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Okay forgive me if this is horrible or way off...
However, this is my way of saying to all of you feeling sad or glum-you are not alone and there is help out there.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




I’m holding myself together

I’m holding it in like glue

I’m keeping it in - I don’t know wether

It’s okay for me to be blue


Maybe I could spill it out.

It could even be good for me

Although I know-beyond a doubt

That they just won’t let it be


It’s not bad! They’ll shout

It’s bright clear as day

You shouldn’t pout

Just smile-they’ll say


But sometimes a smile is just not enough

You wouldn’t see that I know.

Because On the outside-a smile seems tough

But inside I’m deep in sorrow.


Maybe I could slip away

It’s not like anyone would think;

Much of me if I chose to flay

Or went in a simple wink.


But somehow I think I’ll live

I don’t want to give up just yet

I hate life now, but if I give

Some time- I won’t feel at threat


But what should I do today?

The biggest fight is with me

Maybe help is okay..

As my mind just won’t let me be


So that’s what has wound me sitting here

Under the psychologists chair

But finally letting it out? I fear

She won’t be able to bear.


Such a stupid tale

She probably thinks I’m dumb

But if she starts to judge-I’ll bail

I’m already sad and glum


But she looks at me with kind eyes

Writing away with her pen

I start telling her more-it might not be wise

but I want to feel good again


I truly did not expect that

I feel a huge weight off my chest

Just a small little chat

And now I feel great! I’m certainly at my best


I know I won’t always feel this way

Don’t know what’s in store afterwards.

But for now things look better, I’ll say-

my life should be heading upwards

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