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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“…tantalising glimpses of a world of half-light, half-shade…highly visual poetry, words shaping scenes with deft skill…lyrical at times…emotional and emotive, the poet pulls the reader into his thoughts…often filled with a sweet poignancy that pierces the mind’s eye…intriguingly complex, many poems, though short, have a rich, dense texture…I greatly enjoyed this collection and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone…”

Millicent Fritter

  Alexandria’s perfume quells my heart

The union of an unlit heart

My thoughts uneven by the way

The memory of another day


Apple-bloom, shining-appled

Honey-blossom, rainbow-dappled

Red-russet is the sea

Bees scramble with glee


Beauty’s realm covets night

Star-lashed silver-spilt night

Golden-breath soil-tipped

A heart so ripped


Fired by dune

Rotted by swoon

My Love’s beauty is fire-strung

Apple-scoops, ruby hoops dune-sung


Moon drapes an arch beauty

Emerald pools shimmer duty

Your sweetness is a dewy drape

Your sweet poison is the grape


Splitting sun sears my mind

Her harsh words…not too unkind

The memory of another day

When I was young, when I was gay






Alexandria’s wreathed crown

Beauty’s own jet gown

Violets and roses writhe in lust

My heart, to-morrow, to be dust


White mistress in naked stole

Wrapped heavy in crimson soul

Leaves dance the light

Autumn’s browned flight


Pearl-blossom is a silky hue

Woman’s dress velvet-blue

Satin waters, sapphire-blue

Isle’s dripping new


Diamonds wrap

A comely trap

A snared, toothed

A life proved


Flowers bend in summer’s shed

Colours fix time’s bed

Crystal sands time’s dead

A lover’s said


Your curséd smile, your false affair

Your stupid, vexed, wanton stare

Corruption is a lovely thing

Whose kingdom is a little ring






Alexandria’s closed gates

Shadow’s handsome waits

A ghastly friend leads my hand

“Come hither, join our joyful band”


Were I but a simpleton

An easy-lying stupid one

I would the night to give a bowl

She to save a wrecked soul


These wat’ry folds, yours to roll

Memories of a blackened soul

Spring’s fountains dazzling dare

A lover bare


Apple’s scent taints the air

Blossom pink the complexion wear

Spring’s tousled dream

A lover’s dream



Misty decked

A lover cradled

Waters ladled


Lily-pad calm-kissed

Lover missed

Kisses sweet

Smiling sweet






Alexandria’s beauty

Wasted, sleepy

A great bird swoop the sky

Mountains arch steep a-high


Beauty’s coven, nature’s heir

Graceless, troubled, poisoned air

A rotten apple is a lovely thing

Tangled beauty, purple string


Crumbling beauty

Maiden fluty

Passion sprung

Peach and crumb


Leaves and cherries

And youthful berries

A dog’s bark

A soul stark


Lovers mark their playful deed

Under your eternal steed

Yellowed rays bathe the world

Ever swirled


Were I, I would cry

Not I to die

Spume and sea

Is it I who see?






Alexandria’s music

Palled heart sick

Rest is sweet

The most tender meat


Art destroys

A nation’s toys

Icicle-dark is a stone

Circled by a universe lone


Blossom-one, nature’s pride

Ringing rhyme is the tide

Questions are

A voice too far


You are but a man

Who burnt and ran

To what end

A dove to send?


Leaves rippling

Lover’s quibbling

Frost-cold and deadly

A lover wed she


Lower your head

A dog dead

Remember the other day

How did you say!





Alexandria’s milk sweet

Beauty’s splendour fleet

Apple green thrills me

Desert pools still me


Blossom ripe

A lover’s type

Flesh’s glow

A lover’s snow




Forgotten days



A stone jolts a sheer surface

A dog gambols in grand circus

This fray

I muse by day



Lovers weep

Lovers’ crime



Lovers weep

Lovers sleep

Lovers cry

Lovers lie

Submitted: April 28, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Hilary Pinkerton. All rights reserved.

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