Did you know how much I need you?

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Submitted: February 11, 2009

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Submitted: February 11, 2009



I couldn't help but let the one tear role down my check. I've always had a hard time showing emotion, so you may not think much of this single tear but that's more emotion then I've shown in years. I've always been able to put up a brick wall and not let any one in. After my moms death I found it easy to push people away and not get close to any one, that way they couldn't hurt me. I've kept this up for six years, I'm now 19. I've just found out that I did let that wall down, if only for a second. I let it down to the man I loved, the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but he had other plans.

As I looked at down at the green grass the sun shown in to my face before it was blocked by big black clouds.I knew if I looked in to those breath taking green eyes I would let down more then a tear.

"I'll miss you..." I started to say as my black hair blew in to my face and my voice cracked.

"I'll be back in a year or two." my boyfriend, Alex cut me off. He had recently made up his mind to join the navy.

"That doesn't make it any easier." I said as I pulled my black jacket closer to me. I finally looked up to see his green eyes on me as his black hair was blown around by the wind. He had a sharp jaw and pale skin, his green eyes stud out on his face.

"Come on Cat, I'll wright to you, no worries" He said as he pulled me in to him. I burred my face in to his chest not whanting to ever leave his embrace. How could he say 'no worries' at a time like this? That's all I'll do until he comes back, if he comes back...

"That wont stop me from worrying." I said looking up at him the kissing him lightly on the check

He looked like he was struggling with something. I had been with Alex for three years, I had went out with only one other guy. This other guy I had been going out with for two years when he dumped me because he said that I would never let any one close so he dint see any reason to be going out. He was right in a way, I just dint let him in. Alex was different, he had waited on me, he loved for me. He loved me even when I couldn't let him in to see the real me

"Caitlen" He said breaking through my thoughts. I frowned at my the use of my full name. "Baby, it was nice while it lasted."

What was he talking about? Nice while it lasted?

"But" He said looking in to my confused face. "I think our relationship has run it course"

"What?" I said the words not making since.

"Yea, I think its time we both move on, your hot and stuff, its just... well I'm not that in to you any more" Alex's green eyes looked howl as he said this, like there wasn't any life behind them.

It was like a dream. I toke a step back to look at him fully. I think it was the sock that the only person i ever let in, dint even give a damn about me but my legs gave way and my knees hit the ground hard.

Alex gave a disgusted look "Get up" he said to me, all the kindness gone replaced with something else, I dint know what.

"Huh, whatever I'm leaving bitch. Take care of your self for once in your life!" He got in to his gray truck and started it.

"I need you! I need you more then you know!" I yelled as he sat in his truck looking at me. He just shock his head.

I watched as he drove away untilI couldn't see him any more. I let the tears fall once he was out of sight and out of my life...

"I'll miss you..." I whispered one last time before the rain came down and I was left all alone. Never to have him come back. Never to have the love of my life to love me again.

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