The City Chase

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A person loking for a fresh start in life suddenly finds himself in a despearte situation where his life is at stake.

Submitted: January 24, 2013

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Submitted: January 24, 2013



He sprinted away from the angry crowd, heading towards the gap between the two buildings. Traversing down the gap led Aba to the main road. He turned around and dreaded at the sight of muscle-bound man that's been chasing him. He ran across the road and a bus that he didn't see coming suddenly screeched up and knocked him straight down onto the bare and hard road. He couldn't move much but he glismped at his chaser coming ever closer. In that moment, he flashbacked through his mind on the events of the last hour and how it had led him to this point, a point where his very life is at stake.

It was Aba's first time in Eselte City. This was a city that was really vibrant and thriving. People stamping their feet on the footpaths, cars coarsing their way through the roads, the veins of the city. This place had loads of opportunity and Aba was after those opportunities. Planting his feet from the taxi and onto the ground and smelling the air felt invigorating after a long car ride. He felt hungry and needed quick bite so he decided to head to the nearest cafe and into trouble.

Aba rapaciously scoffed every bite of his sandwich, the food playing strongly on his taste buds. He now felt he had the energy to seize the day. He went to the counter to pay for his meal when he inadvertently banged into a man where his bare skin was innocuous among the tattoos and bulging veins that engulfed him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit you," Aba innocently exclaimed.

"No way man! You did it on purpose!" the man vehemently replied. The man raised up his fist and it was targeted right for Aba. It nearly made contact with Aba's face but Aba cunningly dodged it and he punched the man's solar plexus and finished it off with a roundhouse kick to the thighs. It barely the dented the man, however, as he haughtily stayed straight up. Aba then spin around, running through the entrance and out into the hot afternoon with the angry man after him.

The men ziz-zag their way past the oncoming foot traffic. Aba maintained his lead on his chaser but the distance was getting ever smaller. The only chance he had of losing his chaser was delving through the gaps between the buildings that lined the street. He made his way through one of them and ended up on another street. He saw that his chaser followed suit and if Aba didn't do something, he was going catch up with Aba very soon. Sighting a vacant taxi across the street, he saw his chance of escaping and ventured out on to the road. Suddenly he saw the glint of the bus coming up towards him, which he only saw until he was in the middle of the road. He didn't have time to jump out of the way and he was smakced right onto the windshield of the bus, bouncing off it and onto the ground.

The blazing sun was at the horizon, signaling the ending of the day. Aba opened his eyes and saw the flicker of the sun's rays. It gave him enough light to see that there was a monorail station nearby above the street and monorail train had just stopped in it. He wasn't too far away from the stairs leading up to the station and with renewed confidence, he swiftly got up and bounded for the stairs. He bundled past each person and he quickly turned around to see his chaser also swiftly moving pass the people. He effortlessly jumped over the gates towards the platform with a monorail that was about to close its doors and leave the station. He across the platform and made for the biggest leap of his life stumbled through the closing doors of the monorail. The monorail gained speed when Aba got up from the floor with people looking at him bewilderedly. He saw chaser running after the monorail but to no avail as he couldn't beyond the platform and laid at the platform, feeling tired and furious that he lose his prey. Aba took a seat, feeling contented that it was all over and hoping that this kind of situation would never happen again.


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