The Sky Is a Guy

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A love poem comparing my friend Derrick to the sky. (We are now finally together!!!) I gave this poem to him just today!

Submitted: April 03, 2010

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Submitted: April 03, 2010



The Sky is a Guy

Your midnight sky drapes across your face,

It's a feeling I cannot replace,

I wish to reach up, and pull down the stars from your eyes,

I would hang them in my dreams and realize,

This way when I wish upon them they will all be for you,

Wishes to come true,

When you speak it's a song, soft and fair,

The wind cannot compare,

And when you laugh, it's gentle and steady,

Like rain-drops, unheavy,

Your arms are a place where I fit, I know I belong,

But if I were to embrace them, I'd be wrong,

Your touch is like snow; light, soft, but so delicate. My warmth scares it away,

Your lips must be the milky-way,

For my eyes do not wish to pull away,

When you smile your gift is light,

I'm lost when I look at you, you're so beautiful,

But you're only my friend, without the end,

You barely breath a word,

Staying so unheard,

As hard as I try,

I only cry,

For the lonliness I feel,

When I realize, I cannot have you,

You're so close, but so far away,

Untouchable, I could say,

I can see you, breath you, love you, try to reach you, but never touch your heart,

You're forbidden to me,

But I will always see,

The beauty in you, my untouchable sky,

You're unforgettable, always in my sight,

If you're sad, I'll reach up to catch your tears,

And free you of all your fears,

Sky should be your name,

For your features are to blame,

You are amazing, don't forget,

For gazing at you, I won't regret.

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