The escape

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A pair of secret agents are being chased by the enemies and then more trouble comes for them

Submitted: March 01, 2014

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Submitted: March 01, 2014



The island lay just ahead of them and they were low on fuel after 2 fighter jets shot at their fuel tanks. Aba and Faz had managed to blow a terrorist base camp and escape in their own plane but 2 fighter jets also escaped and gave chase. Suddenly a boom from the side caught Faz’s attention. To his horror, flames were licking at the plane coming from a big hole at the planes wing. Suddenly, they rapidly descended out of the sky. They needed a way out now.


The plane was tilting downwards, debris sliding into the cargo area and the pair were clinging onto their seats desperately. Using all their energy, they each pulled out their own parachutes from underneath their seats and put it on their backs.

“When I say so, we will both jump towards each other and slide down into the cargo area and out through the door!” shouted Aba.

“I’m ready.” Replied Faz.

“Okay. 3, 2, 1, now!” ordered Aba. The pair swiftly jumped together like a pair of magnets, slid down the plane, out through the door and into the open air just before the plane erupted in ball of fury.


They let go of each other and pulled on their own ripcords and the parachutes blossomed. They were fortunate that they landed on the island but as they got rid of their parachutes, they witnessed each fighter jet jettisoning a passenger. The jets were away but now soldiers were after them. Aba and Faz soon started running into the verdant landscape with the terrorists hot on their heels.


Aba and Faz were distancing themselves as much as possible to have time to set up their trap. Vines were appearing in the trees and they thought it would be good for their trap. The pair quickly thought of a plan together. They tied the vines around a log and hang it off a tree thereby making a swinging log. The chasers were nearby and Aba and Faz quickly got into their positions.


“Hey, please don’t hurt me. I was only doing m job.” Aba pleaded on his knees as the chasers came up to him.

“So am I” 1 chaser sternly spoke and aimed a gun at Aba with his trigger finger ready to be in action. Right then, Faz let go of the vine and the swinging log hurtled into the chasers. A chaser crashed on top of the other one and they both toppled onto the ground, knocked out cold.


Aba searched a chaser’s uniform and soon found a satellite phone and called for help, The cavalry soon came in, arresting the terrorists Aba and Faz had beaten and the 2 fighter jets was grounded with both pilots being arrested too. Aba and Faz were glad they made through the whole ordeal with their lives intact and the mission accomplished.

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