Forgotten then shattered.

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Mia finds something unique in her drawer and suddenly she's on Sa-ka-Ja, a magical place in the year 5011. She's having so much fun, and even makes a new friend. But things get rough when she ends up being stuck on Sa-ka-Ja! How will she ever get home to her mom? Find out as you read the short story - Forgot then shattered.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011




I’ve been stuck in here for what seems like forever. I don’t know how I got here or even when. All I know

is that I’m in a dusty dark drawer and I feel like I’m about to break. I Think I’m stuck in the home of a

mother and a daughter because I keep hearing voices. They sound like the voices of a woman around

the age or 30 or 40 and a young girl around the age 10 or 11. What was that? I hear something.


next to me, this is her homework. Am I finally going to be found? I see a light as the little girl opens the

drawer. The little girl finds her homework and she finds me. A pair of glasses.


I heard the voices a couple days ago talking about the little girl (Mia) breaking her glasses, so when

the girl picks me up she screams, “Thanks for the new glasses mom!`` Does she think that I’m her new

glasses? She doesn’t know what’s going to happen if she puts me on. She puts me on anyway. You see,

I’m not just an ordinary pair of glasses. I have an ability that nobody else has, I’m able to travel between

Planet Earth and Sa-Ka-Ja. This happens only when the 2 buttons on my arms click when someone puts

me on. When Mia puts me on, there`s lights flashing everywhere (this happens when we start to

teleport) Suddenly, we`re here. ``Welcome to Sa-Ka-Ja.``


  ``Who-Who said that!?” Mia screams in panic. “I Did. Your glasses. My names Tyler. You’re on Sa-Ka-Ja.

Year 5011.” I say. “What do you mean you’re my glasses?” Mia stuttered slightly.  She took me off and

pokes my lenses.  “OUCH!” I scream in pain, “Why’d you poke me in the eyes!?” “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t

know.” Mia says ashamed. “It’s okay. Your name is Mia right?” I ask “Yes it is.  Hey Tyler, I’m kind of

tired.” She yawns. “Let’s go find a place to rest.”  I think Mia is worried about her mother. I hear them

 talk a lot and I think they are very close. I think Mia lost her dad. Did he die or just run away? I shouldn’t

worry, it’s none of my business.  We finally found a bench to rest on. I’ll show her around tomorrow.


When we wake up we get up and walk around for most of the day.  We’re very close in my opinion. Best

friends or so Mia says. While we walk around we see strange things. We see a blue dog with 9 legs and a

puppy that walked around on 2 legs who pushed around a lady in a fish tank, I think she was an octopus!

“Tyler! Look! A playground! Let’s go play!” Mia shouts excitedly.  I have a bad feeling about this. She

climbs across the monkey bars, slides down the slide and climbs up the rock climbing wall. She sees a

tire swing and sits on it. It starts swinging electronically. It swings really fast, too fast, in fact, so fast I fly

off Mia’s head and land in the sand. Mia runs towards me in panic. CRACK! She stepped on me. I think

I’m about to die, “Goodbye Mia…” I Whisper slowly. Then just like that. I’m gone. 


d Mia

Oh No! I broke Tyler! He’s gone. I run to a man walking by and ask in tears “Where can I get these

fixed!?” “You have to travel to the city of Mapalia and find mister Leoin. He can fix them for you.” The

 man replied. I put the broken glasses in my pocket. “Where can I get a map of Sa-Ka-Ja so I know how to

 get there?” I ask the man another question. “Just go north till you get to a blue moon house, that’s

where you can get a map.” He replied happily. He was very kind. I start my trek to the blue moon house.

Why? I lost my dad once, and I don’t want to lose a friend now.


I’ve been walking for 3 weeks. Tyler still hasn’t said anything yet. I’m trying to believe he’s not dead,

just sleeping. I can see the blue moon house way in the distance. I keep walking by strange things, bird

people, people with scales and even dogs that can talk! I’m worried that mother is worried about me

and looking for me. I left her alone, like dad did 5 years ago. You know, I’m just going to keep walking.

Hey! There’s a horse, maybe it’ll take me to the blue moon building.  “Umm..  Excuse me horse, do you

think you could take me to that blue moon house?” I ask politely. “Sure, but why?” he questions

curiously. “I broke my glasses. I need to get a map to Mapalia to get them fixed.”  I reply sadly. “Actually,

 I’ll take you directly to Mapalia. Otherwise you’d be walking for months! It’s a two day ride to mapalia.

Hop on. Let’s go!” He exclaims sweetly. “Thank you so much.” I hop on his back and we head on our two

day gallop to the city of Mapalia.


After two LONG days of non-stop galloping, we finally arrive at Mapalia. I hop off the horse and thank

him a hundred times.  He gives me a whistle and says if I ever need him just to whistle. I thank him again

and walk towards the Manila fix store. (I see it a few blocks away.) Once I get inside I go to the front

desk and ask the man if he can fix them.  “Sure, that’ll be one million dollars per lens, so two million

dollars total.” He stated seriously. “WHAT?! I’m sorry; I don’t have the money...” I mumble sadly. “Then I

can’t and WON’T fix them! GET OUT!” He screams angrily. I run out quickly and blow the whistle, the

horse is there immediately. “Take me back.”  “Did you get your glasses fixed?” he asks. “No...” I reply

sadly, “it was too expensive.” “I’ll take you to someone who can fix them then.” He says. “Thank you.” I

smile and we gallop off onto another adventure.


We’ve been travelling for a couple days now. I think we’re almost there because I can see a city in the

distance. I hope the person he’s taking me to can fix Tyler. Suddenly, the horse stops. “What’s going

on?” I ask nervously. We take one more step then we start floating upwards! The ground is moving us!

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” I Scream. “Calm down, this is how you get to Dr. Franken. He can fix your

glasses very quickly.”  The horse says. I see a house floating in the Air. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! The

horse stops in front of the door and I hop off and walk inside. Dr. Franken greets me nicely at the door.

“Hello there! I don’t get visitors very often. I’m Dr. Franken. What can I do for you?” “Can you please fix

my glasses for me?” I ask. “Sure thing! I’ll be back in a few minutes and they’ll be all fixed!” I wait

anxiously for those few minutes and finally he comes back. “Here’s your glasses! Good as new!”


My lenses slowly start to clear. I’m alive. I’M ALIVE!!!!“I had a pair of glasses just like these once, but of

 course, mine could travel between earth and Sa-Ka-Ja, and they talked. I put them into a drawer in my

sisters daughters dresser and somehow I teleported back here without them.” Dr Franken says. Oh My. I

remember everything now! I’m Dr. Franken’s glasses. I’m happy with Mia though, so I’m going to stay

with her. Mia walks with me in her hands. She’s happy now. Once we leave Dr. Franken’s house she put

s me on and we teleport back to earth.


Once we get back to earth Mia ran right to her mom and said “MOM! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!”

“What happened dear?” Mia’s mother asks confused. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! THESE GLASSES


imagination you have my dear!” Mia’s mother laughs. Quite an adventure Mia had with me on Sa-ka-Ja. 

The next day after Mia’s school Mia comes home whispers “Tyler, let’s go have an adventure!” Mia puts

me on and we teleport. “Welcome to Sa-ka-Ja!” I say, we both laugh as we walk into the Sa-ka-Jian

sunset together. 

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