What Happens After (READ)

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What happens after? What about what happened before. READ.... it's a speech thing I had to write for my Language Arts class btw, so I just want your guys opinion on it..

Submitted: March 20, 2011

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Submitted: March 20, 2011



What happens after.

A question repeated over and over.

What happens after a tornado, a hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake?

What happens after pollution, global warming, war.

We ask this question everyday, but we don't ask ourselves the most ??prominent question of all.

What happened before?

What happened before the tornado, hurricane, tsunami, and earthquake?

What happened before pollution, global warming, and war?

What CAUSED these terrible things?

We don't ask these questions because we're afraid of the answer.

The answer, that we all know.

WE, us HUMANS, we caused almost all these things.

Once upon a time, there were people who knew they had talent of whatever kind, and worked hard to achieve their goals.

Once upon a time, there were people who cared about the environment and what it brought us, because without it we'd be nothing.

Once upon a time, we humans weren't as lazy as they are now.

We used to be happy, with who we were and what we got.

Something along the years changed what we knew into what we feared.

We don't even acknowledge the fact that over the years, we as human beings... have gotten weaker and lazier.

Our world needs us, and we need our world.

Instead of worrying what happens after, we need to worry about what happened before.

So we can stop what happens after.

If we did that, millions of lives could be saved.

If we did that, our world could be saved.

The trees, the animals, they would all be saved.

Just because, we learned to stop being afraid.

Just because we learned to stop doing the things we knew weren't nice.

We all have a two way path.

The first one, for good.

The second one, for bad.

Most have taken the path for bad unknowingly.

But now, we have to take the path for good.

Because once we've done that, we've saved more than we know.

Including, ourselves.

We may not have caused most bad things, but we've still caused a lot of things.

We've all caused pain, physical or mental.

We've all caused anger.

And sometimes we don't even realize that we've hurt someone, even though that something only see's the bad in what happened.

We're afraid to apologize, at least most of us.

If we don't think about what effect our actions will cause... we may not notice how bad the effect is.

Ever since we first become.... Alive... we've caused pain.

World War 1 and 2, the Civil War, the Revolution, ect.

We can't just love everyone, even though we are all the same when it comes to the fact that we are all humans.

Everyday I hear someone go, \"I'm so ugly.\" or \"I'm so fat.\"

We bring ourselves down.

All humans do that.

We need to stop, and start to come together as one.

Stop the wars.

Stop the fighting.

Stop all this negative stuff.

And start on the positive.

Start on the before.

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