Hello, Mr. Harper

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When a boy is out on a walk, he talks to Mr. Harper about some recent events, and Mr. Harper's stories surprise him.

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



Hello Mr. Harper
How are you today?


I'm not so good, but how are you?
And thank you, by the way


I'm sorry, I have heard the news
The news of Mrs. Harper


Thank you, thank you for your concern
I just really, truly love her


Mr. Harper, what did happen?
The night you found her lying?
Lying on your bedroom floor
Lying there and dying


Well I went out to get her favorite
Her favorite lemon tea
When I returned, her body was burned
Straight up to her knee

Her clothing drenched in blood
Yes, drenched in blood indeed
The weapon lying next to her
And burned just like her knees

Her neck was slowly seeping
Seeping blood onto the floor
The carpet was a perfect white
But no, not anymore

Only a few days
Just a few days ago
I walked into the bedroom
And saw her fingers running slow

Running slowly down his back
Yes, down his back they ran
When I walked in my house that day
She was with another man

I didn't know how to handle myself
Oh yes, I was confused
I thought the Mrs. loved me
And I really felt quite used

So I left with tears all down my face
Tears down my face and crying
She didn't know that I saw her
So I spent the next days lying

I went to get her lemon tea
To her lemon tea I went
And when I got home she was all alone
Her limbs were oddly bent

By her body lay a note
A note beside her body
The note was burned, oh, the Mrs. learned
She shouldn't have been naughty

I grabbed the note and opened it slow
I slowly opened the note
What the note said made me turn red
The only word was "don't"

She looked at me with those dead eyes
With those dead eyes she looked
And when I saw the way she looked
I knew that I was hooked

She deserved what happened to her
What happened, she deserved
When I looked at my wife that day
I couldn't believe I had the nerve

I went through the kitchen door
Through the kitchen door I went
To make myself some lemon tea
And read the mail he sent

I sat beside her with my glass
Yes, with my glass I sat
To look at the body I once wanted
The body I once had

I reported the scene to them
Oh, to the police I said
"I walked inside and found my wife
I found her, she is dead"

They went to my house that very moment
And at my house they would search
They are searching there right now
To see what she had learned

So I'm out on this walk
On this walk, I am out
They won't find out who did this
They won't know what about


Mr. Harper, I must go
I must go now Mr. Harper

I know you didn't do this
I know you really loved her


Loved her? I still do
I still do really love her
I did this to teach her something
And something, she did learn

Word will not get out
No, not even one
So what if when the police leave
You join the Mrs. , son?


Mr. Harper, not today
Not today Mr. Harper
You must be joking, this is crazy
I know you really love her


My secret is not safe son
Son, it is not safe
I must take you to my house now
Before it is too late


Mr. Harper, I'm running away
Away from you, Mr. Harper
What you did to her won't be done to me
Because you really, truly loved her

Goodbye now, Mr. Harper
Mr. Harper, this is goodbye
Your secret is not safe with me
For a boy like me can't hide

Tell Mrs. Harper I said bye now
Mrs. Harper, oh, goodbye

And next time Mr. Harper
Don't tell a boy to lie

See you later, Mr. Harper
Mr. Harper, I will see you
I'll visit you in your jail cell
And tell you stories too

Goodbye now, Mr. Harper
Mr. Harper, oh, goodbye
And remember, this is what happens
If you think a good boy will lie



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