The Mission

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A secret agent is caught by the enemies and his find a way to escape from their clutches an accomplish his mission.

Submitted: March 01, 2014

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Submitted: March 01, 2014



He was on the floor of the truck, totally unconscious. Aba was in the hands of the enemy. He had been caught cutting through the perimeter fence as part of a mission to search and destroy a weapon that the terrorist camp was making. A weapon that sent a bitter chill to the entire world.


The truck screeched to a halt. Aba stirred into consciousness and looked at the blazing sun. He always wondered whether he would see the sun again and he did so after every mission but he still couldn’t help but wonder. He was dragged the whole way, from the truck, along the sandy dunes and towards the feet of the man who seemed to be in charge of the place. Between the army hat that padded the top of his head and the beard that smeared across his chin, a scar slithered around his face like a zipper that revealed the evil within.


The man spoke to Aba, knowing that he came here to destroy their secret weapon. He then kneeled down, facing him and penetrated an ice-cold stare. Aba had seen this look and it was as if the enemy could see right into Aba’s soul. The man then got up and commanded one of his soldiers to take Aba to what Aba overheard as being called the ‘hellhole’. Walking a minute or so with a guard on tow, Aba was led to an elevator that descended deep into the ground. The soldier unhooked the elevator’s door and as soon as he did that, Bond kicked him and the soldier careened into ground with 1 last punch to the face to make sure the soldier was out for the count. It was now time for Aba to finish his mission.


Aba sneaked towards a stack of crates, using it to hide himself from the guards nearby. From this vantage point, he saw a hangar with weapon poking out slightly through the doors. There were too many guards patrolling the area to enter the hangar. Taking out a button from his shirt and swallowing it made him impervious to the knock out gas that he was about to unleash upon the soldiers. He took out the bottom of his shoes, revealing a small gas canister. He pressed a button on it and chucked it in the direction of the hangar, and in 5 seconds the gas emitted its contents onto the unsuspecting soldiers. Soldiers were dropping to the ground, now being in a dream like state for the next few hours. Soldiers from the rest of the base started to take notice but didn’t dare venture towards the area seeing what had happened to the fallen soldiers but Aba did the exact opposite and rushed into the area, towards a helicopter parked next to the hangar.


He climbed into the helicopter and soon was hovering in the air. Facing towards, he fired missiles towards the hangar and when it hit its target, a huge fireball erupted. Soldiers were shooting at the helicopter but to no avail, as it was bullet proof armoured. Aba flew away from the base, contented with another mission accomplished.

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