Readers' Choice - The Sprint - Song 3

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For the Readers Choice Contest hosted by Zin Dar. I hope you enjoy! :{D

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011





The Sprint


Shingles slipped from my feet as I ran across the rooftop. My legs were sore, stiff from sprinting across the old houses and low apartment buildings. My shoes were falling off my feet, the laces were untied and the soles were starting to detach. Sweat dripped down my face, the droplets leaving my skin feeling tight. My hair was a mess as it fluttered behind me, tangled and dirty. My lungs felt as if they were getting compressed, yet at the same time, being filled with gallons of water. My eyes began to swell up, the tears behaving like sweat, sticking to my face as the sun beats down. My hands are dry, cracked and bleeding, not only from the lack of humidity, but also from the numerous times I had tripped, fallen, and caught myself only just in time.

I could hear the men behind me. They panted as they struggled to catch up with me. I fought the urge to look behind me, I wanted to see how far away they were; it would slow me down and that I couldn’t risk. I continued to run but my energy level was lowering, soon I would be able to go any longer. I heard a man as he unbuckled his pistol from its holster and cocked it. He was going to shoot, I had to jump.

With that one last ounce of strength left in me, I ran as fast as ever, dived between two houses and got ready for contact with the ground. As my feet slammed against it as I bent my knees, letting them take most of the impact. I heard a gunshot behind me, it was loud, it was close. I leapt around the back of the house and broke open the door. I was running for my life, hopefully the people living there would understand. My powerful legs brought me to the front door in no time, and I was out of there like a speeding bullet.

Down the road I went, almost as fast as many of the cars that were honking in my direction. I looked into their side mirrors, there they were. The men were close behind, they had taken the same path through the house that I had. Knowing it was my one last chance to get away, I took a heroic leap onto the top of a car. I landed perfectly, in a huge bear hug with the vehicle. There was a loud thump as I hit the car and the driver must have noticed, but I wasn’t worried about that now. Slowly I rose to my feet and turned around. The men were far back, but I was still in range of their pistols that were aimed in my direction.

An ear-splitting, booming sound echoed through my ears as a bullet was fired, then another, and another. I could see my life flashing before my eyes, everything was  in slow motion, but then it all stopped. The car slammed it’s breaks and I was sent flying backwards into a heap in front of my transport. I was okay, at last.

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