There Is No Second Chance

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Just a poem I wrote, about hope, just with a twist. It's complicated, but unlike life, your given a second chance to find out the meaning of it.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



My heart starts to beat quickly,
As another step I take,
Picturing the my past,
When my heart had begun to break

Now I see the future,
Though little I have left,
My life has been stolen,
Such a great theft

I stare at the ground,
It is so far away,
And I think to myself,
If only I could stay

But I know it’s not an option,
My life must now end,
The split in my heart,
Unable to be mend

I contemplate the things,
As I take one step more,
Then I fall,
Heading towards the floor

My life flashes before my eyes,
I recall all of my past,
All the good things,
Wishing those would last

I remember my seventh Birthday,
On which I had a bash,
My friends dancing happily,
And then more memories flash

Ice cream on the beach,
Hop scotch on the walk,
Board games and charades,
My friends I do mock

My sixth grade graduation,
Then it’s father’s day,
Volunteering at a shelter,
The quite music, of a ballet

I then come to my senses,
My life; better it could be,
Stop this now,
And of depression I’ll be free

I spin myself around,
In mid-air, an easy mission,
I try to grab hold of something,
I’m not in a good position

I begin to think it’s pointless,
I’ll just have to suffer again,
I think of all the depression,
And then of all the pain

From below I hear someone scream,
For help, they do call,
But is no use,
I had already begun to fall

Then I realize something,
I must try one more time,
In my mind,
Joyous bells start to chime

I reach out for a window still,
But sweaty is my grip,
Hold on as I might,
I soon begin to slip

Away from the sill,
Down I fall once more,
The ground races towards me,
And I think about the floor

The bells are now gone,
And I leave death to be,
For depression is yet again,
Sweeping over me

This is a choice,
I soon start to regret,
I plea to the world,
Save me as I do fret

Sirens in the distance,
They seem to be too late,
My eyes are shut tightly,
As my fate does await

I then decided,
That my predicament was okay,
I’ll be remembered good things,
That I did in my day

I let my body lay limp,
Don’t give life another chance,
I lie myself deep,
Never awoken, from my trance

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