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Suspense story never heard before with a unpredictable ending.

Submitted: May 05, 2008

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Submitted: May 05, 2008



Suspense Thriller UNPREDICTABLE
Characters: Sonia Kapoor,Rohit Mittal,Soham Mittal,Karan Oberoi,Inspector Pattnaik
The story begins….
Sonia Kapoor she is very beautiful girl who comes from wellknown rich family,His family includes her mom and Dad and her old grandmother who is not keeping well this days. She loves his family very much. Soniya is having an affair last 2 year with whom she wanted to get married.She was nervous and worry as her family constanty  insist her to get married because her grandmother was not keeping well and she wanted to see Soniya as a bride. Sonia  boyfriend was not ready to get married as his career was not set and he was going abroad for his business.
 One day when she came from the college nobody was there, her servant told her that everybody is in the hospital because her grandmother is serious .She immediately went there and asked her father about her grandma. Her  father was very sad and seriously told her that her grandmother can any time live them he added that tomorrow my Friends son Mr Rohit Mittal is coming to hospital with his family and your engagement has been fixed so plz fulfill your grandmother last wish.Sonia was constantly calling his boyfriend but he was not available.The next day she got engaed with Rohit Mittal who is business tycoon and very softhearted matured person .His family includes uncle ,aunty and one step brother Soham Mittal .Sonia grandmother peacefully died after her wedding .
 Initally Sonia was not getting closed with Rohit but slowly she started liking him .Soham wanted to start his new business so he asked help from Rohit for big amount.Rohit told him that he was not matured and lack business sense to start new business he want him to work under him for few month and than can start his own, but refuse to finance him,Soham was angry and furious ,he was always jealous as his father  before dying has given power of attony to Rohit and he  always have to beg money from him.He every now and then makes plan to kill Rohit.
 Mr Karan Oberoi who is business partner of Rohit Mittal was in abroad for some business deal and was unable to attend his wedding.They both are are very old childhood friend and dearest to each other.Rohit invited karan for dinner.Rohit introdues his wife Sonia and had dinner talking abour their great friendships story.
Here soham had planned to killed his brother and was talking to the hired men ranjit  explaning the plans.
Next day Rohit was ready to go for his important business meeting. Suddenly Sonia fell down on the floor rohit immediately took her to the hospital and asked Dr Shivani to check her wife.At the same time Karan was also in the same hospital to see his relatives,Karan met rajiv at the same time clients has reached the office Dr shivani comes out and told that you can go for office she is okay I will inform you about her health soon.Karan told that I will take care of Sonia and will drop her to the house.Rajiv car was not getting start he asked karan to give her car.When he was driving suddenly one phone comes and his reaction was suprising and then black screen comes in the front of screen and voice of big accidents comes.
Rohit car was badly broken into pieces a huge accidents had occurred and his car was found in huge valley.
Inspector sudhir pattnaik a very sharp ,active and confident policeofficer who had never fail in whatever case he was hired.He was investigating Rohits car but he doesn’t get any evidences not even the body was found as there was river flowing might it has drawnbody away.
Rohit’s uncle and aunts trying to handle sonia who was pregnant.Karan was also giving his warmsupport to her.Suddently inspector pattnaik comes and he first target to Karan as he was the bussinesss partner after rohit s death he will own 51 percents of company shares .Karan was angry and told the inspector that rohit was his like brother . i will give all the shares to his upcoming sons.but don’t blame me for his death.
Inspector was tense when karan give his property also to Rohit son. Inspector meet soham and investigate about her brother death .Soham forget his mobile there .Inspector checks his dialling calls on rohits deaths day.He find one dialing call which was being call few minutes before rohits death and after  sometimes his death.He call the number and spoke like Soham .Ranjit who was hired by Soham to kill Rohit was asking about his money so pattnaik give one address to meet him.Pattnaik went there and take him on remand ranjit admit that soham had hired him for 50lacs and he had make breakfail of rohits car. Soon Soham was arrested and was put behind the bars.Here Rohits uncle and Aunts was getting more and more  worry about sonia and her child.They call Karan and asked her to marry Sonia. Karan told them that if Sonia is ready than he don’t have any problem.
Both of them get married and after few days sonia gave birth to Rohits son.
Here Soham case was going on in the court .Inspector Pattnaik was bringing Ranjit to the court suddenly Ranjits eyes went on the car and its number plate and was shocked.Ranjit told that he had breakfail the car was outside standing.Judge asked about the owner ,Sonia informed that rohit was driving Karan car as his car had not started that day .Ranjit told that than he was innocent as he was not in  that car which he had breakfailed.
Than how Rohit accident had happened was a big question. Soham was also released.
Inspector pattnaik had tried everything but he doesn’t get any clue at last he was order to close the case.Pattanaik gave his resignation and close the case as he was not able to solve it.But his mind doesnot accept the defeat .Sonia and Karan had Settled in USA.
After 20 years Pattanik was in USA for holiday.He had a small accident and  injured one boy so he took him to the doctors place.He drop him to his house the boy insist to come inside his home and meet his parents. As Pattnaik went inside he saw another boy looking same as this boy but was elder to him.They were having similar face but the age was different. After sometime their parents come Pattnaik was shcked as they were none another but Karan and Sonia.Pattnaik again look at both of his son they were similar but how it possible as one should be rohits son and other of Karan.Pattnaik get understand that both son was of Karan and he was the murderer of Rajiv.But the story still has a twist Karan informed that yes its true that both the son are of mine.But he had not killed rajiv.Actually we love each other long back but Sonia parents forced her for marriage .during this time Sonia was pregnant  and I was abroad.Rajiv had never touched her,that day when rajiv took sonia to the hospital Dr shital was about to tell him the good news but sonia stop her I was also confuse than she told me everyting ..Sonia told me that it was my son and was afraid to face Rajiv and then suddenly accidents occurs.
Accidents secene : Rohit  was going through rough area on the road Suddenly  Dr Shital call and inform about his wife pregnancy and was shocked suddenly photos come from  the drawer of car.it was of sonia and his best friend Karan.he lost completely as the two person whom he had trust very much in his life were culprits.
The End.
But where is the body of Rohit is he really died.
At the end one man with long bear and tored clothes was walking slowly .who was that any guess?
Written by : Hiral patel

© Copyright 2018 Hiral. All rights reserved.

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