The unfortunate story of Verminir forest

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Verminir is a mysterious place and has mysterious storys to tell

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



To be continued

Chapter 1

I live with my mum and dad, regrettably. We live on 3 Rymandale close right next to the Vermenir forest, which is accessible just beyond my back garden. Where I spent most of my childhood playing in the tree- house me and my friends built which sadly fell down in the storm last summer so my dad used it for fire wood which makes me feel sad sometimes. As I spent hours and hours of my time as a child in that wooden box! I’m 30 now and now spend most of my time at the job centre looking for any openings. I am now telling this story from the future, which has been ruined by the events of this story.

Chapter 2

"shut up you bitch" I screamed down the stairs, aimed at my mum

"you dare speak to you mother like that" my bastard of a dad shouted up back at me

"I’ll do what I like" I cried

bump ,bump ,bump ,bump, here came my dad, so I rushed straight into my room and locked it using the neat bolt I installed last week.

My dad went to open the door then shouted "don’t come out of this room until I give you permission" he said impatiently

"whatever" I cried

Chapter 3

After an hour I started to get bored as my dad had stopped the electricity in my room. So I ventured out of my window and onto the flat roof. I looked at my watch and I still had a few hours to kill for it was only 2 PM. So I decided to venture into Vermenir which as kids we had shortened down as we couldn’t be bothered to pronounce the full name and I would later realise this little adventure would be a mistake.Chapter 4I started to walk down the little dirt track, which had been engraved in the earth, but I decided this was a bad idea, as I might be seen so I decided to wander into the forest. On the way I passed a small brook with frogs hopping all around it so I caught one in my hands and threw it about 50ft in the air, then it splattered on a rock, wasn’t I lovely child. I carried on walking until I got to a clearing I recognized. Thinking for a few seconds I realised it was the site of what had been the old tree-house . I walked further in to the clearing until I got to Jerry, this was our name for the tree which the tree house was up, I suppose we called it Jerry because it rimed with cherry and Jerry was a cherry tree. I parked my back up against the tree and reflected on my thoughts, but while reflecting n these thoughts, I became so comfy I dosed off. When I woke up it was getting dark so I peeked at my watch it was 6 PM, time for tea I thought. When I got up suddenly standing there was a man dressed as a clown, I went to scream but a big cold hand stopped me. With the other hand the man put his finger up to his lip and made a shhh sound. He took his hand away from my mouth.

"What do you want" I said

"Your body" he exclaimed

"What" I said puzzled

But just then he grabbed me and stood me up and started to undress me until I was bare naked. He looked around to see if anyone was around spying on his actions. When he was sure nobody was he bound my hands with a length of rope and then my feet. When they were secure he stepped back and looked at my naked body.

"mmm I like you" he said

after those few word he started licking my stomach then moved further down and started licking my vagina for about 5 minutes until I orgasmed, which was a first for me. Then he got his penis out and inserted in me and pushed in and out until he orgasmed then he took it out. That was the worst part for me as it hurt terribly for I was only 14.

"you were pretty good" he said, then left into the woods

Chapter 4

The next day I was found by the police as my mum has reported me missing to them. The man who did it to me was never caught, and porobably never will. That event has ruined my life forever and haunts me every night or every time I see a tree

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