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A story of a woman named Samantha who walked out on her own wedding and ends up spending months in the place of her orginally planned honeymoon. There, she focuses on her writing and a handsome stranger she randomly runs into at a beach bonfire. And through the long couple of months she spends reclused from everything and everyone she knows, she discovers more about herself.

Submitted: March 02, 2011

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Submitted: March 02, 2011



The white dress was lying there, completely useless and beautiful on her hotel bed as she ever so often looked over from her laptop to ponder. She had originally pulled it out of its plastic protection for inspiration to write her new novel on heartbreak, but all it did was make her dream bigger instead of feeling that anger she had earlier in the week. At this point in her novel and in her life, love had complicated everything and she was stuck.
Samantha didn’t expect to be spending her honeymoon on an exotic island by herself but it seemed to be the perfect getaway for a heartbreak she was supposed to be having. But in the past night or so, all she felt was relief and hope but not a single tear had been shed. Maybe, just maybe, Samantha wasn’t feeling heartbreak after all.
But since that day, she had been doing a lot of asking. Was she in love with Ryan? Did she really want to get married? Was she happier with Ryan than she was now? Does she even want to go home to a disappointed family?
No, she answered.
Samantha gently closed her laptop and stood at the end of the bed. The dress looked more beautiful to her everyday. But the thought of fire caused a devious smile. Her dark side was lightening up her mind and she couldn’t wait for the night to come.
The Hawaiian people danced and celebrated a night with their guests. The decorations were extravagant and the food was beyond delicious. But Samantha stood amazed by the large, bursting flames. She let the heat overwhelm her skin and excite her heart. The dress was lying so innocently in the warm sand.
“Okay then,” she spoke, bending down to pick up the beauty. “It’s time for goodbye. It was a pleasure wearing you for a whole fifteen minutes.” She stared at it with a smile and stepped closer to the fire. It was the perfect way to end the life she left and a great way to continue her novel. So she took a deep breath and lifted the white, now sandy gown and brought it toward the flames.
“Uh, excuse me.” Samantha jumped back and clutched the dress to her chest. She hadn’t heard anyone approaching inside her thoughts. “Are you alright, ma’am?” She identified the voice as male as she turned and saw the best looking man she‘d ever seen since her father.
“What? Uh, yes…I’m fine.” She startled her words as she continued to stare at the handsome man. He reminded her of a G.I. Joe doll that she adored and played with as a child.
“Are you sure?” He asked. “You keep staring at me.” Samantha’s cheeks turned red and she quickly looked away. G.I. Joe chuckled.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t…you look like someone I used to know.” She tried to explain.
“Don’t worry about it.” He replied. “So…” He looked down at the dress in her arms. Samantha blushed even more and held it close. “What are you doing with a wedding dress?”
“Burning it.” She answered bluntly. G.I. Joe raised an eyebrow. “I was bored.”
“You know there is a cure for boredom,” he said. “Curiosity.”
“It’s more of a coping mechanism and a motivational theory.”
“Oh, I see.” He nodded as he looked up at the giant fire. “Well, you shall continue if you like. I’d rather enjoy watching it myself.”
“Uh, okay.” Samantha cautiously turned her attention back to the fire. G.I. Joe stood beside her, his arm lightly brushing against hers.
As she reached out her arms to place the dress where it belonged, she felt as if G.I. Joe knew what the purpose was. It felt like he was there for moral support. Samantha actually felt comfort and at peace. There was just one more thing to do.
The dress danced beautifully as the flames enveloped it slowly. Samantha and G.I. Joe watched in amazement as the flames flew up into the night sky. Samantha took a deep breath and actually smiled. G.I. Joe smiled back.
“It’s beautiful.” He commented. Samantha nodded in agreement. “I’m sure whatever the reason, it was meant to be.” He reached out his hand with a gentle smile then Samantha took it. “It was nice meeting you. I hope you have a nice stay.”
G.I. Joe swiftly turned and walked toward the hotel on the beach shore.
Samantha sat at the foot of her bed early in the morning and just stared at her laptop that stood on the desk across from her. She hadn’t touched it in two days because her mind was simply not focused. Luckily, she had forever. She quit her job last night when her boss called looking for her and she planned to stay longer than planned. Months longer. She saw this as an opportunity to start anew and move on from her regretful past.
Writing could help her do that but even that was hard to concentrate on. She had a dream about G.I. Joe the night before. She imagined him in ways she had never even imagined her ex-fiancé. Not only did this confuse her, but it gave her a slight hint of anger. She didn’t like feeling vulnerable, even in her dreams, especially with a stranger who she didn’t even know his real name.
But in the dream, she felt like she knew him so well. As if every dark secret or hidden passion was revealed between each other. Samantha reminisced in the sun, biting her nails off, as she always did when thinking too much. As much as she hated her fantasies about the gorgeous stranger, she wanted to see him again. Which angered her more because not only was she starting to obsess over him, there was no way she would be able to find him. Even his face seemed like a blur, something she’d only recognize if caught in the firelight again.
She stood and walked over to the balcony ledge that looked over the beach she visited the night of the bonfire. Nobody looked familiar. All she could see were young kids partying and throwing each other into the water. It made her smile and wonder what her life would’ve been like if for once, she acted like a normal, young woman.
Liquor never tasted so good. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of champagne or a social beer but it had been years since she downed shots of tequila with no worry to have in the morning. No worry except the one of a terrible hangover. But Samantha was okay with that, she had felt worse.
So one after the other, Samantha tightly closed her eyes and swallowed back numerous shots of tequila until her face went numb. She slammed the shot glass on the bar and signaled to the bartender for another. He shook his head but poured her another.
“You, my friend, are a great bartender.” Samantha smiled up at him, despite her blurry vision, and gave a friendly wink. He leaned toward her and stared hard.
“You won’t think so for long. I’m cutting you off after this one, my dear.” Samantha’s jaw dropped in drunken surprise. The bartender chuckled and crossed his arms. “You’ve had so much that even I have lost count. I called you a cab already, it’ll be here shortly.”
“What?” She pushed away her last shot and looked up at the man with confused fury. “You can’t…do that.” She argued while slurring her words.
“Sweetheart, it’s my job to do that.”
“No! Your…job is…to serve drinks.” She pointed her finger at him, glaring with her blood shot eyes. The bartender stepped from behind the counter and grabbed her by the arm. Samantha tried to pull away but even if she wasn’t completely drunk, his strong grip could contain her. “Hey! Let me go!”
“You’re going home.” He said calm and simple. Samantha pulled her arm quickly out of his grip and stumbled back, hitting the bar table.
“Who the hell….do you…think you are?!” She shouted.
“Well, for the past five hours, I’ve been your bartender. And now, I’m the man that’s making sure you make it home safe.” He grabbed her by the arm once more and dragged her toward the exit doors. “Do you remember where you’re staying?”
“Of course, I’m not…stupid.” She let out a burp and giggled her way to the taxi. The bartender held open the door and made sure she was settled in safely. After making sure she was buckled, he hand some cash to the cab driver and slammed the door shut.
Samantha stared out the car window as she watched the man make his way back into the bar. She rubbed her eyes and laid back her head, mumbling the address of her hotel to the cab driver.
You stupid, stupid girl.
Samantha thought to herself as she slowly lifted her sore body off the luxurious bed and rubbed her forehead. She remembered all too well of the night before and regretted it before she had even had the chance to wake up. And the worst part is, she dreamt of G.I. Joe again.
Stupid girl.
The bathroom had seemed so far away and despite the warning of a pounding migraine, Samantha stood and stumbled her way toward it. That’s where she found her cell phone with ten missed calls and six new voicemails. She moaned with frustration, sliding it away from her and turning on the cold water. She wasn’t ready to come out from hiding quite yet. She was a fabulous writer but still had no words to form an explanation to all the people she had let down.
After multiple splashes of water against her flawless, numb face, Samantha pulled her dark hair back into a ponytail. She stared long and hard at the woman in the mirror, hoping for a reasonable answer to why she had acted so outrageously the night before. As she concentrated on the woman before her, a loud knock on the hotel door startled her, causing her to knock her phone into the toilet. She didn’t know whether to be upset or relieved.
Samantha quickly wrapped the soft hotel robe around her body and opened the door to see a short, older woman with a cart holding cleaning supplies. Samantha shook her head and waved her hand. She had just woken up and the knocking seemed to be as loud as bombs going off, the last thing she wanted was a woman who looked more tired than her, walking around and cleaning up after her drunken mess.
“No, not right now.” Samantha said as she dismissed the relieved woman from her duty. As she closed the door behind her, Samantha turned and looked at what used to be a beautiful hotel room. Now it just looked like her bedroom when she was sixteen. “This,” she said as she picked up her cocktail dress, “is what happens when I try to be laid back and have fun.” She looked down to find her engagement ring lying on the floor. “You stupid, stupid girl.”
Just when she thought Hawaii couldn’t get anymore beautiful, she stepped into a place like this. A luxurious, welcoming, and calming spa that was filled with nothing but peace and quiet. Samantha barely made it through the front doors before she stopped to admire the interior decorations and the tropical aroma that exuded from the candles that seemed to be placed around every corner. Now this was the kind of place she needed to escape to.
She approached the front counter where a pretty, Hawaiian girl welcomed her with a smile and a name tag that read, Lily. Samantha smiled back and handed her a flyer she had printed off of the spa’s website.
“I would like this massage treatment, please. I don’t care how much it costs.”
Lily nodded with a pleased smile as she stood from her office chair.
“Right this way, ma’am. Mitchell will be your masseuse today.”
“Uh, is Mitchell…gay?” Samantha asked hopefully. The last thing she wanted was for another man to get touchy-feely while she was being induced by some kind of toxin, whether it be alcohol or aroma therapy.
“We try to keep that confidential, ma’am.”
“Well, I’m kind of hoping he is.” Samantha added as she stopped in the middle of the hall. Lily shared another smile as she opened the door to the room where Samantha would receive her massage. Samantha hesitated, waiting for a sign that Lily would give her but she got nothing.
“If you would get undressed and get ready, Mitchell will be with you shortly. Enjoy your stay, ma’am.” After Samantha stepped in to the empty, silent room, Lily gently closed the door behind her.
Samantha waited, naked and nervous, on the massage bed. The towel barely covered her body and she was impatiently wondering the sexuality of Mitchell. She held her breath when she heard footsteps just outside the door. Then, it creaked open and in walked Mr. G.I. Joe, himself. Samantha gasped and clutched the towel closer to her body.
“Well, hello there.” He greeted cheerfully. “It’s nice to see you again. How is your stay so far?” He asked as he prepared the massage essentials. Samantha didn’t know whether she should be horrified or ecstatic that this man she had dreamt about would be practically making her dreams come true.
“It’s been…interesting.” She finally answered, wondering herself if she still had a voice. Mitchell smiled and held out two different lotions. Samantha stared at them then back up at him.
“Which do you prefer? A lot of my clients go for lavender but I still say lilac is better.” Samantha couldn’t stop staring at his hands, not even realizing that he was talking to her. All she saw were his massive, dreamy hands. “Samantha?” He called to her. She snapped out of her embarrass daydreaming and focused on the lotions.
“Uh, lilac.” She answered with an awkward smile. “Wait, how did you know my name?” She brushed a strand of hair out of her face, growing more nervous as each second passed.
“Lily lets me know before I come into the room.” He turned and placed the lilac lotion on a small, nearby table. “Lilac oils too?” He looked back at her and she nodded. “Fantastic!” He said with great enthusiasm. “Well, Samantha, are you ready?”
Sometime between the beginning of the massage and the end, Samantha fell asleep. And sometime during that time, Samantha dreamt. And sometime during that dream, Samantha moaned and Mitchell laughed under his breath.
She was peculiar, he thought. Definitely not like any other beautiful woman that stepped into his spa to receive one of the most expensive massages. He stared at her naked, relaxed body curiously. His masculine hands worked through her obvious tense muscles and eased that tension. Samantha’s body loosened in her sleep and her arms dropped. Mitchell smiled with satisfaction. How his client’s body reacts is how he knows if he’s doing his job right.
Samantha inhaled deeply then slowly exhaled. Mitchell looked over to see her eyes flickering open.
“Perfect timing.” He commented. “You’re just about finished.”
“I don’t want to be finished.” Samantha mumbled. She felt his hands pull away after one last rub down. “I’ve never felt so good.” She pushed her sleepy body off the bed, pulling the towel up to her chest, covering any exposed areas. “Thank you.”
“You’re quite welcome.” He responded with a smile as he wiped his hands on a towel. “I’m always pleased to hear that my clients enjoyed their stay.” He turned to the set up table and starting cleaning up all the lotions and oils.
Samantha wanted to initiate another conversation, something more personal and perhaps get to see him again under the conditions of her having clothes on. But that was the problem, she looked down and saw her bare legs swinging off the edge of the bed.
“I’ll leave you to get dressed and you can make your payment with Lily.” He smiled and nodded before swiftly leaving the room. Samantha sighed in disappointment, wondering if she would’ve have the courage even if her clothes were on.
On the bright side, it seemed as if his hands had pushed out all of her demons and regrets that were building up inside. She scooted off the bed and grabbed her bra and panties, the ones she picked out for Ryan for the night of their wedding. Another deep sigh escaped from her mouth.
She would need more than just one massage to rid her of all her demons.

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