The Thrill of Battle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A tale of two samurai. This bit of poetry is based entirely in truth (and only slightly embellished) and taken from my own life. One of my dearest friends and I came up in the world of Kenjutsu together and continue to meet often to fight.

This dance I've been missing is close at hand,

my rival draws nearer by the second.

For years we've played together in the moonlight,

letting our sorrows go free.

The clashing of steel and the taste of blood and sweat,

the sweetest combination to us both.

Our scars tell of great battles and our new wounds record this night,

our blood seeps into the earth.

Amidst a great sea of trees we are not alone,

our ancestors watch in silence.

We sway in the wind and move through the night,

flowing like the water of life.

Our music fills the countryside,

our very souls echo through the fields.

We grin at each other and embrace once more,

tearing the flesh from our bones.

My blade snaps just as yours does,

we watch them fall to the ground.

You raise your fist and cry out,

I laugh as it meets my chin.

For hours we strike out at each other,

until there is nothing left within us.

You collapse and I follow suit,

raising my hand towards the stars.

We laugh like old friends and speak of this meeting,

laying on the cold ground as we bleed out.

We tend to each others wounds and rest for the journey,

eating dinner by the fire and drinking harsh drinks.

The morning comes and we part ways,

our paths go in opposite directions.

Who once was my greatest enemy,

has become my dearest friend.

Our bond is as that of brothers now,

our battles that of legend.

Until the next we meet,

I shall listen for word of your death.

If you should fall before I,

I shall bury you myself.

Here in our sacred place,

we can battle until judgement day.






















Submitted: November 23, 2014

© Copyright 2021 HikoTheScholar93. All rights reserved.

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