is placed on top of the address to my house when it is typed up on ‘woogle housefinder’ the best real estate websight in the world. I gives me the feeling we’re on holiday. After one last glance at my old house, I am just about to type my new address into the teleportation door when my Dad stops me with one hand.

“Maggie, we’re not going by the teleportation door today we’re going by car.” He tells me.

“Why?” I ask bewildered. “With the car it takes at least more than 5 minutes to get somewhere, with the teleportation door It takes 5 seconds.”

“I know Maggie, but the place we’re going doesn’t have a teleportation door.” Says Dad “I know it old fashioned, but as soon as your mum is finished with her research we’ll be back in a jiffy” I can tell that he I trying to stay cheerful but I doubt that he wants to go.

Being in a car I have to say is the most boring thing in the world. I have been counting the drizzles of rain on the window for almost an hour and I don’t think I can bore myself anymore. Just as I’m about to die of boredom Dad presses some buttons on his remote control to pull up into shed of the weirdest house I have ever seen. Well, actually the house isn’t that bad. It’s the stuff around it that’s weird. Green spiky things are on the ground, some with pretty little yellow things placed on top of it. Right in the middle of all this confusion-I’m trembling as I write these words- there is a tree. Really I'm not kidding. I’ve listened to many of mums descriptions of trees in the past and this tree matches all the descriptions completely. I am just about to rush outside and explore this weird and wonderful tree, but before I can, mum grabs my shoulder me and says,

“Maggie you cant go outside, the front and back yard are for research purposes only. If you go outside you could get many illnesses or diseases, because you have never been outside before. As a matter of fact, no one around the globe has ever set foot outside in 500 years. We don’t know what the environment holds, Maggie”

“I’ve been out-” I blurt, but then shut my mouth because I know that that is a total lie. I always go to other places using the teleportation device, which I’ve never teleported outside with, and the car is always parked in the shed. I’ve never been outside except when I was in a car! After I help fix up the house with mum and dad I go to bed, surprised that I had never found that out before.

The next morning I wake up in my new house feeling extremely curious to know about this mysterious ‘outside.’ I cant believe that no ones set foot outside for 500 years. I don’t want to disobey my parents though, but outside looks so amazing. After a long hour of debating whether I should go outside or not my curiosity finally gets the better of me and I go out of the window of my room to the back yard. Its a fabulous experience. All different scents of nature waft around me like-well I don’t know what like, it’s all new! The air is refreshing and made my lungs work well and easily. “that is probably why everyone has asthma now days” I think to myself “because no one has been outside to get fresh air” The cool breeze hits my face like a rock because of the lovely texture and the green stuff on the ground brushes my ankles like soft spikes of kleenex tissues. Just as I am about to explore the tree I spot a huge, red and furious face from behind the window.

“OH MY GOD, I’ve been caught.”

“Why Maggie why?” demands mum. “why did you disobey me?” “You could‘ve become seriously sick so you’ll have to get tonnes of medication from the doctor now, oh and you’ll be in the papers. Think of the humiliation!”

“woah, breathe mum” I say in relaxed tone to calm mum down. It doesn’t work. Mum keeps rambling on and on about the same thing that I find myself nearly drifting off to sleep. I think that it’s a bit useless, because really, I don’t find myself that sick. To tell the truth, I feel quite a bit better than what I used to be. I also don’t care about being in the papers. To be honest, I’m truly a bit excited to be known world wide. Its the medication that I’m scared about. I hope I don’t have to get any injections.

“Maggie, this won’t hurt even slightly” says the doctor.

“Ugh” I knew I was going to have to have injections. I know that injections don’t hurt, but It’s just the process of having a pointy stick stabbed into your shoulder that freaks me out a little. I’m sitting on the sofa in my living room getting all my medications from the doctor today and every medication I have had has been inserted by a needle. Usually it wouldn’t be that bad, but mum is not here holding my hand because she thinks these needles are more like a punishment for going outside. I close my eyes and wait for the next horrid jab to come through my shoulder. “by 3 it’ll be over” I think to myself

“1,2,3...” Nothing came. I open my eyes to see that the doctor isn’t there.

“Hey doctor where are you? I yell.

“I’m here Maggie” says the doctor. “Don’t be alarmed”

I walk to the next room and nearly have a hard attack despite the doctors warning. My dad and the doctor are kneeling beside my mum who doesn’t seem to be moving. I look at the doctor for some explanation, who just simply says,

“Your mum does not have enough oxygen in her body. She is dying as we speak.”

I kneel down and start to cry, as if waterfalls were pouring out my eyes. Tears pour down my cheeks as I think about all the happy memories I have had with Mum. I wish there was at least some way to save her. I would do anything, absolutely anything to make my mum healthy again. Then it hits me.

“Mum needs to outside” I say.

“No way.” Says Dad and the doctor in unison. “It will just kill her quicker”

“No, listen to me!” I nearly scream in frustration. “Outside it is a lot easier to breathe. We can save mum if you just listen to me!” “No Maggie she is not going outside. Just accept the fact that we cannot help her.” Says the doctor. In the background I can see Dad nodding his head in agreement.

“They don’t care that mum’s dying.” I think. “Here I am, with one possible way to save her, and all they do is turn it down.” As I’m thinking about this, rage boils over my brain like a bubbling volcano. I’m starting to hate my Dad and the doctor because it is their fault mums not getting better. I also hate the invention of ‘inside’, because if it was never invented mum would have never got sick in the first place. Suddenly I don’t care what the doctor or Dad thinks. I throw a chair at the window as hard as I can, which makes the chair and the window shatter as if lightning struck it. I lift mum up and carry her over my shoulder which for any 7 year old except me would’ve been impossible, but I am very strong, and when my mum’s dying, weight would not putt me off from saving her. I then climb out the window and place her on the ground. I pick the yellow things off the green stuff and place them around her, like a bed. I can here people shouting at me in the distance, but all my senses are for mum. I place a hand on her chest. Her heart is still beating, but it is very faint. “Mum” I whisper. “Please don’t die.”

Then suddenly out of no where, her heart beat starts to feel more clear. I can feel her chest rising up and down. “mum?” I ask.

Then her eyes shoot open.

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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