Just my imagination?

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The teacher of the grade 12 science class of Lamitory Brook highschool tells the story of strange things happening in her classroom with a starnews story at the end.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Just My Imagination?

It was 2004 when the worst student I ever had graduated from highschool. He always pulled mean pranks on me, the grade 12 science teacher, which made me, be mean to him during class. We hated eachother. Now, 8 years past his graduation I regret treating him the way I did, because a year after he graduated, I saw a news story about him. He, had been murdered.

Well, you see, I'm not a believer in ghosts, but once he died, I worried he was going to come back to haunt me. Three years after he died, i forgot about him. That's when strange things started happening. While students were experimenting, test tubes would shatter, or fall almost as if someone were trying to break them, ingrediants would go missing and many more strange things. 

I thought it was just my imagination and students were playing pranks on me. Being a strict teacher, I told my students, if it happened again, i'd call the police. It stopped for a few months, and I had forgotten about saying that i'd call the cops. So, It started again, shattering test tubes, missing text books, and some students reported missing notes. That's when I decided I had to solve this mystery.

After a few weeks of figuring out who did the pranks, I found a note on my desk, thinking it was a note from the parents of a student, i read the note. "Give up your search, or give up your life."

I ignored it, thinking it was one of my students trying to get me paranoid. I kept the search going. The strange things got worse and worse, day by day. I requested a new classroom. They said that the room change could happen but the only room avaible was 12B which is right across from room 13A. I thought about it for a minute, thinking it wasnt a good idea, I accepted the offer reluctantly, knowing it was my only choice. 

Strange things stopped happening after I switched rooms, my class calmed down a lot, and some missing text books started showing up. I thought it was over, till i walked into my class room friday, november 13th to see something written on the whiteboard in large letters, "Haha! Thought you could fool me by changing rooms? Well HA! YOU'RE WRONG." I knew this wasnt a prank from one of my students, for my classroom had been locked all night and nobody could've possibly been in the classroom. That's when I got scared

I considered quitting my job, but I was the only female teacher in Lamitory Brook highschool and i wanted it to stay that way. I decided to continue my investigation. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. One day I was finishing off my work in my classroom, when i heard a thud, as if someone had slammed my classroom door. Then there was the lights, on off on off on off. Then, I heard a voice, "i thought i was clear when i told you to give up the search." I saw a shadowy figure pull out a knife and aim it right at my heart, i was dead before i could scream. Yes, i've been dead for 4 years.


Starnews report. November 22nd 2004:

Teacher Murdered by who knows what. People seemed to believe it was the ghost of the student who had been murdered 3 years prior to the murder of the teacher. The other teachers have been missing for 2 weeks. The schoolhas been shut down due to several students being found dead in the bathrooms and room 12B. Police were sent out to investigate last week, several police have been found, stabbed and dead in their cars. The governement has decided to shut down the city, tear down every house and building so the city will be dead forever. The only thing left shall be the lonley soul of the murderer.

~The End~

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