Save Your Soul

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Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




Written In The stars

Times arrive when you face disapproval and you get down though you don’t want to, you feel defeated and you surrender to every little flame of hope flaming inside you. Do you know why? Why is it always the same? Why can’t we all get rid of this very obvious problem? Every single day an article in a magazine publishes or on the internet or in a newspaper but the problem still doesn’t seem to go? Will you ever get to deal with natural peace???

A thing to remember is that a "story of one human is the story of all the humanity". I'm going to write this article for those who truly feel guilty on their lives and they face every sort of betrayal and they can't actually see a positive side to it, none make a big deal out of it, but I am.

Your eternity and fate is unknown, I mean you never know what is written. You sometimes think everything is under control but it's never in your control, it’s always Allah Almighty controlling your fate and your life. And the first step towards your inner peace is to "Accept and Allow"; because the very beautifully written book "The One Above" by Sirshree says "What you resist persists, and what you allow dissolves", it proves that whatever comes between you and your success tell yourself to allow it and accept it truly from your heart and trust me it's the best cure to forget. The problem fades away itself. Another important thing is to remember that you should not feel pity or guilty upon yourself, it is always this situation when you’re in melancholy and then you’re pensive all the time thinking about why this did all happen? What I want to say is the reason for your depression might be "unhappiness about unhappiness". Tell yourself that you are who you are and you have to maintain your internal and spiritual power which can ditch your unhappiness, believe in yourself because you are very special, if Allah loves you more which seventy mothers can't then how come are you inconsequential? Another way of inner peace is that you should never envy on other people's happiness, because it's very important that you should always feel the same happiness for other’s happiness like you feel on your very own. You should try to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones and always think about the bright side of any possible anticipation. A time in life comes when you will find your purpose of life; don’t you think why were you ever born or why were you created? There's a reason that you will soon find in you near futures and the distractions from your true purposes of life is another cause of your unhappiness. You should always think of your present, never live in the past which is already gone and don’t think about your future which never came yet, think about today, never tomorrow. Another thing to remember is that remember that Allah is always with you, never consider yourself separate from God, its very important and its really true as I've experienced that what you expect from Allah its what Allah always give you. I was a victim of deep melancholy and very serious problems because I didn't had my internal strength ready to battle the huge turns in life, but I did and practiced to welcome all of the knocks and shocks of life, I wanted to die but I also loved myself a lot so I forgot that I can also suicide, another reason for skipping suicide is that Hazrat Ali (A.S) said that "If you ever knew what comes after you die, you would never plan to leave your life", and its certainly true. I chose to live this life, although I didn't knew what will come after every moment I go through but I know that maybe today or tomorrow a day will come when I will be happy and I will smile and tell the world how beautiful my life is, even though I’m not living a perfect life now, maybe life is bitter but who knows what’s next?

You may face pain, every step you'd take would be a mistake for them but you will have to allow and accept, maybe that’s for today only, what if the afterlife you'll go through is blessed? You will face happiness and that will be forever, all you get to do is wait and never lose the precious hope flaming beautifully inside you, lightening every darkness of the bitterness you may get to deal with... 


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